My Kingdom for a Um, Horse?

I hope Cat’s having a good time with her mount. She spend a lot of time saving up for it. I have not left WoW but I did change from a 6 month subscription to monthly and thought I’d see how things go. I’m afraid they will just do the “let’s just hunker down and see if things calm down and we can ignore it” method of dealing with their internal problems.

What I didn’t see coming is that every time I logged in I sat there staring at the screen either mad or sad. I couldn’t play the game. I think the employees need a union but then I always think that as I worked for one for years and actually, really believed in it.

But back to mounts. I was trying to think of places to go on my WoW vacation and I remembered I had tried Final Fantasy a few years back. Yike! I first registered in 2013, I didn’t think it was THAT far back. All I could remember was I liked it but got tired of getting hopelessly lost all the time.

Yeah, so, things haven’t changed much. I wanted a mount so bad. I read that you got the quest around level 20. Level 20, no quest. Level 21, 22, nope, 23, 24, 25, AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH! I consulted the encyclopedia of Google again. Ohhhhhhhh. Don’t ignore your storyline. I think I had a quest for it and it was too high a level for me at the time and I went on my merry way. Forgetting about it. Don’t do that if you want your mount around level 20.

So, ta dah! I am the proud owner of not one but two mounts now! Thanks to Belghast’s Tweet about an in-game event!

I had thought I read you didn’t need to do dungeons in Final Fantasy. Wow, not true if you want to do you story line. Eeeeuuuuuwwww. Not for me. I don’t want ugly spoiling my play. But I wanted to advance my story so I thought I’d give it ONE TRY.

I have now completed 5 dungeons with a group of strangers and the extent of chat uglyness was, gg ty. The only problem at all is that I assumed there was something in those treasure chests to roll on but only the fifth tank waited around long enough for people to click on it. THAT WAS THE ONLY NEGATIVE! Okay, I’m in.

I’m having fun but I’m still lost most of the time. And melding materia??? And even change to amount of things to buy at the market. I think I played WoW so long I didn’t remember having to learn stuff. Never mind, it’s good for me.

I will continue to check in on how things are going at Activision, well, until my husband comes up to see why I’m screaming obscenities.

6 Responses to “My Kingdom for a Um, Horse?”

  1. My beliefs if the employees do unionize are this, And I will add the caveat that it also depends on California union rules.

    They will see an increase in pay, but the majority of the increase will be eaten up by weekly union dues. Net gain will be a small increase in pay to some, nothing for the majority, and a small decrease for others.

    The work week will be set at 40 hours. No more mandatory 50-60 hour crunches to get product releases. Work will get done during normal hours, because the company will not authorize weeks of overtime pay.

    Performance bonuses will most likely get scrapped since the changes to pay will warrant everyone being paid equally depending on the job.

    Health care will be a choice of 2-3 plans, and you will be encouraged to contribute to your health savings account.

    Vacation/sick/PTO will be lumped into just PTO (personal time off) Some with 10-15 years of employment may loose time, others newer to the company may gain.

    You will not have a chance to negotiate pay raises, the union will do that for you. You could be a shining upcoming star, but your pay is tied to your job position.

    A quick and easy change to a job description can have you going from an employee with benefits etc, to a contracted worker with no union protection.

    Oh, and one more, a simple promotion to a management position puts you outside of union protection.

    I could write volumes on the downside to unionizing. It’s not an end all Fix everything solution. Mostly the treat of unionizing ends up being an impetus for the company to offer a bigger carrot. I’m not saying that unions have no place in the world. There are instances where they are needed. I just don’t feel that it will benefit the employees.

  2. Yeah, like most human endeavors organizations are as good or as bad as the people involved with them. I worked for an apprenticeship program and I thought they did a really important job. The union I belonged to however, not so much.

    I just hope they come to some kind of arrangement where everyone feels they’ve been heard and are treated fairly. Those people have given me years of, well, happiness with World of Warcraft.

  3. Ancient! Wooo!

    And yes, I agree with you about unions. All I’ve ever heard are the bad things about unions, and so much of what I heard growing up is driven by people who have a stake in getting rid of unions. So I’m willing to give it a try; if there’s enough buy in among the potential developer base, that might force ol’ Bobby and Co. to actually not give themselves gigantic stock rewards and actually pay people better.

    • Yes, if unionizing is what they want I’m for it. I have a really nice old-fashioned retirement because of unions.

      I’ve been reading your posts and don’t even know enough to comment. I don’t know how people do those complicated raids. I would be frozen in place for fear of doing something wrong!

  4. Grats on the mount. I took a short break at 74 renown. Came back at 9.1.5. Working on the other covenant pets atm. It’s so quick building up all that renown now – and all on my main. Woot! That new murloc brought me back though.

    • Thanks! I saw your tweet the other day about Jiggles, so cute. I didn’t know they lifted the covenant restrictions so something for me to get after my latest obsession, I finally got my Vulpera and now working on my Kul Tiran, not sure if I’ll get to play them but must have them.

      I think I’ve done everything for my Mag’har Orc, I’ll have to stop by Org and check!

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