About the Ancient

Ancient of the TomeFirst off, the title of the blog doesn’t mean that there is great wow wisdom in these pages, you’d really have to look elsewhere for that. What it means is I’m the ancient and this is my tome of World of Warcraft related thoughts and observations.

My World of Warcraft career started because I wanted to understand my son-in-law’s, according to my daughter, addiction. My daughter constantly complained about the amount of time he played wow at night, so never having played either a FPS or MMO I thought I should see what it was about.

That was in November 2006 when my server Fenris was a few weeks old. My son-in-law has moved on to other things and I’m still here with my crew—Feral Druid, Affliction/Demo Lock, Enhancement Shaman, BM Hunter, Unholy DK, Rogue, Priest. Since my son-in-law’s defection I miss those World of Warcraft related talks we used to have. My non-gaming husband now bears the brunt of my wow-related chat and it seems to be disturbing him. I think he fears for my sanity, he’ll look closely at me and say “But you know they’re not real don’t you?” So in the interest of saving my husband further worry I’m just going to talk to you instead, k?

Whose got the addiction now?

Psst! Hey there you, I mean me. You’re an altoholic, don’t ever forget it.

16 Responses to “About the Ancient”

  1. Hi just wanted to say it was a joy to listen to you on the Twisted Nether Podcast. I am a 58 year old wife and mother of 2 daughters aged 27 and 24 and apart from my youngest daughter, who got me into WoW the rest of my family think I should be certified for playing this ‘terrible, addictive ‘ game, especially my husband! I don’t do raids or instances and am no longer in a guild for fear of making a fool of myself but I just love the game. I recently had to delete a couple of toons across the servers to make room ready for MOP! I have been playing since October 2007 and have 3 level 85s my main being a Disc/Shadow priest. I used to love healing when my daughter and her boyfriend played but since they’ve quit WoW I’ve quit healing. Probably for the best because I used to burst into tears if we wiped which they found hysterical. Anyway just wanted to say how thriled I was to know there are other ‘Ancients’ out there and great to have your found your Blog. Cerdy, UK

    • Hi Cerdy! You know I’ll bet there are a lot of us ancients out there. I’ve met a few in game and through blogging. My daughter definitely thinks I’m nutty but honestly I think she did even pre-WoW. And oddly my husband is incredibly tolerant of my addiction even though he’s steadfast in his refusal to try it.

      I’m glad to know you’re in Azeroth too! The longer it exists, our numbers will grow!

  2. Cerdy! They’ll be adding new character slots in MoP! You’ll be allowed 11 characters per server. You didn’t have to delete a thing! And I can relate to both of you with your family looking at you funny “You’re doing what?” Gaming opened a whole new world for me.

    • I know, my husband doesn’t “get it” but he’s incredibly tolerant. And when I tell friends I play games on the computer they think I mean Solitaire, lol.

    • Hi Pally. I did have to delete some of my toons. I had reached the 50 limit across several servers! Lol Because I haven’t done dungeons for a while now, I just start another alt. I do miss doing dungeons but I haven’t got the confidence to pug without my family’s support.

  3. Nice to meet a fellow ‘mature’ person 🙂 I’m maybe not quite as ancient but it sure feels like it when most of my young guildies call me Aunty!

    As for family – yeah – my parents have zero comprehension but my nephew & his friends think I’m the coolest Aunt to walk the earth – especially when I tell them I used to tank ICC 🙂

    • Hi Nev! I really feel ancient now, my son-in-law who got me started recently told me he’s through with MMOs and I’m still here. Well, I’m impressed too! I have still not figured out how to see what’s going on around my big bear butt!

  4. acbarberi Says:


    My name is Alex C. Barberi. I have been reading the articles on your blog and they are great to read! Thanks for writing them. I am also getting my blog, Questers Anonymous, started up. On my blog I will be giving my first impressions of the MMOs I try out so that I can give players a feel for the MMOs before they download them. WoW was actually the first MMO I ever played, but I am starting to branch out. However, I did have several 90s in WoW (holy priest, unholy DK, resto druid, windwalkwer monk, and some others) before I quit. WoW is a good game! 🙂

    Anyway, since your blog is well-written and has good content, I would like to put your blog in my “Blogroll” which I am about to add to my blog. I was also hoping you could review the content on my blog and consider adding my blog to your blogroll as well.

    Let me know!

    Alex C. Barberi

  5. Alunaria Says:

    Oh, how I wish you will return sometime, this blog really looks great, easy on the eyes and wonderful screenshots. I hope to see something from you in the future 🙂

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