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Calling All Old Ladies!

Posted in OLRG with tags , , , on January 23, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

olrgnightMatty is battling real life dragons right now. She wanted me to get the word out to the Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild members on our upcoming battle. She’s going to have to reschedule Saturday’s raid to Sunday unless …

1. We want to wait for her.

2. We go as Horde.

3. All of the above!

I’m fine with whatever everyone wants to do, just let Matty know and if you need to contact me in game I’m TotA#1973.

Whatever the decision, I know the Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild will prevail!

Fire Cat

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catuptopOh Cat, get down from there! Stop showing off! Geez, ever since she got Fandral’s Flamescythe with the Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild last night she’s been sitting on top of the Shrine of Seven Stars or parading around. No more having to remember to pick up some Burning Seed to turn into a fire cat. She is now an official permanent Fire Cat.

catjarelCat, if you REALLY like Jarel you ought to get off of the bar before you set the place on fire and he loses his job. After Firelands, Cat left to go show off and Cim the Warlock joined them in Naxx.

It was a great evening as always. Two of the judges of Azerothian Life’s upcoming mog contest were there, Kamalia and Cymre. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

At one point I said that my Warlock Cim, has anger issues. Cym said, ??? I said, Oh not Cym … Cim. I then realized that if I thought that made sense I’d probably best not have another glass of wine. But we were in Naxx by that time so a tipsy Warlock wasn’t in too much danger unless she slipped and fell into the green goo. The wine just caused a lot of purple demon wing flapping … she loves doing that. She even won a beautiful dress.

I’m looking forward to joining the old ladies when we mug next engage that stingy Staghelm for another kitty staff or whatever the old ladies think needs doing.

As always ladies, a pleasure. Thank you.

Deathwing Meets the Old Ladies

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stunnedYeah … Cim is … stunned. I think she’s checking to see if old Deathwing is hiding down there. It was another amazing evening meetup of the Old Ladies Raiding Guild. And I almost missed it.

I love football but it has a soporific effect on me if my team is not directly or indirectly involved. Doesn’t matter what time of day the game is, if it has no bearing on my team … snoring is likely to happen. Since MY team can’t fire their owner, the Colts vs. Chiefs wild card game means nothing to them … sssssnore … OMG! It’s 6:30pm, WAKE UP!

We first visited Firelands again where that Cat was up to her usual inadvertent attempts at tanking. Gurdrid, our tank for Firelands was very understanding and didn’t yell at that silly Cat. I don’t know, I blame it on always being alone and I think what’s going through Cat’s head is OMG! OMG! QUICK, KILL IT BEFORE IT KILLS ME! HELP! I’M GOING TO DIE! FASTER, FASTER! Maybe she should change her profession to tank but considering she’s directionally challenged and everyone expects the tank to lead on, that probably wouldn’t work out.

Shocks were to follow as Ragnaros grows feet … I KNOW … in Heroic and doesn’t stay conveniently located so that Cat can happily stay in one spot whaling away on him. Thankfully we quickly put an end to THAT.

Cat was pouting because once again that ratbastard Staghelm did not drop a certain staff so she stalked back home and Cim the Warlock joined. To be fair to Cat it’s really because I hoped Cim would be less likely to cause trouble in Dragon Soul. Never having faced Deathwing or even read up on it the likelihood of me screwing up was GREAT.

I don’t raid, I don’t have helpful addons, I don’t know what my dps is because I’m afraid if I did know I’d die of embarrassment and never return. I was … concerned.

dsgroupI had been happy that Neo, my Fenris/Dragonblight server mate had joined us for the evening. Gurdrid, after having to deal with cheeky cats, said she’d rather not tank Dragon Soul as like me, she’d not met Deathwing before, at least in there. Neoangalo the Warlock left us and Neostrike the Death Knight came in to tank for us.

It was wonderful, I could not see anything with all the tentacles waving and bad guys jumping around and blood running and … yeah … chaos. And through the chaos a Death Knight voice calmly directed us and WE PREVAILED.

