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Saved by the Spirit Beast of Draenor

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on May 19, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

catkickingYeah … goat-kicking is usually a sign of unhappiness. Cat usually cheers right up after punting a few goats. I hate to be such a big, fat whiner but when they said Warlords of Draenor would be BRUTAL I thought they meant mean, scary creatures and suchlike.

I did NOT think it meant a brutal grindfest but that’s what I’m feeling right now. The world on the way to 100 was great, but I wonder who thought up this level 100 stuff. Is this like the Peter Principle? Did someone get promoted to their level of incompetence at Blizzard? Yes, I’m grumpy.

trunksCat finished up An Awfully Big Adventure and that was fun. I must say though that two people I thought were my BFFs gave me the most trouble. Sully the Pickle and I have some history, we went through some tough times in MoP together. Did he cut me a break? Hell no! He was awful! And Cymre too! I hope it wasn’t something I said.

Everyone has pretty much stopped mining their mines and picking their flowers. Cat has even stopped trapping. There must be SOMETHING to do other than sit in the garrison sending out missions or collecting stupidhead Apexis Crystals.

peacekeeperYeah … finish up the Sha’tari Defense rep grind, no grindfest there HAHAHA. No diplomacy … no high level peace talks … just ANNIHILATION. I guess that’s one way to keep the peace.

Hmm … let’s see … OMG! How did I forget that! I remember hearing about a Spirit Wolf, probably back at launch, how did I forget that! I can’t believe my Hunter hasn’t been yelling at me.

voidI used this guide to tame Gara, worked great. I drew that quest chain out for two days to make it last. It was great to have purpose again. Finally! A mission that I could do rather than my followers having all the fun. Oh … wait. Here’s a better picture.

hazeIsn’t she lovely? I named her Haze. Yes, don’t look at my Hunter, she has no fashion sense AT ALL. I love Cat the best but the Hunter, Zor, is probably closest to the real me. Talks to animals and is NOT a snappy dresser, that’s us.

So this is for any Beast Mastery Hunters out there who might have missed Gara. Go get her, she’s out there waiting for you!