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It Doesn’t Take Much

Posted in Battle Pets on May 7, 2019 by tomeoftheancient

It doesn’t take much to amuse Cat. She doesn’t like the Darkshore Warfront because it reminds her of Teldrassil and it just makes her sad but she loves Stromgarde. Her idea of a good time is to run around and kill stuff and then make a um, annoying sound with her toy after the kill. Jeeeezzzz Cat, grow up.

Legion pretty much ruined alts for me. I wasn’t aware that leveling their professions and being self sufficient was pretty much why I enjoyed them. The leveling through dungeons put an end to alts for me. I got Cat leveled and that was it.

I’ve been collecting Allied Races but the poor guys don’t get leveled so don’t know why I do.

Over the years I’ve seen people say they don’t pay attention to holidays anymore. I would always think to myself, I will NEVER get like that. Yeah. I did and haven’t participated in anything but picking up gifts in Ironforge for a while now.

I saw four new pets for Children’s Week! Yay! This is great! Ooops, do I even have three more guys at 110? Let’s see, Cim leveled up to 110 went in one dungeon to level tailoring and got promptly kicked for being stupid. She was then in a snit and wouldn’t even speak to any of us so there’s Cim, that’s one if she’ll do it.

I asked and she must have been bored. She was in Boralus and done within the hour. Maybe she’ll like it and decide to stay.

Okay my Shaman is 110, she got there by sitting in Draenor leveling pets. She’s pretty agreeable unlike Cim so I knew she’d help in a quest for more pets!

That leaves Sache who I used the boost on so just enough! Her trip was a little harder as she’s the first of my Horde to set out for Bfa so she had to do the scenario. I didn’t want to miss it anyway but in the end she came through!

Four new pets with time to spare! And hopefully these guys might decide to continue to level and investigate. Got my fingers crossed. We might be able to get this alt thing going once again!

The waning moments of Legion …

Posted in Battle Pets, Dog, General WoW on July 16, 2018 by tomeoftheancient


I find myself coming here and reading old posts. Back when stories were told and poems were frequent. Yeah, not by me, those other guys. I don’t like my last post’s pictures, so at least one more post is in order.

That fox was at the top of my Legion list. Never happened. It’s funny considering how hard those sewers were at first that at the end I couldn’t even die in there. I would aggro the entire place in the hope of dying and … nope.

I finally gave up. This is ridiculous. I hate you Legion, I hate you Blizzard. I want one, just one crappy little thing and noooooooo. Recently I had a little time and checked and I had just enough to hire a crew to go once again into the sewers and YAY!


Gratuitous dog picture. Have to have at least one of those. And jeeeez, I’ve been gone from this blog so long the whole set-up has changed and I’m having a hell of a time figuring it out.


So my priorities here at the end of the expansion have been, aside from getting a fox mount, all about pets. There’s Cat thanking Algalon for her bunny.


Here’s Cat with Uuna who just dropped yesterday. Finally! Yes!


Tomorrow is the patch. This is the last day to defeat the Mage Tower, in Cat’s case Agatha. When did we try? Today, we left it until today. Yeah, not smart. We gave up after, I don’t know, between five and ten tries.

Everything went great until the big freaking boulders. Cat died pretty much every time from being knocked off into the toxic goop and not being able to find a way out before she was dead.

Welp. No blue sparkly kitty for her. Perhaps this will teach her better time management in the future, poor Cat.


Yup. That’s what’s on the agenda for the rest of today. We’ll be hanging out in our beloved Teldrassil. Cat’s always been a Cenarion Circle, lets all live together in peace and harmony kind of Druid but harm her home? Not sure how that’s going to go over with her.

We will see.


2017: Looking Good So Far

Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , on January 1, 2017 by tomeoftheancient


So I got up and and walked Mikey the dog, I had coffee. So far so good. I went upstairs to login and check missions. You’ve got mail Cat! Weird, I don’t remember sending me anything.

Oh, Cat! It’s from your friend Cymre Brightblade. It’s a battle pet! The best battle pet, Creeping Tentacle! You realize what this means Cat? We will never, ever have to be dangled aloft while we try to figure out how to melee our way out of the tentacles.

Hear that Yogg-Saron? I am NEVER  coming back in that prison.

Best feeling ever.

I don’t think a thank you note is enough, I think we need to pay a visit to Gorgrond and thank her in person … just … um … don’t battle her. She generally kicked our butts, let’s keep it a social visit, okay?