I was stunned silent. Okay … yeah … I’m always silent but you know what I mean. Deathwing was dead. Something I’d never hoped to see. I think that’s when Cim ran over to check and make sure he wasn’t hiding. It was a lot like another WoW moment that meant a lot to me.

cimthrallCim didn’t want to leave. It was embarrassing. Thrall finally had to say … show’s over … move along. Thanks for the help … bye. That was incredible. Thank you everyone!

OLRG (with real men) Ride Forth Once Again!

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helkesrideThe Old Ladies, with a touch of real men, ventured once again into Firelands. Cat got a very pretty staff, only later remembering she equips a mace. No matter, she put it into void storage for when she’s carrying around a staff again.

Tyl, Plenty of Paladins’ Hunter once again scored a lovely crossbow I think, she’s got a lot of transmogs ahead of her!

I always consider it a good run if Cat doesn’t sidle up to Repgrind’s handsome, Human Male Kerick and embarrass me by dancing, but this one was even better! She didn’t embarrass me, okay well … she did get lost and Prinnie of That Was an Accident! had to rescue her, but the best thing was … those mounts really do drop!

Ragnaros actually let go of a Smoldering Egg of Millagazor and I was very pleased when Helke won the roll! After all, Cat really loves Crazy Cat Ladies, I mean who wouldn’t?


noodletreatYes! I know! How cool is that! The OLRG (with real men) were kind enough to get Cat out of her mope by going to The Temple of the Jade Serpent and smacking the noodle cart boss down!

She hurried off this morning to show it off to Dog, and I’m pretty sure he was the recipient of a noodle treat. She seems a little concerned there … maybe a grease fire … but she’s a very happy Cat today thanks to Matty the Tanking Wolf and all of the OLRGers with real men included! Thanks to all for an especially good night!

OLRG Fires it Up!

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firecatThe Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild met last night to once again conquer the bosses of Firelands and prevail they did! I know I added a lot of achievements last night, hopefully many others did too.

catkitUm … Cat? This is a post about OLRG not you. Did you not take any screen shots of anyone beside yourself? Everything isn’t ALL ABOUT YOU you know. Cat? Cat?

Oh never mind, she ran off to show off in Halfhill. Sheesh. No, stupidhead Staghelm didn’t drop the staff but luckily Prinnie of That Was an Accident! … at least I think it was Prinnie, I’m still sorting voices to names … remembered the Burning Seeds. Cat’s night was made!

After putting Firelands in order we set off to Naxx. It seemed to be an evening for shoulder and great looking weapon drops. Cat didn’t fall in the fire during Ragnaros this time but Cim fell in the goop in Naxx. Sigh … that Warlock needs to join a Prancercise class or something, she’s so out of shape she didn’t make the jump the first time.

ladyfingers2Now while I’m talking about falling in goop, I heard some talk of people not coming because they were afraid they might screw it up. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR!

Screwing it up is my job and I’m not giving it up, so never let that be a reason to not join us. There is not one raid I know the first thing about and no one has yelled at me yet. One of the old ladies was making strange hand gestures but I didn’t have my bifocals on so I couldn’t make them out but I’m sure it was nothing … probably just cheerfully waving at me I’m sure.

Once again, thank you all!

Beware! The Old Lady Raiders Ride!

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OLRmaiden The inaugural run of The Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild was Blackwing Descent. I’d never seen it so I was really thrilled at the chance. It was great to see some of the people I remembered from JD’s Laid Back Raids. I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until last night.

Thank you so much Matty for making this happen! I get to see content I wouldn’t otherwise AND a chance to have some fun with great people with no worries of behavior of the acrimonious kind! Win! Win! Win!

Repgrind even kindly got us Vent but I found I’d uninstalled it, next Saturday I’ll be ready. Geez, I might even buy a headset that doesn’t hurt my ears and I can talk with for this.

The only bad behavior displayed was by, I’m sad to say my Warlock Cim.

cimkerickRepgrind’s Kerick was there and Cim just kept crowding him, I thought this kind of behavior was exclusive to Cat but apparently not. It seems Cim has a thing for Human Males too … sigh … what am I to do with these girls.

If you’re interested in coming along, you don’t have to be an old lady, you don’t even have to be female. You just have to be there for the fun. Check out Matty’s post.