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Over a Year? What?

Posted in General WoW, WoW Mounts, WoW Pets, WoW Reminiscing on August 18, 2022 by tomeoftheancient

I pass by here every once in a while to look up something. I haven’t posted for a while as I thought I was just doing stuff that no one would want to know. Then I realized, hey, I would! This is what I’ve been doing for a year. Above is my Vulpera, a Rogue. I forgot that I forgot how to BE a Rogue. She’s dead most of the time poor thing.

Here’s my Kul Tiran poor girl, I don’t know how to Warrior either but thought I’d try. She’s getting tired of sitting around town.

Then I was SO upset I had to spend some time finding Blanchy so there was that.

I spend most of the year chasing pets or mounts and just goofing off. It was great.

Yeah no. I can’t find him. I can’t figure out who he is. Wow, how things have changed. It’s like I remember when people stopped caring about holidays in Wow. Didn’t pay them any attention. I remember thinking WHAT? I would never do that! Welp, here we are folks, I ignore holidays now.

And here’s my Colossal Wraithbound Mawrat who’s name I actually remember! I like him cause he’s tiny and gets into tight spaces.

Other than that I spend my time going to places that I especially love for the beauty of them and the music and in other cases for the story. Or memories of good times. Or, yes really. I visit NPCs. It’s great when I can go somewhere every week to do a dungeon or raid for a mount and there’s an old friend.

Mogu’shan Vaults for example. I love Lorewalker Cho. Every week I go there for the Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent I meet up with him and we talk and laugh in between killing stuff. I never get tired of joking him about how it sounds like he’s saying, “these halls have not seen footballs for many years.” I laugh every time. If I ever were to have the mount drop I’d be a little sad. I guess I could still visit though.

Anyway, that’s my story. Looking for mounts and pets and visiting. Not a bad way to spend the last days of an expansion We will see what the next one brings!

Pet Hunting and Old Hillsbrad

Posted in WoW Pets with tags , , , , on December 12, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

Holiday preparations are getting in the way of WoW time lately. I steal quick bits here and there. I thought I’d consult my armory page and see what state my pet collection was in. Seemed like something I could do with my little bits of stolen time. Sheesh, I still needed eleven to get to 125. Ah, I see Ravasaur Hatchling is a 100% drop from a Ravasaur Matriarch’s Nest in Un’Goro Crater, perfect! I used these coordinates, 62 – 72, 62 – 65, 63 – 63, 69 – 67, 69 – 61 and there it was! I even had time left. Only ten more to go.

Another pastime that can be done in short bits is finishing off old reputations. I only do the ones that I don’t consider painful. I saw that I didn’t need much to get the Keepers of Time to really, really, love me. Just have to do Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass a few times. Okay, just have to do Old Hillsbrad a few more times. Even on easy, easy, mode I found out I still hate Black Morass.

I like Old Hillsbrad. Who doesn’t want to help out a young Thrall. It’s not dark and dreary, I don’t get lost and what’s even better, look who I found.

It’s things like this that I love about WoW. Apparently Optimistic Benj was added in 4.3. A younger version of the rare Cranky Benj. Down on the docks you can find a young Zixil starting on his journey to Merchant Supreme.

And look! For those Alliance who miss the old Southshore it’s still here, lovely as ever. Now if they’d just add a timeline with a version of pre-cata Darkshore my world would be complete. Which reminds me, next stolen bit of time I get, I’d better get over to Theramore and get some screen shots before it’s only a fond memory too.

Tol Barad’s Fox Kit

Posted in WoW Pets with tags , , on July 29, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

I heard about the Fox Kit pet that drops from Baradin Foxes in Tol Barad Peninsula fairly recently. I didn’t know how rare they were but I thought, hey, I’m there anyway I might as well try for another pet as I’m at 105 of 125 for the achievement Menagerie.

