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I See … Nekkid People

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nekkidOh! Oh, I need eye soap! Dammit Liwu, enough already! She SAYS she made the Gnomish X-Ray Specs only because she had the mats and it was a level up. Yeah … I don’t know if I believe her but it could be. She’s determined to make every gadget there is. She’s obsessed with leveling engineering. I mean we’re hardly leveling HER anymore.

She HAD to make the Wormhole Generator: Northrend even though we were only there long enough to use it once. I wanted to stay there after she hit 80 for a while. She wanted to move on to level her engineering and produce more outlandish doodads. She won.

80There she is celebrating level 80 in K3. I last saw her in Hyjal when I got sidetracked by Matty. Damn straight, we need more mature women out there. I have one more slot, what’ll I make, hmm … I know! A Warrior, I’ve never been able to get one past the twenties.

totaSo was born Tota, yeah … I’m all clever-named out so she suffered for it. I really was going to make her a tank like Matty said, but then I remembered my … um … problem. IRL I have a wonderful sense of direction as long as I can see sky, I don’t know why but in buildings or underground I lose it. Unfortunately it’s the same in Azeroth. Outdoor instances I’d be fine otherwise … not. I don’t think I’d have much of a career as a tank if I got lost all the time, I’d need a scent dog or something.

lassieOch aye lassie! What’s become of your clothes then? Yeah … I feel kind of bad. Poor Paladin was robbed of her heirlooms by that mature woman Warrior. Maybe bank alt can scare something up for her to wear standing by the mail box.

So anyway, that’s what we’re doing while you all are partying at Blizzcon or BarCraft-on-Thames. Have fun! See you when you get back!

The Agony and the Ecstasy

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pvpvgearI’ve always liked professions, I’ve always felt good that my band of misfits can help each other out, and I’m just a little sad when another character reaches the level cap. Nowadays professions are somewhat borked, leveling characters and professions no longer mesh … but I still enjoy them.

Except for this. HOW MANY DAMN GLADIATOR PIECES ARE THERE? NO! No … thanks, but don’t tell me. I don’t think I could handle the truth. All Cat wants is her Snow Lily Belt, she’s still wearing that butt ugly thing she got from Galleon ages ago because SHE KNEW she’d have a nice upgrade soon. HA!

Cim the Warlock who has way fewer patterns to learn bought her belt off the AH rather than wait but Cat being Cat … she wants to CRAFT her own, it seems to be a big issue to her … so she waits … and waits. OH! OH! Not a PvP piece! It’s a … it’s a … oh … healy leather. Another week goes by. OH! This is something good! This might be it … mail.

She sniffs her disappointment once again and runs off to decimate anything on the Isle that drops leather, hopeful that tomorrow will be THE DAY. Poor thing.

turboYou know Alts are kinda spoiled brats. I know, I know. It’s totally my fault. I think Liwu made us buy her Hula Doll when she was around level 65 cause she was afraid they might be out of stock when she hit 70. I know, crazy. I think Griftah has an endless supply of that stuff but we all humored her.

We would have humored her a lot more with mats but that low level stuff isn’t available, at least on our AH. So instead she wheedles Death Knight to go out and speed mine and TA DA! Turbo-Charged Flying Machine was hers! I know the driving force that got her leveled to 71 was that ride. I’ll be interested to see if the speed at which she levels continues. Can the thought of Sky Golem at the end of the road keep her rolling … we’ll see.

Okay, I see my problem now. I wrote this thing this morning and then came back to check for typos and stuff before I published it. This is dangerous, it seems that whenever I don’t just throw caution to the wind and post immediately I later decide to trash the post. Maybe I’ll just forget about typos, it’ll be like live TV! Anything can happen! Teh unedided post!

Placeholder Post

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frolickI have actual posts to write, even have the screen shots for them but I’ve not been writing them. I’ve been goofing off instead. Yeah, Cat didn’t waste any time buying the Dandelion Frolicker who was on her “must have” list. Cat’s seen the crystal once and the Warlock did it once. Cat did much better at it than Cim but both of them are really talented at arriving in the vicinity to watch someone kill the sprites so … hooray for the AH! I am a crappy camper.

My Hunter was feeling that she was getting the whole huntery thing down until she aggroed a pack of things. OW OW OW!!!! She was doing such a bad job of AoE damage she drew a crowd. They all just stopped and stared in horror. So embarrassing, she’s hiding in that tent over there scared to come out.