Thank you Cym. Best Christmas, New Year’s present ever!


Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , , on January 14, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

realnaviI received a whisper from Navimie of the Daily Frostwolf. She knows of my fondness for dogs and had heard I opened a shelter for homeless dogs. She said she had one for me!

Very excited I sent a representative to Saufang and saw it was a Frostwolf Pup, I should have known Navi would have connections with the Frostwolf Orcs.

I tried to name him Navi Frostwolf but they weren’t having any of that … okay … um … I know, I’ll name the puppy Navi Pup. I was so happy to have this little pup but I don’t think anyone was happier than my Frostwolf Ghostpup, finally, a friend to play with! Yeah, some of the other dogs are old and grumpy with no time to play with a puppy. Navi Pup feels at home now and Ghostpup has never been happier.

I remember the days when I had just one little wolf pet that I pretended was my dog, now my garrison is filled with little canines! Navi some day you should come visit … yeah … oh … you have to watch where you step. I’ll have to get the stable guy to get out his scooper, sorry.


But Navi’s gift didn’t just make me happy, Sasche was thrilled! Yeah, I know but really that IS an Undead’s thrilled look. She’s been sitting in Pandaria waiting for the Alliance characters to make way for her and now she has something to do. She took the puppy out for training and a ride.

You made us all very happy Navi, thank you. Aka’Magosh!

Mummified Monkey Paw

Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , , , on January 4, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

nishiclawI’d given up on EVER getting the elusive Crawling Claw. I had a few minutes the other day so I stopped at a few dig sites in Pandaria. I stopped by to say hello to Brann Bronzebeard and to trade for some Crates of Tol’vir Archaeology Fragments.

Oh, a new rare Tol’vir artifact to solve, I’ve never heard of the Mummified Monkey Paw. Maybe it’s a consolation pet for those who never find the Crawling Claw. A stupid little shriveled up monkey paw battle pet. I googled it and found people asking what it was. Hmm … a mystery. Okay, I have a really bad memory, maybe I knew what this was and just forgot. I’ll go search Cymre’s site and see if I can find out what it is. Surely she knows.

YES! The Mummified Monkey Paw IS THE CRAWLING CLAW when it’s solved! I won the LOTTERY! I hit the JACKPOT! If you find a Mummified Monkey Paw you did too!

What followed was frenzied digging in an attempt to get 150 fragments before I had to log off. I knew my husband wouldn’t understand a change of plan so that I could dig for virtual fragments to attain my virtual pet, no matter how long I’ve been virtually waiting for it. These inhabitants of Earth just don’t understand.

With 20 minutes to spare I now had my own Crawling Claw! Cat was ecstatic!  She even had time to stop by and show off in front of Farmer Nishi. I think she was trying to intimidate her.

I named him Three Wishes after the horrifying story of The Monkey’s Paw … yeah, more intimidation.

So don’t be like me and think you’ve dug up some cheap imitation … remember … Mummified Monkey Paw = Crawling Claw!

Apparently the key to obtaining it is when you’ve given up all hope and are completely demoralized and don’t even care anymore … TADA!

She Shoots … She Scores!

Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , , , on September 5, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

nishiThis whole not logging in until my right shoulder/elbow/arm recovers is getting depressing so I thought pet battling should be okay, right? I was about 12 fights away from getting Vengeful Pet Brawler, I should do What We’ve Been Training For.

What? Oh, no … Farmer Nishi has nothing to do with this post. I just took her picture as a reminder of what delusional thinking looks like. Every time I visit her with another baby to level she says, “You think you stand a chance?” Come on Nishi, everyone knows you’re an easy mark … yeah, like me. I suck at PvP pet battling. I’ve grown to hate it. I mean I read about teams, try them out with the same result. Utter failure, again and again and … yeah.

Oh … totally unrelated. This whole expansion I thought Pandaren were saying, “The world is your oyster.” I fly off so fast I never heard the last word. Now playing one-handed I’m slower and I found out they’re saying, “The world is your TEACHER.” OH! Okay, makes more sense I guess.

So anyway I had a plan. Decided to go look around for advice. I found a post about a team Ratshag was using. Sounds good. I’ll give this a try. The last time I took the weekly it reset before I could even get to ten wins. Yuck. Here goes.

First battle. They take one look at me and forfeit. Whew … how lucky is that. One down. Don’t know what that was about.

