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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Posted in General WoW with tags on October 11, 2019 by tomeoftheancient

I feel kinda bad about this. I sort of implied to Cat that I would be back to BfA as soon at Kit got cat form. In my defense I didn’t lie intentionally, I thought I’d be right back but it turns out not so much.

I had to take care of the really important stuff like acquiring a pet chicken.

I then set out to visit places I liked like The Wetlands where I died so much I decided to just kill things that came near the cemetery. Save some time. Unfortunately for the most part this meant Murlocs, my bitter enemy. Stupid, stupid Murlocs.

This! I had totally forgotten buzzing people! I mean Kit had to pull up her legs to avoid bonking that cow. Trips are much less boring flying that low.

Since August I’ve had intermittent latency problems so that’s been pretty much the whole time Classic has been out. I KNOW it’s Comcast but they’ve broken me. I can’t face spending the day on the phone with support being told to plug and unplug stuff. Someone in the neighborhood must have had the stamina as there was a Comcast truck in here and now latency has been around 175ms for days, it’s wonderful.

It kind of worked out okay though. Kit’s good friend Azshandra aka Red was incredibly kind and gave Kit a huge amount towards her mount fund. Azshandra told Kit she had all that money as someone was very generous to her. Kit asked me where I thought she got all that money and I said it’s best not to get noisy with Rogues and their ways. I’ve heard rumors that they might pick a pocket or two but you didn’t hear it from me.

So Kit decided to start working on her mount fund rather than leveling. She trying to do it through fishing which isn’t that affected by lag. Now if she can only get it to sell!

My husband is a snooty audiophile. Although he has CDs and players he’s always kept his turntable set up because “the sound is superior.” Okay maybe he can hear it, I can’t but he was listening to Sly & The Family Stone and all I could hear was BOOM shaka laka BOOM shaka laka which seemed like something a Rogue would hum to themselves while pick pocketing and just like that a Night Elf Rogue was born, she needs another A but never mind.

Oh yeah. You can do NOTHING in cat form. The only thing you can do so far as I know is skin. I guess I should be happy for that but look at this guy! Look at him ignoring Kit! YOU, YOU … big horse’s ass you! I mean really of all people I though he would speak to her but NO. Jerk.

I really wonder about these Classic Druids. Kit was in Moonglade and she was horrified by what could be someone’s great Uncle Henry decorating the floor. Barbarians! I’d expect this from Goblins but the Cenarion Circle?

So we’re enjoying our time here in Classic a lot even when it gets a little weird. A guy who’s half horse won’t speak to a cat and ancestors as interior decor. Who knows what’s next?