The Spirit of OLRG Lives!

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catshouldersCat’s been feeling a little down lately. She got these shoulders from a mission and Mr. Robot told her she had to wear them. She always obeys Mr. Robot but she’s embarrassed. What are they? Night Elf ear camouflage?

errisShe even had something she wanted to tell everyone. I kept telling her to post it but she just didn’t feel like it. She joined a custom group for Erris and since it was the only Erris listed it was a big crowd, you could barely make out Erris standing there.

Cat found out that if you except the quest from Erris you can then go back to your own Garrison and she’ll be there, minus the crowd! Yeah, it’s pretty bad when Cat doesn’t even feel like talking about pets.

hatesparkhelkeLOOK! LOOK! LOOK!

What in the world has gotten Cat out of her funk … OH! Cat! I see! Where in the world did you get Hatespark the Tiny? You lucky Cat!

Oh, I should have known! Helke the Fairy Godmother of Pets! The last time Matty got the OLRG together was for Molten Core for the pony, Cat never even dreamed she’d ever have Hatespark!

Thank you so much Helke! The spirit of OLRG lives! And Cat has come out of her stupid shoulders mood, last I saw her she was heading out to beat up poor Ashlei’s pets with Hatespark in tow.

OMG! Somebody Shoot Me Now!

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cimringI’ve had my first freaking WOW SENIOR MOMENT. SHIT! I’ve been playing since November 2006 and this is without a doubt the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Some time ago I noticed Cim’s iLevel was almost as high as Cat’s.

I was a little puzzled about how that happened but just shrugged and moved on which is pretty strange itself. I didn’t wonder how she’d zoomed up in iLevel?

Wow, they really ruined the joy that was Destruction … man … Cim’s so sluggish. Not much fun anymore. I’ll take a look at what she’s wearing but I can’t do much about it unless she get’s lucky …WTF! CIM! What the hell are you wearing on your finger?

Okay, I’m not taking all the blame here. I didn’t buy it, I certainly didn’t get it raiding … I think I know what this is. This just screams Warlock arrogance. Cim’s been so lucky with Salvage Crates I’ll bet she got that from a crate, saw it was epic and just equipped. It wouldn’t DARE not be for her spec. See, it was the Warlock, not me. Well, she’s sure in a fix now. Jeez Cim, how embarrassing.

matureSo last night I made that horrific discovery. This morning I started my early morning blog reading. I go to Navi’s blog and what do I see? Crap! The word is already all over town! I think they’re using “Mature” as a euphemism for old geezer who equips strength rings on a Warlock.

Well smarty pants Entropia you got something wrong! I’m not a guy, hahahahahaha! Where’s my seductive older gentleman? You think you’re so smart! I think it would work better if you had a sexy older star in your ad.

matureclintWelp. Okay … yeah … maybe not.

Got to go. I promised I’d go see if I could restore whatever ring she had on before. She said she’s not leaving her Garrison until I do. Got my fingers crossed.





A Pictorial Review of a Week in Draenor

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nbcI took all these screen shots but now I feel really lazy. I’m sure at the time I had a lot to say about them but … yeah … I forgot. This one I think I remember. It is frightening how long it took me to get this. Obviously the name means something … hmmm. It’s a peacock stupid! Enbi’see! NBC! Get it? Sigh …

laborissueI’m experiencing labor issues at my Garrison. A long, long time after an invasion is over these chickens are still hiding out in the mine. Now as far as I’m concerned that bitch Rachelle Black can stay down there forever but I really needed Ashley Zerep the primal trader one day and could not find her anywhere. So …

gronsunYes! Finally! I really love custom groups! I had about given up on ever seeing Poundfist and getting that Sunhide Gronnling but I finally did. He’s really too big for riding around, he doesn’t fit in doorways. I keep getting stuck, but as intimidation?

Yes! Next time I find loitering employees in the mine I’ll jump on that sucker and have a few words with them while he pounds his chest. That ought to fix my labor problems.

blookgoneCat finally snapped. She was so tired of Blook getting in the way. HEY! HEY! I’m talking to you! Don’t pretend you don’t hear me Blook! You’re obstructing my pet battles! Move it! She finally bought a follower she didn’t want or need to be able to deactivate him. She’s much happier so I guess it was worth it.

mageminingOh … this one’s sad. I can’t believe that the Archmage Vargoth I first met in Netherstorm has come to this. Cat, really? I know he has mining but come on, it’s Archmage Vargoth for heavens sake. No perk is worth this. Can’t you put Blook down here or something? Man, that’s really harsh. That’s not like you, did he say something?

I don’t know what’s going on there. And speaking of guilt trips.

phantaEvery time I login to Dragonblight to play the new Alliance Rogue box opener this screen appears. Phanta is not the last one I played, she isn’t at the top of the character list. EVERY time she’s standing there looking pathetic as if to say, I’m here! Pick me! Pick me!

It’s really bad when your characters try to manipulate you. Nice try Phanta! It’s not going to work! No way!

Yeah … it’s kinda working. That’s even weirder.

Blessings from A Roadside Fruit Stand

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pilgrimshrineI have ridden by this guy’s fruit stand in Shadowmoon Valley about a million times. I never really gave any thought to the giant statue … I don’t know … I guess if I thought about it at all, I figured the guy thought it was good for business. I didn’t know it DID anything. Did everyone know but me?

I had a Goren Invasion to do. It seems you can get people on my server early but it was afternoon, so after having no luck through trade I thought I’d try the custom group and see if anyone was around. I don’t post them with an iLevel requirement in the hope that people know there is no pressure. I’m not looking for a Platinum, just some fun.