Upon seeing the foxes I was a little reluctant to kill them. They’re, well, cute.  I thought well, at least I can skin them so I managed to justify the wanton killing of cute furry foxes to myself. Pretty easily I’m sad to say. My precious! Oh my precious little fox kit, come to me. Yes, the madness of pet collecting overtook me and turned me into an evil fox-killing Gollum of a cat.

For the last, I’d say month or so every time I do the dailies I kill all the foxes I see. I don’t go out of the way to get every spawn I just kill the ones I see and make a bit off of selling the leather. It pretty much got to the point that I had forgotten why I was killing them.

Yesterday I was down to only 4 more dailies left and thought about skipping Tol Barad but decided to go before I logged and right where she’s standing in front of Wellson Shipyard the fox kit dropped. So, if you’re after it, don’t give up. Just get in that crazed pet collector mode where you go on killing sprees with no memory of why you’re doing what you’re doing and sooner or later it will drop. And Elune be praised, I can now stop killing those foxes.

Patch 4.1 Panther Cub

Posted in WoW Pets with tags , on May 17, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

I’ve been leveling my horde warlock and apparently not paying attention. Patch 4.1 came out and I kind of noticed but as the Zul’Gurub Quest Line wasn’t going to be in her near future I didn’t really pay attention. Over the weekend I logged into my druid who is the collector/doer of achievements. I noticed that she had over 90 companions so I thought maybe I’d try for 100.

I was near the Hero’s Call Board in Stormwind and noticed it had something for me, The Zandalar Representative. I thought great, I’ll make some quick money and get a little lore at the same time. Imagine my surprise when further along the quest chain, Some Good Will Come I got a free Panther Cub, actually not just free, I got paid to get it, what’s not to like there!

If you continue on the with chain, here’s a heads-up on Defend the Rebel Camp. Don’t be like me, if you’re alone and not a well-geared tanky type be careful. I am ashamed to say I proceeded to prove Albert Einstein’s theory about insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results =  insane. His theory doesn’t mention the cost in repairs either. After getting a couple of beat-downs I changed to bear and got back next to a hill and stopped defending so spiritedly and finally got a different result, I lived to complete the quest.

I visited Winterspring and bought the Winterspring Cub, went to Dalaran to see if Breanni had anything I’d missed and then did a little archeology and got a Voodoo Figurine. I think I need two more now, I’m holding off on just buying them, want to see if I can get lucky and get the Pterrordax Hatchling from archeology.

So if you weren’t paying attention either there’s a quick free pet out there to add to your collection.

Cataclysm Free Pets

Posted in WoW Pets with tags , , , on January 23, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

I know a lot of people grumbled about not getting a vanity pet this year for wow’s birthday. I didn’t really mind as although I like free pets I’d at least like to do something to obtain them, I seem to appreciate the ones I have to quest for or get through reputation more. I’ve been happy to find at least four that can be had just through quests.

Withers is the reward for completing Remembrance of Auberdine I followed the comments posted by sunsmoon to get him. There are quite a few quests involved but if you are a high level it goes pretty quick. He shrinks over time but can be restored to his former size by immersion in water!

Brazie’s Sunflower is the reward for the last quest in a chain you can get from Brazie the Botanist in Hillsbrad foothills. What’s not to like about getting to play Plants vs Zombies in game. The last quest Lawn of the Dead took me a few tries but it was worth my Sunflower, the only downside was at least that character couldn’t play the game anymore!

This one took me by surprise I didn’t even know it was a reward for the quest until I was finished. When you complete Egg Wave which is the final quest in a chain that starts with The Hatchery Must Burn in Mount Hyjal you get a choice between a Gold Mini Jouster or a Blue one and you get an achievement, Beware of the ‘Unbeatable?’ Pterodactyl also on completion.

The one I’m working on now is Pebble. The achievement Rock Lover, rewards you with your own Pebble after you complete Lost in The Deeps, rescuing  Pebble ten times. Seems only fair I’m sure you and Pebble will become close after all those harrowing escapes.

I haven’t been to Vashj’ir so I don’t know if there are any similar quests or achievements to be had there but I can hope!