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Last Days of BfA

Posted in General WoW on October 20, 2020 by tomeoftheancient

While I haven’t been able to play much this year because of real life, I WAS all about Classic. Then I got a beta invite and I was all about the beta. Then the announcement of Shadowlands coming in late October and BAM we were back to BfA to finish up things left undone.

Yes, Cat and I have very short attention spans.

There’s my Alliance Warlock Cim. For reference you can see what she looked like here. I always thought she looked too much like a soccer mom and not an evil Warlock. In person she’s really, um, kind of bitchy and it was just not coming across. So here she is looking more like herself thanks to the patch!

I must never, ever say I’m not lucky ever again. Sure I don’t have a Big Love Rocket but I now have Mollie. I was flying around Vol’dun to dig sites and saw people fighting a big bad so we stopped to help. Did not know about Mollie. How lucky is that, I love her.

I DID know about this Lil’ Donkey and we’ve been killing Overseer Krix for what seems like forever and finally it paid off. I think it’s the only time Cat was killing him alone. Yes!

Other things Cat wanted to do were make sure everyone loved her. She really likes to get exalted with whoever she can. Can’t help it. And Archaeology leveled, not yet but close!

And this. I found Cat just standing by the road in Stormsong Valley doing nothing. I asked her what was up and she said she was waiting for Humphrey’s timer to be up as she didn’t want to leave the zone while he’d been so kind as to help protect her … yeah, see what I mean about wanting everyone to love her!