But what’s really taking up our time is Liwu the Monk. I think it’s because she’s nearing 60 and yes, flying! And not just flying but FLYING MACHINE! Kind of makes no sense that I start a new Rogue which immediately revives my interest in my Monk … go figure, but that’s what happened. She’s about to enter Outland, I hope she’s prepared. I mean I even approached grumpy Death Knight to see if she’d be willing to head over there and gather the materials for Liwu. Squee! So excited! Yes, yes, doesn’t take much at all. I’m easily pleased. Flying Machine will be ours!

Okay … just wanted to say hi. If I can just get her to 60 and make that Flying Machine I’m sure things will go back to normal … well, whatever passes for normal here. And WordPress just congratulated me on my third year anniversary today, so I thought I should say something to commemorate the day I started talking about wow in the hope of finding like-minded people to communicate with … since there sure aren’t any in this house. I’m happy to say it worked!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Have an anniversary cookie!

The Isle of It was Dead When I Got There

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ky-leYesterday was one of those days. As Cim approached the Timeless Isle she saw this incredible piece of real estate. She got off her mount to inquire as to whether it might be for sale but Ky-Le took her inquiry the wrong way I guess and she ended up flagged … and forgot about it. Of course when she reached the Isle someone killed her while she was killing a turtle. Later on while doing AoE on a rare someone ran up and killed her. Someday she should really learn how to PvP.

voidlordSo yeah … she called for a taxi and the bird took the Voidlord instead … sigh. She finally gets up to the lake to camp Garnia, whew. I found she has a talent for logging in right after someone else kills Garnia.

Cim needs four more rares for the achievement and most reside up around the sanctuary. So after missing Garnia again she went to take a look and found Flintlord Gairan was standing there. She called out and called out and nope, nobody coming. Probably should have looked him up first. If I had I would have read, “don’t pull him from maximum range or he’ll charge you and probably one-shot you.”

No probably about it. Okay, this isn’t fun anymore. What else can I do?

Because MoP has had so much to do, I’m about to lose my membership in the Azerothian Altoholics Society. And I’ve been jealous of all those handsome Blood Elves people have so that’s it! Roll a Blood Elf male!

purloinThere he is! Salty Purloin the Rogue. I really should train fishing on him or he’ll look like a big poser. He was invited to a posh party and there he is dancing … wait a minute … what’s he staring at? OMG! Of all the nerve! If I were you Purloin I’d stop checking out that girl before her boyfriend sees you.

Hmm … we’ll see how this goes. This guy looks to be trouble to me.

Bizarre Things I do When Servers are Down

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socialYeah … maintenance … can’t login. What to do … what to do. I know! I’m going to see which of my characters wins for the most socially inept! What? Yeah, I have no idea and I’m even trying to backtrack and see where that came from and I can’t. Somewhere in my morning rounds of blogs and websites I picked up this idea but can’t track it down.

They had to be level 90 to be fair. I thought it would be a newer character rather than an older one. Not so as it turns out.

Zor! Avoidant personality much? I mean Janinna has an excuse, she just mines all the time and she’s a lot younger than you, but you guys tied. What’s up with that.

My Hunter is my first character, born in the end of Vanilla. In all fairness it did take her until somewhere in the twenties to even figure out chat let alone emotes, but still. Apparently she’s lived her WoW life like some kind of reclusive mountain man hiding out in the mountains and wilds of Azeroth, avoiding social contact for the company of her pets.

Janinna’s no surprise, it’s all about the ore, no time for anything else. Business, that’s it.

And the evil Warlocks are rather chatty … well chatty for me anyway, because of the whole keyboard thingy.

This morning I read Godmother’s post about her theory that MoP has been a year-long Beta Test for what happens next. Godmother is a thinky thinker. I really like her idea, not to mention she had one of my favorite movies in the post. I still get all teary-eyed over I would like to have seen Montana. Me too Vasili, me too.

I’m not a thinker, I’m a feeler. Um … that sounds awful. Let me rephrase, I’m about feelings … that’s better. I tried to come up with how I felt about the past year in Pandaria. A good measure is alt-playing. Have they been active? Nope.

Aside from leveling them to take advantage of their professions they’ve seen little playtime. Ironsally is furious she’s on pet detail on a low population PvP server. She’s barely moved. By this time in an expansion, since I don’t raid I’ve usually exhausted anything interesting to do and moved on to my alts. This means they must have thrown so much interesting and diverse stuff at us this expansion that I never moved on to making up my own stuff to do. I have a feeling Godmother’s right.