Second battle. They see me. They forfeit. What the hell? Do they think I’m Ratshag? Never mind, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

gifthorseThird, forfeit. Fourth, forfeit. Fifth, forfeit.  Yeah … I even got the achievement No time to heal. And at this point I’m laughing hysterically, about to fall out of my chair.

It’s ME! Guys, it’s me! The failiest pet battler there is! They are running in fear from the worst PvP pet battler EVER. ROTFLMAO! I have about an 8% win rate. WHY DO YOU RUN FROM ME?

Ratshag didn’t mention that the team would strike such terror in the hearts of pet battlers that I wouldn’t even have to fight. Wow, this is great.

Sixth fight, forfeit.

Seventh fight … oh, want a piece of me do you? BRING IT ON! Okay, at this point I was probably drunk with a false sense of power from all the forfeits and I accidentally won.

Eighth fight, forfeit.


Tenth fight they run.

Yay! Since I only actually fought twice my win rate was 50%, a big improvement over 8%. I am just two battles away from winning 50 battles for the achievement. Why stop now!

Forfeit … forfeit. Done! Fifty fights completed!

I couldn’t believe my luck. That is some kick ass team alright. Hard to say how it would have gone down if I had actually had to fight. I will have to give it another try but now, it’s my team of choice.

I probably shouldn’t be spreading the word cause now maybe I’ll meet that team and we won’t know who should forfeit. Worry about that I guess when the time comes.

Anyway, always remember the sage advice of the Pandaren. The world is your oyster teacher and so apparently is Ratshag.

Report from the Battlefront

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wolfWell, pet battlefront anyway. FINALLY the big bad wolf made an appearance. The Draenei came through! And poor thing, she’s dressed in rags and for a moment there it looked like Attumen was going to kill her. I KNOW, really, how embarrassing would that be. It’s partly gear but mostly, my complete inability to remember how the hell a Enhancement Shaman works anymore if she isn’t jewelcrafting or making glyphs. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I was happy she was the one to acquire our new little pet, might help with her self-esteem a bit.

Then Cat logs in and sees she has mail, hmm … must have forgotten that I mailed myself something or one of these factions wants me to knock off someone for them. BUT NO!
zpet It was from Zeirah of Azeroth Life! Zeirah always has lots of beautiful screen shots and is a fellow altoholic. And now we know she’s also extremely generous because she had sent Cat a Menagerie Custodian of her very own! Cat knew she’d be out most of the day at a birthday celebration irl so she took him to her cottage in Halfhill to get him settled in and introduced to everyone. Thank you so much Zeirah! And thanks for your kind offer, but Blizzard ruined one of the best things about CRZ when they changed it to no more than three times zones. I had forgotten, but the other day I grouped with Cymre and Luxy for the Darkmoon Rabbit and although I was standing on top of their dots, they weren’t there! Oops, I forgot! One of the few things I liked about CRZ and they took it away.

ioncannonI was battling a tamer and realized another problem I have that might be contributing to how HARD getting 10 wins for What We’ve Been Training For is turning out to be. I’m now at five. Why can’t I go up against goofy people like me who are trying out an all bunny team. Oh come on! There MUST be others, I can’t be the only one! Anyway, Mechanical Yeti. I just HAVE TO use him. I use him sometimes when he really isn’t the best match up, but Ion Cannon! Just look at that! How can I not use that! Yes, I not only put together teams based on how cute they are, I make other teams based on how cool their abilities look. And while I’m starring in awe the other team is finishing me off.

Oh well, I must toughen my heart and pick a team of capable brigands who will tear through the pet PvP community with impunity! Tough! I’ll be tough!

Bunnies! Oh, Bunnies! Where are you? Let’s have one more try!

Better Than a Green Fire Quest Line!

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microemailI got up this morning and found this comment from Ishtla. Eventually I will get the tome; however I think Cat may need to check her mail. Cat wasted no time hurrying to the mailbox. OMG! The Sunreaver Micro-Sentry that Haywire drops! It’s just what she wanted! Thank you! Thank you Ishtla!

He needs a name! I will call him … wait. The mail came from Ravenpayne, the comment from Ishtla and I was going to name him after the person I know is Ishtla. How do I know this? Am I sure? I don’t remember why I’m sure Ishtla is that person. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve always thought they were the same. I need to ask someone.

microdogI’m not sure why the dog would have this information but hey, let’s assume Cat knows what she’s doing.

“Ishtla is Helke of JD’s LBR and Mogolympics fame isn’t she?”

