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Tyrian Vacation

Posted in Not WoW with tags on September 15, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Pssst! Over here. Yeah … it’s me. I’m a strapping young Norn Necromancer who’s … wearing a garter on one leg? Yeah, I’m not sure what that’s about either, kind of came with the outfit. Personally I don’t really think a Necromancer would use a fashion accessory like that, but that’s just me.  I think she’s more the necklace of dead kittens type.

So anyway while I wait for next Tuesday I’m going to investigate Tyria. Seems a lovely place for a vacation. As usual I didn’t want to wait to actually learn anything about GW2 before playing, so there were some head-scratching moments early on today. I mean I got that you could use those portal thingys to move from place to place but I kept standing on them wondering if I had to say a magic word or what. OH! Use the map! Okay, got that.

Became concerned when I changed my weapon and then realized all my spells seemed to be gone. At this point I did break to look that one up. Working as intended. That means I’d been spamming a stun at them, no wonder they wouldn’t go down.

Anyway, just wanted to send a postcard from my vacation! Having a great time! Wish you were here! I’ll be back.

Non WoW, I’ve Seen my Future …

Posted in Not WoW with tags , , on June 16, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

And it’s the freaking fourth circle of hell! I’m not kidding, it’s no joke. Yes, I’ll get back to WoW shortly but this just totally freaked me out. You gentlemen can move along, nothing to interest you here. And I know all the ladies who come here are young, svelte, and beautiful beyond compare. But the future … OMG! The Double Eyebrow Club awaits! They’re waiting!

I guess I need to give a little background for this to make any kind of sense. Years ago when I was like … you know … young, I noticed with alarming frequency woman of a certain age with double eyebrows. Something like the recreation above. They’d start out normal and then about halfway through there’d be a course deviation and that sucker would take wing and you’d be left with a penciled on second half of an eyebrow.

What did this mean? Some kind of fashion statement? Some fad or a cult of badass grannies? Did they really think it looked good? I was stymied, but being young I didn’t give much thought to what the older crowd was doing and I just let the whole thing go, but I always thought of them as The Double Eyebrow Club, probably had a secret handshake and everything.

Time passed. And passed. Enter, Presbyopia. Presbyopia is an eye condition affecting everyone past the age of 40-43. The “my arms are no longer long enough to read” disease. The “I have fifteen pair of cheap grocery store magnifying glasses scattered around the house” disease. In my case to combat it I have bifocal contacts, one eye sees close up and one drives the car and my brain somehow tricks my eyes into thinking their both seeing stuff.

I’ve been told however, that I won’t get away with this forever. As Presbyopia advances there’ll come a point that my brain will scream STOP THE MADNESS and will refuse to focus and then I’ll have to buy fifteen pair of cheap glasses too.

Okay, here’s the scary part. I saw a good friend of mine recently. She keeps in shape, I mean the crazy woman runs marathons, always looks good and has impeccable taste. SHE HAD A FREAKING DOUBLE EYEBROW, OMG, WHAT DO I SAY, OR SHOULD I JUST KEEP QUIET, OMG WHAT DO I DO!

I tried not to stare. She’d never have done this on purpose. She’d been initiated into the Double Eyebrow Club. She obviously was kinda a noob as she only had one double eyebrow and I think you’re supposed to do both … as far as I know. I tried to stay calm. She’s older than me, I think three years older but, granted I was panicking, so I could be wrong. Was she here FOR ME? Did they send her? Crap! THE EVIL COVEN OF DOUBLE EYEBROWED GRANNIES!

I managed to make it through the rest of the visit by sitting on her good eyebrow side. After she left, I ran upstairs to check my eyebrows, whew, all good. Everything’s where it’s supposed to be. After I calmed down I finally realized that this probably wasn’t an evil club, it was Presbyopia. They can’t see what they’re doing, but they still do it.

I recently complimented my daughter on her outfit. She replied, “Are you sure it looks alright, I feel like I’m mutton dressed as lamb.” OMG! How can she even think that. And anyone out there? Don’t ever start thinking that. YOU ARE NOT MUTTON UNTIL YOU’VE DRAWN YOUR FIRST DOUBLE EYEBROW!

Me? I’m going shopping to find the best, most expensive bathroom magnifying glass I can find. One made by Nasa and tested in space … made of titanium … with lenses ground by the people who make them for places like the Palomar Observatory.

I hope it will work, a lot’s riding on this. I’m going to do everything humanly possible to avoid my first … baaa baaa … double eyebrow.

Wild Night, the original … just feels right.

You got some ‘splaining to do

Posted in Not WoW with tags on May 14, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

I thought since I just stuck a huge dog rescue logo on my WoW site I owe you an explanation. Um, my dog made me do it? The deal was he had to shave the horde logo into his hair and he did so a deal’s a deal. Not really but I recently viewed the video for this organization and if a few people visit their website and help out it’s certainly worth posting here. It’s no secret that I’m a dog lover I take every chance I get to post goofy photos of my dogs here.

And okay, this is embarrassing but my hunter after being  so thrilled to get a dog pet in Cataclysm, stopped using him because of the pained yelps he makes when taking a hit, see there, that’s WoW related dog stuff.

So if you’re interested give them a visit, I’d have to say I was stunned by it, I was aware of the devastation and the effect on pets caused by natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina but this disaster was man-made.