So see, alts? It’s not your fault you’ve been standoffish. You’ve been locked up in that stuffy server almost the whole expansion. No wonder you couldn’t /wave, /hug and /lol. Oh wait … uh … Janinna? Now that you’re a Worgen you can skip the whole /lol thing, really … just take my word. You’ll make more friends that way.

Alts Saved My Life

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voidstuckWhat? Too melodramatic? Okay then alts saved my WoW life. I mean look, even the Voidlord refuses to do dailies on Thunder Isle anymore. And by the way I’m fine with all the dailies, I appreciate that they’re available if you want them. It’s up to me to have the good sense to STOP doing them at some point before I burn myself out. So I’m reading a post at Reputation Grind and I think, “We’ll yeah you big dummy, that’s what you like to do so why aren’t you doing it? You’ve strayed too far from your roots! You’re an altoholic, act like one!”

I have little desire right now to level my 85-86 level characters but I love leveling low levels and seeing the world again through their eyes. So what to do? Eureka! Zounds! I have a plan!

JD at Amateur Azerothian had given out wonderful panther gifts to LBR participants and I was one of them. I started a Monk on Runetotem, I was welcomed to Claws of Nature, I started leveling her and got to level 22 or so. I got distracted, JD quit WoW and then she was abandoned. I would feel guilty about her but wouldn’t login because I was sad JD wasn’t around.

liwumenthilI know, I’ll transfer her to Fenris where she’ll have rich big sisters to help her and heirlooms and she won’t be sad cause JD’s not going to login. TA DA! I’m happy again, of course it was a little sad to have to give someone the boot to make room, but in the stoic way of Orcs, Darknell took it rather well especially considering Liwu is Alliance.

I love professions and they are fun again. Instead of Cat logging in and learning another pattern for PvP gear she doesn’t want and won’t sell or learning a lovely iLevel 522 piece she can’t get the Haunting Spirits for out of habit, Liwu is GOING to be an Engineer, and it’s FUN. I promise you Liwu I won’t delete you as I have every other Engineer. See, it’s in writing. You’re safe. We had a fine time yesterday running around in The Wetlands and gained 6 levels. She’ll be riding that panther in no time.

Everyone was happy about this, Scribe resumed scribing as she might learn something Liwu needs. Miner went out to mine copper to kick-start Liwu’s mining and engineering. Even my bank alt was excited. She hangs on to so much stuff that no one can use. Finally someone to send bags to!

travelbackpackI don’t know why I was so stupid I forgot what I enjoy. Even Ironsally is on the move again. In the same time it took Liwu to gain six levels Ironsally gained two bars into 85. Yeah … this is harder than I remembered. Can’t keep Void alive, each mob is the equivalent of soloing a Thunder Isle rare … but harder. Add to that the constant fear of being killed because she’s on a PvP server. We’re having fun again! Easy Liwu, hard Ironsally, professions! Ah, life is good again. I even wrote a note for me on my about page so that if I get lost again I’ll remember what is was I liked about WoW. Whew, I’m glad that’s over.

Rusty Alts and Login Server Busy

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The login server says it’s just too busy to deal with me, I guess it’s having a day. Alrighty then have it your way. I’ll just talk about my rusty alt instead.

Oh wait, totally unrelated but I wonder if the Pandaren take that whole lovely and polite thing too far. Every time Cat does the Golden Lotus dailies and has to try to save those Wounded Defenders who are laying there grievously wounded and there are bombs going off everywhere, the first thing the wounded defender says is usually something like, “Tell me of your travels” in a cheery, polite voice.  Seriously? NOW? Do you think we could try to get to a safer place first? Seems a weird time to chit chat.

Anyway, Cat wants some stuff and the person that will have to get it for her is my jewelcrafter/scribe Enhancement Shaman. Back in BC she was my main before Cat was born. I loved that Draenei but as time moved on and the world changed, I fell out of love when wielding a big two-hander was no longer a viable option.

She leveled through Cata sitting in SW doing jewelcrafting dailies. This will not be possible now, she needs motes of harmony and recipes so sitting in town is not an option. Her gear was in the high 200s iLevel. Hmm … probably not going to cut it so Cat made her some new clothes that pushed her over 300 and off she went.

