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Mogolympics Closing Ceremonies

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The Mogolympics Closing Ceremony is up at Amateur Azerothian. JD, the brain behind the idea, the man who dreamed great mog dreams and made them a reality, the man who … oh, okay I’ll stop. But he has put up an official home of the Transmogolympics where we’ll be able to go and steal admire the outfits!

Congratulations to all the entrants, I know I enjoyed seeing all of them. With every round, the folder of screen shots was like a wonderful surprise package I got to open! Thanks to all of you, and JD and Matty and Khizz who all helped to make the work part, much less noticeable than the fun part!

Mogolympics Equestrian Results!

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Oh look! There are two competitors chatting with a judge right now! This is so exciting! To see the results and all the outfits visit Blog of the Treant for a full report!

Mogolympics Freestyle Results

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Druid wouldn’t disclose the location for the Freestyle Event, she wanted to surprise me. I was getting a little worried as it looked like Gadgetstan at first, and really, you can’t have all those well-dressed people competing in the Thunderdome. We continued on, it looked like it might be Thousand Needles, kind of like a cruise event … have drinks with umbrellas on the deck while we … nope.

Finally we arrived and I admit it’s a pretty good place for a competition like this. Once again, this was a hard fought event. All the entrants were impressive, congratulations to all of you who made the Mogolympics so enjoyable to view!

Representing The Defilers, the Gold Medalist

The Silver Medal went to Silver Covenant!

The Bronze Medal went to the representative from The Earthen Ring

A very big round of applause for all the competitors!

Fencing Results!

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Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this was about a certain transaction I made recently. Wrong fencing entirely! Just never mind, forget I mentioned it … really. The competitors in the Mogolympics Fencing Event have lunged and parried and riposted before the judges in a incredible display of swashbucklery. The results are in! View them in all their glory at Sugar & Blood! We salute you!

Javelins Are In!

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And look at those wild transmogs too … what? Oh, silly me. Sorry wrong Javelins. For the REAL Javelin Event results visit JD at Amateur Azerothian! I hear this was the closest race ever!

Mogolympics Archery Results

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I told my Druid that I was pretty sure my Hunter knew the location where the archery event was to take place. Druid finally caught up with her in Mulgore which seemed a fitting venue for an archery event. That’s when the trouble started. I should have seen this coming. Common sense should have told me there would be a lot of handsomely dressed Human Males there. Oh no … no … NO!

Druid I TOLD you I don’t know their names! I don’t know who they are, I can’t give you his contact information. NO! I will not bend the rules for you! WHAT! You’ll give me a stack of Heavy Savage Leather to make sure he wins and you get to meet him! I can’t do that, are you going to try to bribe ALL the judges? Geez, ENOUGH!

Anyway, enough about my troubles. All the competitors can be seen in their glorious best. Once again, an incredibly stiff competition!

Representing Honor Hold we have the gold medalist.

Thunder Bluff is taking home the silver medal.

And our bronze medalist proudly represents the Bilgewater Cartel.

Congratulations to the winners and all the competitors! A beautiful field of entrants I must say. I’m happy for them … for me not so much, when I login I’m I going to get an earful from that Druid. No Human Males on that podium, she is going to make my life a living hell.

Pssst … entrant number six! You might want to lay low for a while, she’s looking for you … just saying.

Mogolympics Wrestling Results are In!

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It’s going down right now! They didn’t even get off the dock at Booty Bay before the action started! Unbelievable! Catch the action right now at Amateur Azerothian!