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Badly Behaving Warlock

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on May 6, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

I was so excited this morning so I wanted to hurry and login and tell everyone that Ironsally had won Saga’s The Worst Warlock Outfit! Apparently someone had already let on to Ironsally. It’s the only explanation. I couldn’t find Druid anywhere and Sally was suspiciously nowhere to be found either.

I sent everyone out looking to find them. I was worried, had someone hacked my account, where were they? Finally I got word from the Death Knight that she’d at least located Druid. I was so relieved that … WHAT! Ironsally if you’re reading this, this is so NOT FUNNY! Change her back immediately, this instant. RIGHT NOW! I am not kidding around here! Do it!

So embarrassing … sorry you had to see that, geez. I really hate when family squabbles are made public like this, Sally is such a drama queen but this is just too far. Just for this, I’m letting Cat pick the pet. Sally, you hear me?

I guess it’s understandable really. She’s been humiliated and now she’s trying to prove just how evil she really is. I just hope this mood passes soon. I’m pretty sure Druid has a date tonight with Jarel Moor. If she misses it because of this I think there’ll be a Warlock/Kitty smack down so I hope it doesn’t come to well … fisticuffs. Sigh.

I just wanted to thank Saga at Spellbound for thinking up this really fun contest! Now I better find Sally before she tries anything on the Death Knight, that girl really has no sense of humor at all.