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Pocket Lint Post — Double or Nothing

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I spend most of the weekend trying to get set up with dual boxing. On Saturday I could not get Keyclone working, or so I thought. I was cursing Windows 7 as I suspected that was the culprit. Sunday I realized that I was getting the controller in range and then casting. And the clone did nothing. She did nothing because she wasn’t in range … duh. I know, it’s hard sometimes, but I’m all I’ve got to work with, geez. So there they are, Shamimi and Shamami! I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s fun. I need to spend more time reading about dual boxing but as usual I’m just doing it. Hate taking time out to actually READ how to do it properly. I had planned on two Goblin Shaman but forgot they wouldn’t be available with just vanilla which was probably for the best as I don’t think I can face another Cata starting zone.

Yeah … this. I KNEW I shouldn’t have let her compete in Matty’s Leather and Lace. It’s so embarrassing. As soon as she read the results she rushed to the tailor shop and had that sash made, she’s been parading around Stormwind like that ever since. Batting her eyes at the guards and that dark, brooding looking guy in the Slaughtered Lamb. NEVER AGAIN Druid, I mean it!

So I’m way behind on my blog reading AND I have all the news about Mists to catch up on. I’ve read just a bit and already I have a conundrum. Do I want a black and white Panda Lady or red and white. I like the traditional black and white but on the other hand the red and white gets to have a tail! I have a lot on my mind … sigh. Yeah … really, I’m not kidding. Of all that I’ve read this is what I’m obsessing over. And YAY! Another slot, just one but still I’m happy.

I have  so much to do. I’m getting excited about seeing all the entries in the Mog Madness event and I have to get caught up with all my reading because on March 21st I’m sure a lot of my favorite writers and rhymers will be responding to Mr. Bear’s writing challenge and I’ll have lots more good things to read!

And OMG, are they kidding. It’s been so long since I’ve received any rl work that I admit I felt a little put out when someone HAD THE NERVE to send me some. Can’t they see I’m busy here! There are incredibly important decisions to be made here! Black and white or red and white. They are however, offering rl money which is always appealing I must say. Actually almost as good as gold … almost.

Meanie Stupid Heads

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Yes, I’m sorry. Generic Uldum screen shot there. I forgot to take the screen shot I wanted to use for this post last night.  Servers are down for maintenance and I can’t wait till later as I have work. And I CAN’T have a post with no pictures … ick … just wrong. I’ll try to find another for later in the post.


So anyway, I seem to have these “all over the place” posts after a weekend. Probably because on the weekend I have some interaction with actual people rather than just NPCs like week days. My interaction this weekend was not the good kind. It left me feeling ashamed of the Alliance.

My main, the character that I identify most with is Alliance. My alt crafters are all Alliance. LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE!  Having gotten that out of the way, you’re all meanies! At least on Fenris.

Since 2006 I’ve been killed countless times by the Horde but they seem to go about it in a workmanlike fashion.  They kill me and then proceed about their business for the most part. Over the weekend my Forsaken Warlock was trying to collect 50 coins for a pet.  We were sitting at the Flight Master in Everlook; I was on Wowhead trying to decide where to fly next. When I came back I wasn’t AFK yet but close.

Two Alliance were in the process of killing my Flight Master. I just went back to Wowhead to look up other Elders. I came back to find them still standing there emoting … stuff. Went back to Wowhead listened to music, etc. After what seems like an inordinate amount of time they left. Okay, whatever floats your boat but you do know the person probably doesn’t even see you. They’re looking at Wowhead or something. You’re wasting all that spit. I did get a giggle out of their guild name though. The Benevolent. I guess that only applies to the Alliance.

Next stop Wintergrasp. I know I was asking for it but still. It’s not the killing it’s all the bizarre dancing around and emoting that gets me. I am not familiar with the mechanics of Wintergrasp. Horde had Wintergrasp so I couldn’t figure out why the doors weren’t open. Suspended mid-air I once again headed to Wowhead. On returning I found my Warlock falling to earth. Splat. A Death Knight had death grasped me down I guess, and then finished the job. Fine. But what’s with all the meanie emoting? I was spat on, I was farted on, I was tea bagged, I was danced on … the list is endless. What is up with that? Going for total immersion or something? And he was ten levels above me, so it wasn’t like he was overcome with joy by besting me. Well you Alliance are big meanies and I’m telling Mommy.

This caused me to have the urge to make the biggest Horde character I could think of. I made a Tauren Paladin who plans to grow up and beat up the Alliance. His picture was supposed to be up there. I don’t like his odds though as I have a bad track record playing as a male. But anyway, he’s coming for you!

What! I’m sorry; it’s the best I can do on short notice. I had to repurpose an image fast. Just like some bloggers have half finished posts I have a folder with just started or half finished images and I don’t usually need scary pictures around here as most people, with the exception of one troll, are nice here. Well, who else would I use but Captain Placeholder while I look for an appropriate body. Sorry, sheesh.

WoW Ironman Challenge Overtakes SWTOR

Search Terms. Over the weekend the Ironman Challenge beat out swtor speeder. It caused some problems here as Ironsally wanted me to change the header to something like “tomeoftheancient, HOME OF IRONSALLY THE IRONMAN CHALLENGER.” She’s sulking cause I wouldn’t do it.

