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realnaviI received a whisper from Navimie of the Daily Frostwolf. She knows of my fondness for dogs and had heard I opened a shelter for homeless dogs. She said she had one for me!

Very excited I sent a representative to Saufang and saw it was a Frostwolf Pup, I should have known Navi would have connections with the Frostwolf Orcs.

I tried to name him Navi Frostwolf but they weren’t having any of that … okay … um … I know, I’ll name the puppy Navi Pup. I was so happy to have this little pup but I don’t think anyone was happier than my Frostwolf Ghostpup, finally, a friend to play with! Yeah, some of the other dogs are old and grumpy with no time to play with a puppy. Navi Pup feels at home now and Ghostpup has never been happier.

I remember the days when I had just one little wolf pet that I pretended was my dog, now my garrison is filled with little canines! Navi some day you should come visit … yeah … oh … you have to watch where you step. I’ll have to get the stable guy to get out his scooper, sorry.


But Navi’s gift didn’t just make me happy, Sasche was thrilled! Yeah, I know but really that IS an Undead’s thrilled look. She’s been sitting in Pandaria waiting for the Alliance characters to make way for her and now she has something to do. She took the puppy out for training and a ride.

You made us all very happy Navi, thank you. Aka’Magosh!

A Persuasive Cat

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sasobI’m not sure how Cat does it but she’s managed to get everyone in on her quest for pets. Yeah, there were a few little issues in the beginning but they’ve mostly worked them out.

Yeah … noxious deja vu. There seemed something very familiar while in Feralas, couldn’t quite put my finger on it … yup, I see by the date I was waiting for MoP. Sasche had the same result too, no Emerald Whelpling. After a day of that she’d had enough, maybe some of these pets were meant to be bought.

Crimson and Emerald Whelplings I’m looking at you … oh yeah, and you too Gundrak Hatchling. You’re all a pain in the butt. Sasche’s had enough.

Cat now has her stationed on the Timeless Isle killing crabs in the hope to spawn a Monstrous Spineclaw. It’s the only way, it’s never on the AH. It takes her around an hour and a half to get a spawn. Ow! Ow! Ow! But she prefers it to Feralas so she’s cooperating so far.

The Death Knight is doing the Celestial Tournament every week for coins for Flawless Stones. What! Cim is helping? Unbelievable!

cimlakeCat figured beating up Garnia would be just what would appeal to the Warlock and she was right. She’s camped there and the view is spectacular so no complaints so far.

Cat is … is … I have no clue. Maybe her brew of the month arrived in the mail.

catobHopefully whatever she’s doing is in SOME way pet acquisition related.


I am much fonder of MoP than I was of Cata but the announcement that there would be an announcement is really welcome.

I like to think of this post as a time capsule I’m sending to the me in two years. Will Cim be up there at Ruby Lake waiting for the next expansion. Will Sasche have her coveted crab? Only you know, two year older me.


Faces and the Wild Ones

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realinkeepSo as far as beta goes I seem to just login occasionally to check out faces. Does Rose have a new one yet? Nope. I seem to have become the self-appointed Commissioner of Faces. Find bugs? Nope. Do quests? Nope, just faces.

I’ve been so self-absorbed worrying about my faces I didn’t even think to worry about the NPCs … yeah, I’m ashamed. There’s a shot of the lovely Innkeeper at Greenwarden’s Grove in the Wetlands.

betainnkeepHere she is in the beta. I know! Always thinking of myself, those NPCs have their problems too.  Okay, enough of beta. We’re doing some serious catching up now.

Cat was SUPPOSED to be doing archeology. I think avoiding that accounts for her sudden interest in pets again. She’s been trying to acquire all the wild pets she still needed and she’s been very persuasive in getting help.

She’s talked the Death Knight into doing the Celestial battle every week to get Celestial Coins so she can buy Marked Flawless Battle-Stones. I love how in that link’s picture they stack to 20. If only.

The Shaman managed to make it out of Gnomeregan without radiation poisoning and finally with an Irradiated Roach. Then she moved on to Arathi in search of a rare Cat.

swarfnudeThe upside of all this wandering is that she found a place no one had been before. She visited the Dwarf who has a farm on the coast. When my Dwarven characters saw this they were a little put out. Where’s the Dwarven lass nude? What is it with all the Human nudes? Aren’t there any Dwarven painters?

