Hey! Hey! Hey! Let Go of my Hair!

What is up with these Kyrian. Enough of the dragging me here and there by my hair. Bastion is incredibly beautiful but the Kyrian so far are not my favorite people. Pretty pompous actually. Cat was ready to turn feral on them a time or two.

Where was everybody? I expected lag and horrible competition for kills and nope. In fact I see very few people around. That was handled well except the phasing that was used seems to have made forming groups harder.

I enjoyed the Wrath event, I got addicted to hunting rares with Cat, my Hunter and Sasche and Cimmeria the Warlocks. Turns out it was a good thing as they upped their iLevel enough to survive the Maw. I loved a reason to hang around one of my favorite expacs.

So yeah, I’m girding my loins so to speak to return to Bastion and endure those sanctimonious Kyrian. I DO NOT see ANY of my guys wanting to join forces with them, we’ll see if that changes. I’m positive Cat is going to join up with the Night Fae Covenant not because of abilities but the nature thing is definitely Cat.

Cat’s first few days in Shadowlands has been great, except for the hair thing. She wants to work on skinning and leatherworking but the animals in Bastion are too cute. Honestly, not surprising for a Druid who stealths around because she doesn’t believe in needless killing. Between you and me she’s so funny sometimes. She was so happy to find a beautiful fishing spot so at least she could start on that.

Okay, I’m going to go see if I can figure out how much longer I have to hang around with these overbearing Kyrian ninnys, jeeezzz.

7 Responses to “Hey! Hey! Hey! Let Go of my Hair!”

  1. Wait, you mean you hardly see anybody around? Is the phasing that severe?

    • Yeah, I was expecting mobs of people competing for quest mobs while fighting in the Maw and nope. In Bastion I have been frequently completely alone, it’s so weird.

      I am on at non peak hours but there were tons of people around in all the other launches I’ve been in so must be the phasing.

  2. The whole thing is giving me a cult vibe, and I’m not sure I’m ready for this…

  3. It’s been five months so can we assume SL didn’t do it for you?

  4. Hahahaha! That’s so funny. I just came to write a post about how SL doesn’t do it for me, at least start to write one.

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