OH! OH! This just in! I was visiting Psynister’s Notebook and found this post! It leads to Ironman Mode: The Blog. Now how about that for re-purposing! I’ve got to go, Ironsally is asking for my PayPal login.

Hawt Plate

Over at MMO Melting Pot there’s an interesting post about terms used to describe transmog gear. I have never heard anyone call it Slut Plate myself but I did think of an alternative, Hawt Plate. I think it’s catchy and it works for both male and female characters, even though I’ve yet to see any Hawt Plate for males. Shame really. As usual I’m not posting my idea because I’m too frightened. Hugh is really nice and I’m not scared of him, I’m scared of the commenters. Maybe his might be meaner than mine and I’m just not ready for more meanies right now. Until I level up my Tauren Paladin, yeah, then look out!

Website Protection by Tiny, Angry, Holiday Baby

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I’m not sure this is necessary, but after the recent attack by a troll I’ve retained the services of a website protection company. They seem to be rather new but really, really, scary … I mean scarier than a troll in my opinion. And they are angry, really, really, angry. I wouldn’t mess with them.

Yesterday I had to clear the use of their imagery with the top guy and I got the go ahead so I’ll share it with you in case you want to contact them about a troll problem. I’ll put their logo up too, so trolls will know I have 24 hour protection here.

Sorry, after being semi-quiet yesterday I find I can’t stop talking. Maybe two posts today to get it out of my system.

I have to say I was astounded by the support of WoW bloggers when I had my little hissy fit the other day. I knew WoW bloggers were nice but I still got all teary-eyed from the show of support. Thank you all. You managed to shake me out of my pity party and I’m pretty sure I don’t need angry baby to protect me anymore … but they work real cheap so it can’t hurt.

In retrospect, I think Ironyca put her finger on the problem. What could I have expected? All that nude, naked teasing I did. It was bound to really enrage someone who came here looking for nudes … AND FOUND NOTHING!! Can you blame them for wanting to lash out? Thank you Ironyca, after your comment sunk in I laughed so hard imagining that scenario!

Since I wanted to be far away from the computer yesterday to avoid the temptation to post, my daughter and I went to have lunch with my Mom. It went okay … the player piano in the lobby must be broken, no show tunes. Thank all that’s holy … so I managed to survive. I really wonder if I get to the age that I’m living in a senior community will the player pianos be playing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” or will they still be rocking show tunes?

Okay, I should stop. I’m being told it’s time to patrol the neighborhood with my neighborhood protection dogs. I’m all about protection today. And oh, angry baby, this one’s for you.

Note: No tiny, angry baby fingers were pried into that configuration … it just comes natural to some. Hang in there Mommy.

Nonsensical Post, Feel Free to Disregard

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Oh my … well I guess there’s no helping it now … I guess the cats out of the bag. I don’t write these posts, the Night Elf handles that. She enjoys visiting here so much I thought she might as well make herself useful. I just tell her a little about what I wanted to say and she does the rest. It leaves me free to check the cabinets downstairs to make sure that there really isn’t half a bag of potato chips left.

Today I’m all about blogs … and well, Twitter. I find them both endlessly fascinating. For example, when I was riding high on the “swtor speeder” train why did all the spammers disappear? I have fallen off the speeder train now; I guess everyone’s bought them. Will the spammers be back now? I don’t really miss the Sexy Big Booty Girls Here one, or the Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech one but there was one that I quite enjoyed.

Norwegian Carrot Cake

They took me to task for being an inferior writer, well duh, and then promised my writing would be improved if I obtained and ate some Norwegian Carrot Cake.  Googling, I found other bloggers had been chided in a similar fashion. That spammer I miss. Feel free to return with offers of cake.


At present, I’m fascinated by dated and old fashioned words and expressions. I’m trying to find a way to include scofflaw in this post. And you don’t really hear anyone chide anymore. I’m thrilled that I could work that one in. Must be a reaction to trying to read a history book my husband was sure I’d enjoy. Yeah, about as much as he’d enjoy WoW, but I’m trying.

I wish I’d had the presence of mind to take a screen shot of the next one. I finally decided to buy the domain name, tomeoftheancient in case I ever got ambitious and decided to self-host this blog. I went to GoDaddy to get my cheap domain name and I was offered a selection of similar names that they were sure I’d want to snap up.



Seriously, GoDaddy? Seriously? You’re really pushing it here, I know you’re cheap but you’re not the only domain name registrar out there you know. And you missed one, I didn’t see tomeofthedecrepit in there. I’d watch your tongue if I were you.


I’ve also been storing captchas for later use. I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at some fiction. I’m not a writer, so I’d have to have some kind distraction to keep that from being evident, right off. So what do you think? Here’s just a little bit of the beginning.

And forgive me in advance; I’ve never really gotten a handle on the whole quotes thingy. Which of course will make my job more difficult, but nevermind.

Whaza up, Busba?”

“I’m rantr because I was ampunber by a conake!”