Anyway, we’re just about done with the wild pets. Everyone was a great help … except … the Warlock. Cat thinks she needs to participate, she has an idea.

critterkillHey, I’m not asking her Cat, you’re on your own. There is no way I’m asking that Warlock to kill 44, 211 critters so you can have the  pet … just no. You do it and see what happens.

Somehow it does not surprise me that I would contemplate doing this. Legendary Cloak? Way too much trouble, not doing it. Green Fire? Way too much trouble, not doing it. Kill 50,000 critters single-handedly? For a pet? It’s on!

Mummified Monkey Paw

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nishiclawI’d given up on EVER getting the elusive Crawling Claw. I had a few minutes the other day so I stopped at a few dig sites in Pandaria. I stopped by to say hello to Brann Bronzebeard and to trade for some Crates of Tol’vir Archaeology Fragments.

Oh, a new rare Tol’vir artifact to solve, I’ve never heard of the Mummified Monkey Paw. Maybe it’s a consolation pet for those who never find the Crawling Claw. A stupid little shriveled up monkey paw battle pet. I googled it and found people asking what it was. Hmm … a mystery. Okay, I have a really bad memory, maybe I knew what this was and just forgot. I’ll go search Cymre’s site and see if I can find out what it is. Surely she knows.

YES! The Mummified Monkey Paw IS THE CRAWLING CLAW when it’s solved! I won the LOTTERY! I hit the JACKPOT! If you find a Mummified Monkey Paw you did too!

What followed was frenzied digging in an attempt to get 150 fragments before I had to log off. I knew my husband wouldn’t understand a change of plan so that I could dig for virtual fragments to attain my virtual pet, no matter how long I’ve been virtually waiting for it. These inhabitants of Earth just don’t understand.

With 20 minutes to spare I now had my own Crawling Claw! Cat was ecstatic!  She even had time to stop by and show off in front of Farmer Nishi. I think she was trying to intimidate her.

I named him Three Wishes after the horrifying story of The Monkey’s Paw … yeah, more intimidation.

So don’t be like me and think you’ve dug up some cheap imitation … remember … Mummified Monkey Paw = Crawling Claw!

Apparently the key to obtaining it is when you’ve given up all hope and are completely demoralized and don’t even care anymore … TADA!

OMG! Cat was Right!

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catzueSo I’ve been chuckling about Cat sitting there staring at the Timeless Isle mailbox. That’s not getting any leather gathered Cat! Come on!

Oh yeah, well I don’t see you posting, what’s that about then?

Cat you know I’ve been busy trying to level old mature Tota the Warrior. I thought Mages were my absolute worse class but no, not by a long shot. I hope Tota forgives me one day. In an attempt to get away from the CRZ crowd I sent her to the most desolate place I could think of, Desolace. Unfortunately I send her a little early apparently cause it was a deathfest. Sorry Tota.

So anyway that left Cat to stare at the mailbox at her leisure. I got a frantic message from her this morning. Come! Come quick! Quick! OMG!

Calm down Cat, I’m on my way. Wonder what got her all riled up.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Cat parading around showing off the most evil, evilly battle pet that’s ever lived, the feared Darkmoon Rabbit!

Cat, where did you get that rabbit? How …

See, I told you the mailbox was magic but you didn’t believe me, did you? I received this wonderful birthday surprise from Helke aka Ishtla aka Ravenpayne! I was stunned, Cat had been right all along. That mailbox connected straight to wonderful people!

hearthstoneplayersThank you so much Ishtla! Cat and I love him! Cat set off to show off her new pet. They seemed too intent on their game of Hearthstone so she flew off to the farm. She sat there a while thinking about a name.

fierceishtlaSince she has a Helke and a Ravenpayne, yes, she’s very generous. I know. Cat finally came up with Fierce Ishtla. Unfortunately she took a while thinking and now there are fewer chickens on the farm. Sorry … bunny was hungry. I think she’ll be forgiven as Fierce Ishtla spared Hillpaw’s Prize Chicken, whew.

