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Tol Barad from a Beginner’s Perspective

Posted in WoW PvP with tags , , , on April 24, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

It’s funny, way, way, back in Vanilla I did my first BG. It was Arathi Basin, and my Hunter loved it. I was awful, this was back in the period where I hadn’t found the AH yet and I was completely decked out in gear like the Cuirboulli Set, yes, nothing but the best gear a vendor had to offer for me! Yeah, I was clueless. So you can just imagine how long I stayed alive in Arathi, but damn, it was fun. I stopped PvPing when I noticed my fellow combatants were filling up the chat panel with hate messages at me. Not because I played poorly, but because I was level 44. So big chicken me just quit and kinda forgot about PvP.

Then came BC and everyone talking about ENDGAME. WTF is that. Oh, okay, I get it. Then I spent the rest of that expansion trying to play as Blizzard intended. It didn’t work out and it’s taken me this long to get back to PvP. The realization that I should try it again came slowly. Navi of the Daily Frostwolf helped a lot. I read all her posts about their raids and one day realized, hey, all that planning and fine tuning and repetition until you get something just perfect doesn’t sound like you at all. I am a spontaneous and somewhat (lying, really a lot) disorganized person who is a jack of all trades and master of none irl. Why? I don’t know, I think I’m always looking for a different experience, and PvP fits perfectly. Same BG, different day, different people, whole new game. So I’m having a great deal of fun.

I’m still not good, but so far it doesn’t seem to matter. I’m guessing I’ve done Tol Barad about seven or eight times now and we’ve only won once. I’m not that egotistical that I think it’s my fault, nope, we’ve all been bad so I don’t stand out. Communication, other than blame, seems to be lacking and I think that’s most of the problem. So when I get excited and somehow hit some strange key combination that immediately dumps me to my desktop, no one notices. Have no idea how I do this. I’ve tried to recreate it but still haven’t figured out how I’m doing it.

So anyway, first thing. I’ve never played with nameplates turned on. It just didn’t seem fair to get a heads up when a creature was behind the next bush. Seemed like cheating to me, should give them a fair shot at me. NOT NOW. I’ve turned those babies on now. And I got Healers-Have-To-Die. Sorry, healer friends, I need all the help I can get. I have yet to figure out how to tell who is the raid leader but it doesn’t seem to matter. In only two battles was there a voice of authority to be heard. Both times they seemed to know what they were talking about. One was ignored and finally quit the raid and we lost. One was listened to, we won.

The same scenario each loss. All but one of these we’ve been defending, we’ve done well, but in the last few minutes players disperse, running around looking for someone to kill outside of the bases. So we’re all spread thin throughout the three bases and the roads and we lose. I now understand what the famous killing machines are talking about. Communication seems to be the key, the most important part of winning. And aside from insults, we’re not doing it. That’s okay for now. I’m still trying to work out how not to end up at the desktop.

And that delicate flower who can’t stand unpleasantness and trash talk in groups? Gone in PvP, there I am over there, the new me. I have absolutely no idea why trash talk in PvP doesn’t bother me, so all’s good. And my little Undead Warlock NEVER wants to leave now that someone /flirted with her. Do you know how long she’s been waiting for that! 85 levels and change. A /flirt is hard to come by if you’re an Undead lady. An Undead lady wannabe killing machine with 169 honorable kills! She’s so pleased.

I wanted to get familiar with Tol Barad before I moved on. I’ll have to figure out which one to try next, but in the meantime I have shopping to do. First it was sitting for hours playing with MogIt. Now it’s sitting for hours in the Hall of Legends picking out what I want. Who knew PvP would turn out to be such a sedentary pursuit!

Oh, oh! Just one more thing! Rogues! Rogues! They are just wrong. Wrong. I have spent so much time starring at my feet … my non-moving feet. Added incentive to level up mine. I want to be that horrible too.