“Well, don’t be such a sisiorri, everyone gets tripsy once in a while.”

I know, thrilling isn’t it? I’ve got you hooked now, don’t I?

Okay, now there’s Twitter. I wish someone had warned me how incredibly addictive it was. Oh wait, and note to self. Stop commenting on the iPad in the morning without your contacts in. I see I told Amerpriest that I’ve broken a lifelong addiction to coke. That’s not so bad, I mean it gives a certain risqué pizzazz to old tomeoftheelderly but I misspelled addiction making it look like I’m still strung out or something, geez. I meant Coca Cola.

Back to Twitter.

I thank you Blog Azeroth for introducing me to Twitter. I love that through you I made the leap and signed up, but don’t you think you should give a Surgeon General’s Warning or something? Now I really do have what might be a lifelong addiction. I could easily spend hours scrolling through tweets, wondering what the other half of the conversation is; making one up.

Like Buttons

I really love blogs that have “Like” buttons. They come in really handy. If I’m reading a post and want to come back and comment, there’s always a chance I’ll forget. So I “like” the post real quick in case my memory fails me. Hi! I was here! Kisses!

Like buttons are also really great for blogs that intimidate me. These are blogs that are usually very well written, popular and have been around for a long time, with a large following. I just can’t comment. It’s too scary. My first character was a Hunter, she followed Big Red Kitty religiously. The important stuff didn’t sink in I guess because the first thing that comes to mind when I remember Big Red Kitty is this:

Since we’re all friends here I have to ask, is she really singing, “pissing the night away?”

I loved that blog. Another one I’ve been reading forever is Big Bear Butt. Back in BC I was trying to become bear tank extraordinaire, so I read BBB to make sure I was doing all the things right. I still read BBB because he’s funny and funny is high on my list of good things. But I would never comment there. Too scary, but a “Like” button I could do. I’m kind of just whispering. Hi. I like you but I’m too scared to actually come right out and say it, so “Like.” Yes, I know I’m neurotic, but don’t you think that’s what makes us all interesting, huh, don’t you?

Well I think I’ve just illustrated why they have that expression, “you have to watch out for the quiet ones.” It’s not because we’re planning on climbing into a tower and opening up with an AK-47, it’s because if we ever do stop being quiet, a cacophony of ridiculous stuff circling around in our brains will spill out. Like this.

Thanks for letting me vent all this crap. I now feel ready to search for the new “swtor speeder.” There must be something else all us swtorers want to find really badly. The cantina with the best drinks? Possible. I’m on it, even if it means Norwegian Carrot Cake will never return.

Oh, wait a minute. In honor of GoDaddy deciding I should buy tomeoftheelderly, I’ll include this soundtrack for this post. (sorry Matty, stealing your really good ideas again but you know what they say, flattery and all) I give you In the Mood. A song that was popular back when I was about 44, I still like it.

Pocket Lint Post

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Usually on Mondays or Tuesdays I make a rambling post that’s usually all over the place. I’ve been trying to come up with a category title that will warn viewers ahead of time, you know, kind of like the warning on lawnmowers. ” WARNING: Not to be used as a hedge trimmer.” So I think pocket lint sums it up perfectly. Following is the pocket lint I’ve accumulated over the weekend.

First, I KNOW! I owe an apology to my scribe. I was thinking of sending her for treatment for her abuse of Mysterious Fortune Cards and then this happens! The funny thing is I didn’t flip it for the longest time. I kept thinking I would flip it and I’d get a message like: Congratulations! Psych! SUCKER! There is no 5,000 gold card! You fell for an Azerothian Myth! I finally worked up the nerve and did indeed get 5,000 gold. Well done, Scribe!

Then it was off to the new Darkmoon Faire! I love it, I hope I don’t wear it out too soon. First order of the day was to fish up the Sea Pony and I finally did. My Druid was concerned that it didn’t have enough water in that bubble so she took it underwater to replenish its water supply. Yeah, seeing her in aquatic form probably scared the bejeezus out of the poor thing.

While we’re on the topic of scary, who are these people? Matty mentioned that she thinks most of those carnies have done some time and I think she’s right. Poking around the forest I came across this tree.

I’m now feeling a little queasy. I got the Fairegoer’s Feast achievement while there, I’m now worried that the Forest Strider Drumstick may not have been made from … um … an actual Forest Strider. Who ARE these people. What do we really know about them. After finding that tree, I sat down to settle my stomach and watched the pit fighters until it was time for the Tauren Chieftain’s performance.

After returning to civilization, I once again got out my accumulated, possible transmog gear. I can’t commit yet. I’ve had to make so many compromises that I’m not sure if it’s what I want. I am tired of bonking low levels in Deadmines for the legs I wanted. Mostly though I’m depressed that I can’t transmog a staff to a polearm. I really, really, wanted to use Terestian’s Stranglestaff but I can’t, just have to save it for later maybe.

Whew, well, that’s all my pocket lint cleared out. Now I just have to wait a few hours to call Blizzard’s customer support and see how that goes. I’m in an embarrassing fix and I’m hoping they’ll be able to help me out. If all goes well maybe I’ll tell you about it … or not.