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Proudmoore Pot Luck or Dangerous High

Posted in WoW Glitches with tags , , , on March 9, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

What? You didn’t know Jaina and I are such BFFs that she gave me her secret family recipe? Don’t believe me? You’d be right, it’s the only wowish P word I could think of, so no recipe here. I exhausted all my cooking skills on that spammer’s Carrot Cake so if you were all excited about getting a recipe you’ll have to visit Gamer’s Fridge.

I’m kinda scrounging around through my bits of paper that I write thought fragments on. I’ve been looking for the next “swtor speeder.” Yes, I’m guilty, I long for the return of that heady moment of bliss when I unwittingly mentioned speeders and got the highest page views I’d ever had. I was also cheered by the fact that speeders got more interest than even my repetitive use of the words naked and nude. See, gamers are not all about the pr0n, they are after the facts, the cold hard facts. Steely eyed gamers after the facts. I got nothing.

I don’t know, I think that ship might have sailed for WoW. I was browsing and found an old list of secret places that included locations like Ironforge Airport and Dancing Troll Village, yeah, not so secret anymore. Try as I might, I cannot find anything that you don’t already know.

I know this is very, very, weak but it’s all I got. A flying bug. You can see my terror-stricken Forsaken above. Actually she was pretty calm about the whole thing but I was surprised by MY reaction to it. I was the one panicking. I’ve looked for mention of this bug and didn’t find any but then I didn’t look THAT hard because I wanted something, a revelation, something ALL NEW and it’d be kinda ruined if I actually found mention of it, so yeah, I didn’t look that hard.

Anyway, flying back to Nordrassil after completing a dangerous mission my Forsaken noticed she’d lost control of her Wyvern. She had been caught in an updraft. I might as well talk in the first person here as it was me that panicked not her. On approaching Nordrassil I lost all control and started ascending and ascending. The poor Wyvern started making that pained squawking sound mounts make when you’re flying too high. Kind of an altitude warning. NOTHING I did was stopping the ascent. I started madly hammering at my keyboard, WAIT, what? What key was that, oh, I found that by holding my X key it stopped the ascent, I could take a breath, which was hard at that altitude but I managed. The X key is the Soulshatter key. Now I know it was probably just some weird fluke that is was this key, but really, altitude WAS the enemy and I really needed some threat reduction and IT WORKED.

After a while I got tired of holding the key down. If I took my finger off it the ascent resumed. Finally, while holding the X key I decided my only option was to logout. And yes, on logging back in all was again right with the World of Warcraft. THAT IS MY BIG REVEAL FOLKS! “Nordrassil flying bug” Get ready for it! WordPress can you handle this, they’ll be coming any minute, GIRD THE SERVERS OR THE LOINS, WHATEVER! ARGH, INCOMING!!!!! Or not, we’ll see.

Ricket! Where are you?

Posted in WoW Glitches with tags , , on August 4, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

Just wanted to post this in case anyone else runs into this problem. Yesterday I completed Additional Armaments and set off to find Ricket who was to have more work for me.  She was supposed to be at Malfurion’s Breach but when I got there only her ? was there not her body. I logged out and back in, nothing. After googling I found people were having all sorts of different issues with Ricket but I did find a solution to my problem.

If Ricket isn’t there with Damek Bloombeard go to the area where the quest givers are for whichever side you choose to do the dailies for and she’ll be with either the Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Wardens and she’ll give you a daily.

There, my public service announcement for August!

Orphaned Mammoth Calf, Enough Already!

Posted in WoW Glitches with tags , on May 25, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

After complaining yesterday about lonely leveling I feel a little guilty complaining now about too much company. I did the quest Khu’nok Will Know delivering the Orphaned Mammoth Calf to Khu’nok but the darn thing won’t stop following me. He’s been swimming, fighting, flying and generally getting in the way. I mean I was quite flattered at first that he’d rather hang with an Undead than his own kind but this is just too much love.

Luckily googling got me a quick fix to the problem, if you summon a companion pet he’ll get in a snit and leave, whew. Now it’s just me and Vargoth again.

Mysterious Glowing Figure in Ramkahen Inn

Posted in WoW Glitches with tags , , on February 5, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

A day or two ago what appears to be some flavor of Elf appeared in the Inn in Ramkahen. You can’t target or speak with her, at first I thought my video card was going, getting double vision but it seems not as others can see her.

Anyone know who she is? Is she a harbinger of something to come? Is her appearance a portent of some great looming threat on the near horizon? Inquiring minds want to know, well, mostly me but I’m sure you do too. I haven’t seen a glowing figure in any other location but maybe they are appearing elsewhere too.

Did she get stuck in a transporter beam? Well, so far I can’t find any information about what this might mean but knowing how things go in Azeroth I don’t think it can be a good sign, eeeeeeee!

WoW 4.0.1 Patch Bug Woe

Posted in WoW Glitches with tags , , , on October 20, 2010 by tomeoftheancient

World of Warcraft Halloween

Patch 4.0.1 came and left us with a myriad of bugs, and they are still here for me at least. I guess I wasn’t being very realistic as I thought that Tuesday’s patch might address some of these. BUT, I really, really had hoped that the Headless Horseman encounter would be de-bugged. I mean this is serious business, I HAVE to try for the mount every … single … day. Yesterday it was like some kind of digital version of musical chairs, one of the group would DC we’d wait and as soon as that one came back, poof, another one DCed. Finally it was my turn to DC, then I had trouble logging back in and by the time I got back the group was long gone and I had a bag of treats and double Justice Points for doing nothing.

The rest of the bugs I can live with for a while, I can’t buy Northern Spices because I get an internal bag error when I try. Frame rate which for me has never varied from 60 fps is doing strange things in Dal. Buffs intermittently display on top of my map. Spells disappear from the action bar and are replaced with different ones. My Warlock’s talent point frame is flashing insisting that she is owed one more talent point, although she isn’t. The Warlock enters “A Hero’s Welcome” at her own peril as when exiting the Inn she loses her minion.

There is the tabard one where your shirt is kind of replaced by your guild tabard whether you own a tabard or not. The one that seems to be stirring up the most consternation is the “not being able to inspect” bug. There is a whole lot of shrieking on trade about this one. I’ve never understood inspecting. I think the only time I inspected someone was when my bank alt inspected someone to make sure they weren’t wearing a bunch of blues and Heirlooms before she gave them money for their first mount.

Anyway, there are a lot of bugs. I can’t remember exactly but wasn’t this patch somewhere around 10 GB. I’m kind of surprised anything works at all. It is pretty frustrating to look for fixes on the Tec Support board and just get the time honored deleting your WTF, CACHE, and INTERFACE folder fix which of course fixes nothing. I feel conflicted, after repeatedly DCing on the Headless Horseman I felt a senior nurd rage coming on. But on the other hand this patch is a major undertaking and I’m sure Blizzard is doing everything they can to get things back in working condition. The support staff have my sympathy, my single stint filling in for technical phone support at a company I worked for had me yelling “BITE ME” at the customer by the second phone call. It was very satisfying, and no I didn’t lose my job as we were all about to get laid-off anyway so it was a freebee.

I’m going to try not to obsess about my dwindling chances to get the Headless Horseman’s Night Charger, I’m going to think happy thoughts and take deep breathes and hope by next Tuesday they may have a handle on the problem.

Happy Hallow’s End!