Thank you so much Ishtla! I think this might be the push Cat needed to get off her butt and start battling those celestials once again. Once Ishtla’s level 25, all will fall before her!

Howlin’ For You

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moonmoonDo I have actual paying-me-money work to do? Yes. Do I have vacuuming that needs doing, laundry to do, yard work, smelly dogs who need baths? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Did I do that? Noooooo … I felt a compelling NEED to acquire Moon Moon. I HAD to have Moon Moon the very first day the Darkmoon Faire was in town. HAD TO. Sometimes I think I’m one card short of a deck … really. And it’s too late in life to start worrying about fixing it so I’m just going to go with it.

I started my Moon Moon quest at 9:30am and thankfully it was over at 6:00pm. The first few times were painful, although groups were cautioned not to let Moonfang get too far from where she spawns or she would reset, she repeatedly did just that. One attempt had four resets but the grand prize winner was 14 resets. I know! Did I leave? NO! I needed Moon Moon.

In the middle of the day I was becoming dejected and not looking forward to having to buy my Moon Moon. One was listed on the AH at 350,000. Yeah, like that’s happening.

I took a Moon Moon break at the 4:00pm spawn to feed hungry dogs and put clothes in the wash. It was agony. That was probably my lucky time and I missed it! Oh no! So I turn up for the 5:15 spawn and finally, finally … Moon Moon was mine!

Cimmeria the Warlock handles this kind of stuff because Cat doesn’t like chasing butts around. Cim doesn’t care about pets so she told Cat she owes her big time for Moon Moon. Hate to think what she’ll require of Cat, it’s like making a deal with the devil. Not my business. It’s between the two of them.

So anyway, here’s the interesting part. I have not been lucky with pet drops from the rares on Timeless Isle. I can’t even count the times Cat and Cim have whacked those skunky guys around … nothing. So I whined at Bubbles of Mischief. That wasn’t enough for me, oh no, I then went and whined at WoW Misadventures about my crappy pet drop luck.

Then I login … kill my first Jademist Dancer … a Jademist Dancer drops. NO WAY! I’m never that lucky. Move on to the skunky bunch and WHAT! A Skunky Alemental drops! What is going on here?

bobsocksSo today I get Moon Moon? I see a pattern, you might want to try it yourself. I’m not sure if whining at Bubbles of Mischief or WoW Misadventures did it or possibly it was the COMBINATION of the two! Not sure if the order matters, I’m not sure who I whined to first.

You might want to try it, it worked for me … and oh … I did have my lucky Spongebob Squarepants socks on. You might need those too. It couldn’t hurt.

Celestial Tournament? Nope, Little Tommy

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liltommyMy husband is on vacation this week so it’s hard to find time to play or write. I’m sneaking on here. Let’s see if I get away with it. The first day of patch 5.4 I looked at the tournament. I ran through oodles of pets trying it out and then forgot about it until Monday night.

Monday night I spent hours trying to find a reliable Taran Zhu team. My problem was while I could beat all the tamers, I couldn’t reliably beat all three at the same time. I FINALLY got a decent Taran Zhu team. This is it! Going for the whole shebang! I’m ready! Got to get this done before tomorrow when a whole new bunch of tamers show up.

I have upwards of 230 level 25s. I put my celestial teams together without too much thought about whether they were level 25, cause really, how could they not be right? Wrong. I engage Zao and THEN notice my Crystal Spider is level 16. It went nowhere, I gave up and went to bed.

Tuesday a whole new bunch of Tamers. Same problem. While I can beat them all I can’t beat them all at the same time. Wise Mari would be easy if Nocturnal Strike ever hit but blinded or not it missed 5 out of 6 times so the rest of the team were pretty much toast. Same problem, these guys are not reliable. Must go back to the drawing board or look for advice from more experienced battlers and try again.

