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Don’t Say Anything

Posted in General WoW with tags , on April 26, 2021 by tomeoftheancient

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” So yeah. I guess I really took those words to heart. I think the last post was in November. I am not feeling Shadowlands at all. It is, as always, beautiful. But anima? Really? I can’t take it.

I downloaded Blade and Soul to try but haven’t looked at it yet. Cat is at iLevel 201 or something and that is about as high as she can go right now without participating in group content. I REALLY don’t want to do that. I was not confident about my prowess before and now I know I’m a mess. I kept waiting for my computer to die to replace it and it would not die. The guys who made it for me kinda shot themselves in the foot. Being so good.

But when Windows 7 was no longer supported for like a year and still no failure, and I think they made it in 2008, I finally got a new computer. That’s not a problem, the keyboard is the problem. I had a weird Wolf King keyboard that looked like that. Perfect for left handers.

No matter how hard I tried Windows 10 and that ancient keyboard won’t communicate. So my skill using a normal keyboard is zip, zilch and none.

Cat is STILL constantly fighty fighting to no avail and then I realize I’m hitting a heal key instead of scratching his eyes out. I know, pathetic.

Then, because I changed computers and refuse to pay Adobe monthly fees, I feel lost without Photoshop and Illustrator. So I’m trying to learn Affinity and it’s slow as I just want it to work like Photoshop cause I’m lazy and I can’t not have the pictures, just can’t, so there’s that.

So here we are. Cat is of course one with the Night Fae. There she is in her blue kitty form. I tried to make the excitement last about her new form but no. I was totally bummed when I saw how much anima to get all the outfits she wanted and mounts I wanted. Seriously, are they trying to get rid of me?

Cim who’s one with the Necrolords is showing off her Battle-Bound Warhound. The excitement lasted only so far. But when she thought of anima, blarg.

So. you might have guessed what I did. The first image is my Void Elf, Rap, she’s a Rogue. What expansion is nearest to our hearts? Yep, Wrath. I so loved that expac. Yeah, my old computer was new when it came out. It doesn’t seem that long ago. I am having a great time there. Aside from the occasional sniffles when the music and an area trigger memories, this is a fine way to combat anima. Oh yeah, and the horrible Maw.

So ha, ha, Shadowlands. You and the Maw WILL NOT DEFEAT ME! I will be here for the next expac! I will just live somewhere else. Stupidhead anima, jeeeezz.