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Professor Cat and the Pterrordax Hatchling

Posted in Blog Azeroth Shared Topic with tags , , , on May 15, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Cymre at Bubbles of Mischief came up with an archeology themed Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.

What’s so special about the Pterrordax Hatchling? Do you have an absolute favourite/s that you’ve gathered from the profession? Which ones, if any, continue to be the bane of your existence? Show us pics illustrating those pieces, including an outfit if you use one.

This was hard, as I like so many of the archeology pieces, but I’d have to say the circumstances around this pet were what made it special. I had been doing archeology a long time. I apparently no longer paid much attention to new projects. I guess I assumed it was just another I’d already completed. On completion of this project, this Pterrordax Hatchling was a happy surprise. Hopefully I don’t drive with the same lack of attention.

My Hunter also digs, and Druid does somewhat covet her Last Relic of Argus. My Hunter is the alchemist and there’s been no sign of a Canopic Jar at all, let alone one with Recipe: Vial of the Sands in it. My Druid of course has found a great many Canopic Jars as the recipe would do her no good. Sigh.

The item I think my Druid would most like to find is the Crawling Claw. I just hope if I do get it I’ll be paying attention this time. It would be awful to miss the suspense of collecting the fragments!