So I though I’d show you my RELIABLE team. My sure thing. My Little Tommy Team. They’ve won every day except for the first time they faced him and didn’t know what to expect.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti starts off with his Call Lightning. He gets switched out and Clockwork Gnome comes in and sets up his Turret. Jade Oozeling comes in and spits Corrosion and hits a few times. Gnome returns to set another turret and if needed Yeti finishes him off with Ion Canon mostly because I just love Ion Cannon but a good bonk on the head would do just as well because Tommy’s pet is running on fumes at that point.

So see, I haven’t been COMPLETELY goofing off. I have ONE reliable team. Those guys are pro. They are going to get extra rations, maybe some NOODLES from a Noodle Cart even.

YAY! I managed to write a whole post undetected! Do I dare take time to check for spelling? Nah … I don’t want to set a precedent like that.

Foxy Lady

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foxyOkay, nobody’s going to get that reference unless they’re fans of electric-guitar players but still, it fits so I’m sticking to it.

I have stupidly made a bad condition worse by not backing away from the computer. Sitting here working and playing in front of a computer for sometimes 12 or 14 hours is … stupid. Among other things I now have tennis elbow without having stepped outside. I hopped around GW2 a little looking for vistas trying to do it one-handed. I got tired of dying. So I haven’t logged into WoW for a while, I’m trying to be good so I’ll be ready for the patch.

I logged in just to say hello to Cat, really that’s all. I had mail, must have mailed myself something and forgot. OMG! It’s from Cymre! It’s a Fox Kit! Thank you so much Cym! I’d been trying to remember to do the Tol Barad dailies to get the fox and I CANNOT seem to remember. At the rate I was going I’d have been level 100 before I got my Fox Kit.

I had to name the little fox, wouldn’t do to introduce the fox to all the pets as just … you know … fox. I already have a Jade Owl named Cymre, let’s see. Foxy Cymre! That’s it! And look at her dance! That fox has moves!

Since she’s such a good dancer I don’t think I’m going to let her battle, I don’t want an injury to interfere with her dancing career. Maybe just get her to level 25 so she won’t feel left out and then she’ll retire from the battling scene.

Thank you again Cym and rest assured Foxy Cymre will live the life of a prima ballerina. Dining on only the finest … um … mice and squirrel … and berries. Right now she’s teaching the others to dance … aw, so sweet. Hey! Stop! Stop! No twerking! No! Minfernal! Stop that at once! Although on second thought it might come in handy as a battle strategy. Hmm … it’s okay Foxy Cymre, teach ’em everything you got!

The Lesser Hot Dog of Pet Leveling

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mailLast night Cat logged in, she had an hour or so and saw that she had about 40 minutes left on a lesser hot dog of pet leveling. Well, that’s it then, leveling pets it shall be. Who needs leveling? She ran out of the Shrine and then noticed  she had mail. Hmm … must have mailed myself something and forgot.

What! It’s not from me! It’s from Helke/Ishtla/Ravenpayne! I’ve had mail from her before! It’s the very most wonderful kind. There was a Lumpy and a Living Sandling attached!

helkeI know. Cat looks stunned doesn’t she, well I think she was!  Thank you so much Helke, she will take very good care of them and make sure they do their lessons and become well-schooled level 25s in short order. I introduced them to Ravenpayne who can show them the ropes as he’s already a lofty 25 and has lots of experience to share with them!

A Lovely Place to Die

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guardlingYep, Drak’Tharon comes through for Ironsally on the second day. I had my misgivings about leaving Sally on a PvP server but I’m beginning to like it there.

Anyway, I had been reading comments at Wowhead and there were some chilling tales of jackassery to do with the capture of the Qiraji Guardling so I logged into Sally with some trepidation yesterday around 6:00am. That I found one was not such a big deal but THIS to me was a big deal.

nicepeopleOkay I lied, it was a big deal to me to capture it, my hands were shaking so bad it’s a wonder I managed not to kill it but NICE PEOPLE! Two people who I’m sure wanted one as bad as I did were kind enough to congratulate me, yeah in WoW … PvP server. I swear, this made my day almost as much as FINALLY getting the Zookeeper.

I tried to think of a way to use their names to name my Guardling … Nodestny? Nah … Sylentnoko? I finally gave up and instead named the Guardling Benevolence, in their honor.

So Sally’s staying on Drak, she can’t think of a better place to die … repeatedly.