OW! Ouch! Oh sorry little Draenei, really, my fault entirely. I was so focused on her gear I totally forgot I hadn’t a clue how to play her anymore. Yeah, we bombed them real good from the air but on landing in Pandaria we got our butt kicked bad. There was dying … more dying and more too.

We kind of corpse jumped our way to Paw’don Village where I apologized and stopped to do some reading before continuing on our way. I felt really guilty for putting her through all that. She’s made it to 87 now without too much pain. But that girl is just not lucky or else Cat is just extremely lucky. Cat had a couple Spirits of Harmony before she even left the Jade Forest while Lok just made her first one. I wish those things were bind on account.

I have to say the trip this time is more enjoyable without the crowd. I hope it stays that way for all the upcoming trips. I don’t know who’s going next. Herbalist/Alchemist? Miner/Blacksmith? Enchanter/Tailor? I can’t decide, maybe I should let them work it out amongst themselves. Maybe draw straws or something.

So Cat’s fine with this, she’s moved into her place in Halfhill. Oh look, I see she even did a little decorating. There she is taking a nap … I think she’s taking a nap, but what’s in all those bottles by the bed. I hope she didn’t make a spectacle of herself in front of the Tillers. Sigh.

How Not to be Good at your Class

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As I may have mentioned before this blog has no useful information, oh wait, there was that one shining SWTOR speeder vendor location moment but aside from that … zip … nada … nothing. I’d love to have lots of class specific facts to impart but that’s just not going to happen. And this is why.

It occurs to me (and I’m sure it occurs to you but you’re too polite to say it) that if I’d stop fooling around making a bazillion alts of every class, I might actually be able to master the two classes I care most about, kitty Druid and Demo Warlock.

But alas, I can’t stop myself. I am an altoholic. So here’s my one piece of good advice, don’t do what I do. Don’t play five different classes at once. You get the keys mixed up. You keep pounding on the wrong ones or you forget you can Feign Death because you think you’re a Druid or you run right up to a mob and try to beat it to death while forgetting you’re a Mage.

Okay, now that I’ve got that warning out of the way, meet Neuroteca my new Mage. Yeah, she’s not much of a go-getter. She’s the first character I’ve ever known that’s so lazy she sits to fish. Historically, the Mage class has always bewildered me. The highest I’ve ever managed to level one was 53, she’s now my bank alt. I couldn’t delete her after the agony she went through to get to level 53.

Yeah, the Warlocks are all pissy about this but I told them it’s in the interest of knowledge. The more we know about Mages the better to kill them, I’m pretty sure they bought it because they liked the whole killing Mages part.

And I’ve been given a lot of good advice which I ignored. Spec Frost for leveling, why aren’t you Arcane? Because, obviously I want to fling giant balls of fire around, sheesh, if I’m going to be a Mage I’m going to throw great balls of fire or what’s the point.

So anyway, I had a plan. I would overcome my aversion to LFD and level her that way. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Go into instances with a class that I have NEVER been able to play well, without heirlooms. What could go wrong?

I still don’t know. She’ll probably be deleted or level 85 before I get in a group. I haven’t been able to stay on long enough for the queue to come up with a group. Maybe it’s protecting me, maybe it’s PROTECTING THEM! Probably it’s just DPS and end of expansion fatigue.

So in the meantime I’ve decided leveling a Mage is kinda like an Ironman Challenge for me. Mostly because I seem incapable of staying out of melee range. Probably why Warlocks are the only casters that I like. Big purple demon FTW!

Yes, while we’re on the subject of ridiculous I had to mention this. I mean look at that shit eating stupid grin on that camel, even he thinks it’s ridiculous. In my Hunter’s quest for a Canopic Jar she stumbled across her first Camel Figurine. Oh! Cool! A free 25 gold! Not caring the least about mounts or titles she was rather annoyed to find no gold, instead she was blown away to Feralas and Dormus.

That makes three, I’m like a camel magnet. I should rent myself out.

Forsaken Love and Serial Altoholism

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Come back here! I’m going to beat you like a rented mule! Oh dear, I thought something was up. My Undead Warlock is in general a taciturn young lady, and running around Tol Barad shouting about beating mules is not like her at all. Since I’ve known her she seems to stoically accept her fate and move on. I mean she’s had to, too much thought about her past would drive anyone to beat a mule.

