Swtor Resources

In no particular order I’ve added some SWTOR resource sites I’ve found helpful. If you know of others feel free to send me an email.

SWTOR Space Combat

I was really frustrated with Space Combat until I found this page at Star Wars: The Old Republic. Information about the missions, controls and tips and tricks.


Great place to go to look up a mission, titles, schematics, just about anything you can think of. As time goes by I’m sure the comments will be a good source of information too.


New player guide, lots of information, skill calculator.


News, articles, forums, database, podcast and skill calculator.

World of TOR

SWTOR information, forums.


Community site with lots of information on planets, classes, guides and news.

Crew Skills

Guides and information on crafting in SWTOR.


Guides, news, database, datacron information.

Ask a Jedi

New and information on all things SWTOR.


Darth Jedi

HAWTPANTS of the Old Republic

Inquisitor’s Roadhouse

Snipers of the Old Republic

The Stoppable Force

Moz’s Cantina Crawl

Button Mashers of the Empire

2 Responses to “Swtor Resources”

  1. buttonmashersoftheempire.blogspot.com ~ Is a well thought out blog for the Imperialist in you.

    • Thanks, I’ll add them to the list and go visit!

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