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Stunning in Stormwind and Just between Friends

Posted in Lovely Black Dress Challenge with tags , , on May 3, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

There’s Lessismora looking absolutely stunning in her Lovely Black Dress. I did relax the rules a bit and allow her an offhand, Black Rose. Since it has no other use than to look attractive I relented and now she’s happy. I really didn’t think we’d be hearing from her this soon and there was the very real possibility we’d never hear from her again.

I seem to have some sort of WoW attention deficit disorder. I tend to jump from one WoW project to another, occasionally becoming ensorcelled by something and then spending months on just that one thing, like Ironsally. I really didn’t think Lessismora would turn out to be that interesting with her “Level in a Lovely Black Dress” thing but I was surprised that at the low level of 16, I’m noticing a big difference from Ironsally, so she might turn out to be interesting after all.

I though Lessismora with talents allowed, unlike Ironsally, and Ironsally with her vendor armor would be kind of a wash. Pretty much the same, but they definitely aren’t. Her first talent points went directly to Demonic Embrace and OMG does she ever need it. I didn’t think there’d be much to notice at this low a level but there is, she can’t take a hit. There is however an upside, her repair bills are almost nonexistent!

I was shocked that such an unsexy stat as armor seems to be making such a big difference. At level 85 Ironsally had 2540 from her gear and another 2345 from Demon Armor for a total of 4885 armor or a reduction in damage of 15.78%. At level 16 Lessismora has only the Demon Armor of 96 or 5.17% damage reduction. And of course her minions are squishier than Ironsally’s too. She may have talents, but that girl had better learn to get out of the way. And pay more attention to the threat meter. At this point she hasn’t died yet but that’s only because she was on the track team at Stormwind High and can run like hell.

So I don’t know, she may stick around for a while as there is a noticeable difference between Less and Sally already.

There’s also potential to make big bucks for Less. She was in the infamous Inn in Goldshire when she was accosted by two gentlemen. OMG! OMG! I knew I shouldn’t have come here for training.

One of them said, “Hey there, are you a member, do you pay?”

Um … do I pay. A member of WHAT? Finally figured out they were trying to start a guild, I guess they wanted to know if I was on a trial account. Nicely offered me two gold if I’d sign their charter. Ironsally made enough that Less is pretty well set. She doesn’t need gold anyway, so she can continue with her public service of signing charters for free.

Now irl life something’s bothering me. I’m ashamed about it, if there’s one thing I can’t tolerate, it’s intolerance. Which presents a problem as I’m … well … being intolerant about intolerance aren’t I? Anyway I can’t really say this to anyone else, but just between friends, the new people who bought the house across the street, the woman is driving me nuts. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.

WTF is up with you woman! She parades around the yard dressed like she just stepped out of an episode of Little House on the Prairie, I’m serious. Okay, she doesn’t wear a bonnet but swoops around the yard carrying a baby with a two, three, and four year old following along like little ducklings.

And no, it’s not religious, she’s already accosted me about religion and she’s the same religion I was born and unless things have changed there’s no requirement to dress to suggest you want to turn back time and hand over your right to vote. ARGH!!! I don’t know why this is bothering me so much. And they don’t have a dog, which in itself is suspicious. I don’t want to hold that against them though, cause they might have a cat which would make it okay. Or a bird, or bunny or SOMETHING.

Things really are better between us now. When they first moved in and she quizzed me about my religious beliefs I told her I was a Druid. WHAT? I AM a Druid. I’m not sure she believed me but she’s definitely thinks I’m somewhat dangerous and should be avoided, so now I don’t have to give her a phony smile and wave at her when she drives by which is a relief.

I think it all started with the grass. I really don’t care if you sacrifice chickens in your fireplace as long as it’s INSIDE your house. But in the name of all that’s holy would you please CUT THE GRASS! I swear, if you don’t cut that grass, I’m hopping on our mower and I’m coming over there and mowing a druidic symbol in your front yard. I’M NOT KIDDING!


Oh wow, sorry. I just meant to tell you about Lessismora, but I was outside and all my non-cutting of grass intolerance and my intolerance of dressing like you’re a civil war reenactor came out. Really sorry. My bad.

And while I’m confessing, I really didn’t know mentioning Raquel Welch and nude in the same post the other day was going to get me all those hits. Honest, I didn’t even think that many people would know who she was, let alone want to see her nude. Really, I’ve been known to abuse search terms but I had no idea there were so many Raquel Welch fans out there.

Maybe I should just stop typing. Maybe I’m just digging a deeper hole here. Anyway … yeah … Lessismora and the armor. Who knew.

Note: Before I offend any other non-pet owners I wanted to say I know nothing’s wrong with YOU, it’s THEM, and, and, they stick ugly political signs in the yard. And I don’t know what the point of that is because you can’t READ what they say because of the grass.  Okay … okay … I’ll stop.

The Lovely Black Dress Challenge and a Handsome Visitor

Posted in Lovely Black Dress Challenge with tags , , on April 27, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

It may sound like it, but The Lovely Black Dress Challenge has nothing to do with transmogrification. I generally like to think of myself as “eccentric” rather than just full on crazy but there are times, like now, when I’m not so sure. I have three level 85 Warlocks, and like a sailor with a girl in every port, I have various levels of Warlocks on most servers, yeah, Oceanic, I’ve got two there. EU, if you’d let me in they’d be there too.

I’m really enjoying PvP but I feel like something’s missing. I can’t put my finger on it, maybe I miss old Deathwing flying around. Maybe it’s all the reminiscing I’ve been doing lately, I don’t know. I do know I loved the Psyn/Vry Ironman Challenge and I love Warlocks so I decided to try to level one to 85 wearing only a Lovely Black Dress. I have no idea whether this will be too hard, too easy, or just right. There’ll be no way to tell if it’s too easy until higher levels so I imagine she’ll probably get to at least level 60.

So there is Ms. Lessismora. She likes to keep things uncomplicated. No worrys about gear, gems, or weapons. She’s armed with a Lovely Black Dress. She can train her talents, do whatever else she wants to do or not do. Just has to do it in that dress.

Oh grow up Brother Paxton. He took one look at her and kind of cast an involuntary spell. And really, after all these Warlocks I’m getting pretty tired of being told to go ’round to the side of the building. Don’t actually ENTER the Abbey, sheesh.

If nothing else it should help my Warlocks get out of the habit of just standing there casting because of an over reliance on minions, she’ll have to get some exercise trying to keep out of range as she’s squishier than Ironsally was. So we’ll see how that goes. She may die a lot but she’ll look simply marvelous while doing it, and THAT’S what counts don’t you think. Well SHE thinks it.

Yes, well. My Druid. She’s been up to her usual shenanigans. That girl, I don’t know what to do with her. Carrying on right there by the Abbey. With all those young, young, impressionable level ones hanging about. REALLY DRUID. Navi’s Rogue came to Fenris to visit her and now I think she’s totally forgotten about her crush on Jarel Moor, the Bartender at the Slaughtered Lamb. For shame Druid, fickle much? Although I can’t really blame her, he’s really attractive in a dark, dangerous sort of way. OMG! Oh hell no! Now she’s wearing off on me! STOP IT DRUID!