She did find a few things out though. Apparently some people are aware of the fact that Warlocks are supposed to be dangerous in PvP so they’ll take one look at her and run, I don’t think they’re familiar with what beginner, homemade, PvP gear looks like so, whew, one less death for her. HAHAHA! Joke’s on you! But that’s not what’s making her cranky. Nope. It’s love. I eavesdropped on a conversation she had over a pint with Gamon. I’m really not surprised she choose him to tell her sad story of unrequited love.

Yes, she’s in love … from afar. She follows Mog Madness apparently and found the man of her dreams, yes, Frank. I mean who could blame her, really? He’s obviously a man among … um … dead men. She carries his picture with her, poor thing, and I don’t think I’ll say anything about yelling at strangers cause she’s got a lot on her mental plate right now.

So I feel a little guilty because I’m so happy. I WON SOMETHING! And it’s a wonderful something! I came second in The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt 3 hosted by Kamalia! It’s a headshot/avatar image to be drawn by Vidyala of Manalicious! My only problem is I keep changing my mind about who to pick. I’d decided on Ironsally but then I don’t think that’s really fair to my Druid although she says it’s okay. Must make up my mind.

Oh yeah, altoholism. Okay, look at that picture.

WTF! I have all these things to do and I delete a character and roll a Rogue. What is that about anyway. I don’t really like to play Rogues. I deleted my last one at level 72 to make room for another character. What am I doing! I’d always wondered why, for an altoholic, I don’t have more characters. I generally have about 25 or 30 at any one time. Then it hit me. I’m a serial deletist, I don’t want to say murderer so I’ll call it deletist cause that’s what you type. Anyway, I think I’ve killed deleted hundreds of characters since 2006 because of my insistence on keeping them on one of two servers. So not only am I a altoholic, I’m a SERIAL altoholic, geez.

And why the rogue if I don’t like playing them? At the character creation screen I build the look first and then that dictates the class. Weird I know, but does she look like she’d wear a dress? I think not.

PvP, Pets and Proactive Alts

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Ironyca posted about a transmog event she and Noelani had recently been invited to judge. If their names sound familiar it’s because you may have visited their great gear resource, WoW Roleplay Gear. I enjoyed the post and commented that I’d try to be there for the next one as a spectator. If Ironyca’s going to cross the Atlantic again I at least wanted to drop by the show and say hello. I checked, it is to be on Arthas, March 16th. This morning I thought I’d prepare and create a character on Arthas so I’d be ready. OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s a PvP server! I’ll be killed for sure! Do I have time to take a crash course in PvP so I can make it to Stormwind?

So I rolled a Warlock and tried to make her look mean and scary so she would frighten gankers with a mere look. I leveled her to 3. Really? I have no idea why. Being level 3 will only help if a crazed horde of well … Horde level 1s descend on Goldshire while she’s making the trek to Stormwind. But Omgdia’s no fool. She waited at the Abbey until a regiment of Stormwind Guards could escort her down the dangerous roads. Maybe I should try leveling her after the event. Maybe I’d get over the whole “it’s not polite to hit people” thing and become a PvP killing machine, hey, it could happen. Unlikely but you never know, I may have untapped depths of PvPness lurking somewhere.

Back when pets took up space, my Druid’s first and only companion pet was a little worg pup, it’s still my favorite pet. It was obtained through a quest that is no longer available post-Deathwing. The Worg Carrier is available though, as a drop from Quartermaster Zigris in Lower Blackrock Spire so you can still get a worg pup.

I’m trying to get to 125 companion pets and remembered I never completed the quest for the Smolderweb Hatchling, because, spiders, ugh. But completing Menagerie is serious business so I thought I could deal briefly with spiders for a chance at another companion pet. The Smolderweb Egg is now obtainable from Mother Smolderweb in Lower Blackrock Spire, the only hard part, for me at least was finding my way out again. Only five more to go! I could buy them but I’m trying to see how far I can get without purchasing any.

Matty of Blood & Sugar recently posted about deleting alts, kind of spring cleaning. I have no slots left on my main server and I will need at least one for Mists. There are three candidates being considered for the cut. A Paladin, a Druid and a Shaman. I visited them all this morning. I thought it only fair to let them know of the impending layoffs. The Paladin and Druid both listened stoically and said they’d await my decision. My Shaman, Shamimi took a more proactive stance and proceeded to break into dance. She told me none of the others could compare, case closed. You know, she’s got a point, that girl has moves.

Oh! Wait, wait! I love this, in spite of the fact that they seem to have an illiterate follower who doesn’t know how to spell “peek”. I hope there will be many more Azerothian Vignettes in the future.