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I Don’t Know Me

Posted in General WoW with tags on September 1, 2019 by tomeoftheancient

I was really excited about Classic WoW but more in a “I want to visit my favorite places” way than a “I want to be agonizingly poor again and have fish jump off the hook” way. I thought I would use the bulk of my WoW time with Cat and maybe a half hour or so every day in Classic looking around.

I was wrong and didn’t see that coming AT ALL. What has happened so far is pretty much the opposite. I thought I remembered the crushing poverty but nope, I didn’t. Remembering I couldn’t buy a mount until about five levels past when I could have is what I remembered.

What I didn’t remember is having to decide which talents to train cause I can’t afford them all. Kitwynn up there took a screen shot on arrival in Darkshore because she was so proud to have accumulated almost 30 silver!

She had only 18 silver twenty minutes later as she was killed so many times by Murlocs repairs ate it all up.

I forgot the immense joy of getting a six-slot bag from a Nightsaber.

What’s strange about so many things like the improvements with Fishing over the years I really appreciated them at the time and yet now I’m so happy the lovely improvements that I loved are gone.  I did not see that coming. I don’t know if it’s just nostalgia or what but I am enjoying all the bugs too. Oh yay! I remember that!

I now see why my first Druid didn’t make it, I’m not sure how Cat prevailed but man, I am dead all the time. It’s quite an adjustment from Cat pulling four or five on a quest to a Level 10 Classic Druid.

After the Murlocs murdered Kit repeatedly she came to her senses and returned to Teldrassil. Killing something her own level is touch and go and she can’t afford the amount of water she needs to get her mana back.

So everything kills her, she’s really, really broke. Killing something her own level has like a 50% chance of success, fish jump off her hook.

Good times. No really. It really has been good times so far. I didn’t know that’s what I wanted but I guess I did.