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Garrison Staff Attitude

Posted in Garrison with tags , , , on January 28, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

minerworkI don’t mean to be critical of the garrison staff, I mean the labor situation in the mine has been sorted out. I guess management and the miners came to terms. They’re working pretty briskly now.

But … I’m getting a strange vibe. It’s like cheery passive aggression or something.

tailoroneFirst … okay great, they’re even doing it now. Just because they could see I was setting up for a shot they all became perfectly visible. That is rarely the case. Usually they stand next to a curtain that’s the same color as their robes and hold very still. I can’t SEE them.

Then if I manage to track them down they greet me but then they act like they don’t know how to open their window … yeah right … I’m not buying that.

/reload ui

/reload ui

/reload ui

I’m sure they’re having a big laugh at my expense as soon as I turn my back.

And the staff at the Storehouse, what is up with them? Don’t stack! DON’T STACK! Jeez, and the guy that keeps going down on one knee and then up and then down and then … STOP!

tailorthreeI’m instituting a new dress code so that I can at least locate them. The guy in the back is modeling it. They must wear a red apron and that yellow and green hat. So there, try to hide now! Enough with the shenanigans!

Update: I’m happy to report that as of this morning all foolishness seems to have stopped. Everyone’s opening windows and standing front and center. Apparently the threat of having to wear luridly colored tentacled hats did the trick. Yeah … see there … they don’t call me Commander for nothing.