I don’t know what the dog replied but Cat still seemed uncertain so she went to consult with another friend.

jogumicro“Jogu! Jogu! Wake up! I need to talk!” Yeah, Jogu the Drunk sleeps in Cat’s pond. She couldn’t rouse him. He’s … ah … a heavy sleeper. He was no help.

microfightYeah. That’s the first thing she did. Farmer Nishi is Cat’s first stop for all her babies. With two good level 25’s she’s a great trainer to get off to a quick start. Cat seldom needs the second level 25 and there’s a lull in there with the  Singing Sunflower when it’s too distracted by all its healing that the baby can safely go in for a round.

Cat sent word to Sasche that she should be on the lookout for another Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion. Try for groups with no other Warlocks so you don’t have to worry about that first click thingy. Come on Sasche, we’ve got this cool pet! Let’s try to help get Ishtla her Tome! Thank you so much!

And the Winner Is …

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scottyWell you have to have a master of ceremonies don’t you? So Scotty it is! My dog was going to do the honors but he’s a little under the weather so he’s just spectating and letting Scotty handle the rest. Thanks to Navi for making me aware that Scotty existed!

So first I’d like to thank those of you who took pity on me and fed my desire for more battle pet stories! Thank you so much! We had three competitors and a winner will be selected by /roll because I sure can’t pick one. I decided to roll in alphabetical order so here they are:

Effy of Awaiting the Muse’s Tiny Dreamer

The tale of how Kamalia finally answered the siren’s call of Pet Battles

Saundin the Rescuer from Sohei of Non-Squishy Heals

rollCat was on a taxi flying to a spirit tamer do dailies when she decided to roll. Oh Effy! A 65, that’s great! Oh no, Kam rolled a 35. And here’s Sohei’s roll, he’ll have to do well to beat Effy’s roll! Oh my! Sohei knocked it out of the RNG field with an 81! Congratulations Sohei! Saundin’s epic tale of tenacity prevailing won him a Pandaren Earth Spirit. I hope that he plays well with your other pets but tell them to watch out. He’s unfortunately fond of stunning everything he gets near.

I did a quick check and found Saudin on Shadow Council but want to double check before I send off the Earth Spirit, just let me know that’s the correct Saudin and I’ll have it in the mail.

EDIT: I checked your about page to make sure it was you and now Saudin should have a package! I ran all the way to Goldshire and was mauled by wolves before I remembered postage, lol.

Once again thank you so much! You can never be too rich, too thin or have too many battle pet stories!

Bugs and Disatisfaction

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scepterFirst, I TOLD Cat to be more specific when she sat on Greatfather’s lap and told him what she wanted. Saying I want that really cool Tol’vir rare archaeology item just didn’t do it. I mean he’s not a mind-reader Cat, he doesn’t know you’re a big battle pet fan. Be happy with your little bug mount, sheesh, it’s always something.

And then right after that, this … I detect a pattern, not sure where it will end.

redone Anyway, long, long, ago in the days of yore which would be sometime like about last October I remember Cat and I hunting down our battle pets. Oh! Look! I’ve found a Silky Moth! Isn’t he wonderful! OH! And he’s a common! How lucky are we!

Yeah, you get the picture. We were squeeing in delight over everything we found, didn’t matter what quality it was. YAY! YAY! We found one.

Yeah well that sure has changed. Today I spent … I don’t even want to admit how long … just a really long time trying to replace my rare Whelk with a BETTER RARE Whelk. It’s come to that. Not even satisfied now with a rare, it must be the BEST rare ever. It was a mistake to find out about all the breeds. LOOK! LOOK! Formulas! Computations to be made! Aaarrrggghhh! My rares must be the BEST.

Yes, I really have gone batshit crazy here. Those wonderful carefree days of skipping through Azeroth happy with whatever pets I found are over. History.

Cat and I are dissatisfied now if our rares are not best in slot breeds! I KNOW, it’s all kinds of craziness!

So we took some of our hand picked, really SPECIAL rares and did a few PvP battles and had our hat handed to us more often than not. Hmm … where did we go wrong. I must recalculate. We must look for EVEN BETTER RARES!

OMG! Where will this end?

Okay, got to go. Cat and I must find the VERY BEST Dung Beetle EVER!

EDIT: OMG! Navi just linked me an Emperor Crab with INSANE POWER! Forget bugs, I must own the crab of unending POWER!