Yay! There’s one! Yay! Another, we’re ready … yike … I didn’t even know iLevel 691 was possible yet. I’m worried they’re going to be disappointed. I hope they don’t expect …

Let’s give it our best and get a Platinum!

Oh … they do.

691 said, come with me. I’ll show you a buff.

Off we went down the road and it turns out Mr. Fruit guy’s statue is a Pilgrim’s Shrine. Who knew! I took Blessing of K’ara, a multistrike buff. Wow! Thank you!

I have had people get a little bossy on invasions. You go here … you do that … no … do this!

Not 691 … 691 just said, we can do this!

And we could!

691 was one kick ass lazer chicken, so not only did we have a new buff but a Routed Invader’s Crate of Spoils too! It’s funny how it can turn your whole day around when you randomly group with two really nice people.

I wish I could remember their names. Dammit. Should have written them down. I was happy I had Erris the Collector and happier still they both got a pet!

So just in case there are people like me out there thinking that statue is just the fruit vendor’s attempt at attracting business, now you know.

Maybe it’s a chain of fruit stands and there are more of these things. I think I should ride up there and buy something from the guy. Wonder if he has bananas. I could go for a banana.


Character Luck

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vaultOr lack of it. Over the years it’s hard not to notice a trend. Catwynn has no luck. Well not NO luck, she did manage to get the Reins of the Raven Lord somewhere past 160 tries. In general though she’s not the one who gets the mounts or clothes she’s looking for.

And she has NEVER received Blingtron’s Secret Vault mission which irks her no end now that she has all these Treasure Hunters. The rest of the crew for the most part have had that mission once but then there’s Cim.

I’m pretty sure that Warlock has had it three times. She’s the one who collected most of the mounts. She has a bank stuffed with clothes she wanted and got.

What’s going on here.

hemThree characters at this point have a Salvage Yard. Both Cat and Cim do. Cat loves it, she gets lots of greens to vendor, an occasional low level epic. It’s all good. But Cim received two level 100 BoE epics from her Salvage Yard … really nice ones. She made about 50,000 from them.

If it were just the Salvage Yard I’d say she’d made some kind of nefarious deal with Helmsley but this luck pretty much covers everything. I know, I know. It’s my imagination … gotta be. And don’t get me wrong, I’m quite pleased but it makes me uneasy. She is after all a Warlock.

Any one else notice a marked difference between their character’s luck? If not I’d better start checking the alts, I wouldn’t put it past her to have sold one of their souls. Jeez … Warlocks.

Garrison Monuments, Hunters and You are Not Prepared

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apexisThis is the one I could have. Blah … yuck … no way. I don’t even want to add up how many of those things Cat had to accumulate to get her cloak to iLevel 670.

Now she’s working on her hat. She needs about 40,000 more for that baby and I have no idea how long that’ll take. I don’t want any reminders staring at me. So, no Apexis Monument for Cat.

Anyway as Cat pointed out it seems risky to have a giant chest filled with riches in front of your house. It’s like you’re saying, hey come on in and rob me!

She’ll get the crafting one eventually but what she REALLY wants is the Pet Battle Monument.

petMThat’s something to aspire to! It’s beautiful Cat, I really like it too. How close are you? Oh … well you’ll get there. Cat doesn’t know who to believe. In game shows she’s at 303, if you look her up at Blizzard it says 366. Either one, it’s still a long way to 2,000. To those that already have this, I salute you!

zormountMy first character is a semi-retired Hunter. She went through so much hell with noob me she couldn’t take it anymore and retired. She pops back up now and again to test the waters. I know practically nothing about huntering. Nada. I want to ask you this on the down low, are Beast Mastery Hunters really good right now?

Don’t say it loud though, if they are I don’t want Blizzard to … adjust them.

She was in Nagrand when she noticed Luk’hok who has a 100% mount drop. She started hollering to Nagrand, 100% mount drop! Luk’hok! 100% drop!

Nothing, no one interested. I guess maybe everyone’s already got one. She in iLevel 620s gear and I have no idea what I’m doing with her. What the hell, the worse that can happen is she’ll die and I’ll have to send her a gift basket to make it up to her.

She got out her piggy and gave it a try. Admittedly it took forever but finally, the mount was hers! Either BM Hunters are pretty darn good right now or old Luk’hok is a pushover. I don’t care which. Yay!

dirtyfightI’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist.



Retail Therapy: Shoes or Pixels?

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hachWhat do you do when real life kicks you in the butt? In an unscientific poll over here IRL I appear to be an outlier. Chocolate? Nope. Ice cream? Nope. Shoes? Nope. Another dog … that’s always a danger but nope.

With three Horde characters waiting to march through Tanaan Jungle and an unskilled Alliance Death Knight, what do I  do? Yep … I buy a character boost. Apparently it’s my version of retail therapy.

Needless to say this has made for some grumbling in the ranks. Sasche’s been waiting patiently for her turn and then this character jumps the queue. I found myself having to defend my decision. I mean there really is a reason. Maybe not a GOOD reason.

I think I have … I don’t know … probably eight True Steel Lockboxes. They probably only have a pair of mismatched socks or something in them. The fact that my Death Knight can’t open them with keys any more just annoyed the hell out of me. So see? There was a legitimate reason, just not a very good one.

Anyway, Hachette the deadly assassin was born. It works for me! It was a little rough trying to fight her way through the jungle in boost gear but she’s doing better now.

In an attempt to skew the numbers and make myself (hopefully) seem more normal I’ll do a poll here.

Only eight more levels to go before we find out what riches lurk in those lockboxes! Go Hachette!


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