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For Those Once Stuck: Redemption

Posted in Dog, General WoW with tags , , on February 13, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

stuckMommy, this isn’t even fun for me anymore … I’m stuck. I know, I know. I take every chance I get to feature my dog. Happily he made it out of the snow this morning AND Cimmeria made it out of Brawlers Guild Level 5.

I just wanted to thank everyone who gave encouragement and advice. To Lyss, thank you for reminding me that talents are not written in stone and they can be changed. To Cain and Erinys, thank you for telling Cim to get off her butt and move. She ran like the wind once I threatened to dress her in this again.

redemptionProboskus down, she continued on and took out those Leper Gnomes. Level 6! Yay Cim!

Okay, she gave two trys to Yikkan Izu and realized she’ll have to study up on him but being stuck at Level 6 is preferable to being stuck on … rain drops. Thank you for all that good advice!

Restless Warlock on an Empty Server

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on July 30, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

searchMaybe Fenris is jumping at night but it’s sure deserted when I’m around. Now as you can see Cat doesn’t care. Cat is spending most of her time in the Vale, soaking up the beauty in case it goes away. She’s on top of the shrine where she can hear if any groups are forming for the world bosses and tell Cim.

farmerdkDeath Knight turned farmer doesn’t care. She finally became exalted with the Tillers and now she can plant her OWN Motes of Harmony instead of unsuccessfully begging support to give them back to her. Since she takes roughly 10 minutes to kill any one thing I think this is a good plan. The little virmen that pop out of the ground are about all she can handle. Soon she will be able to make the CORRECT weapon and then may be able to take on two at a time! It could happen!

Cim the Warlock DOES care. Being the sixth to arrive she’s missed the boat on the world bosses, which without LFR is the only way to gain better gear. Frankly she’s pissed at me. I need to find her an outlet. Empty server, no one around … wait! No one around … quick Cim, head to Stormwind!

My mother tells me that as a little girl I would hang on her leg hiding. If asked what was wrong I would sniffle, “They’re looking at me!” Unfortunately I haven’t changed. I wanted to try the Brawler’s Guild but without an audience. I didn’t want it ruined by a bunch of snarkiness, I can do LFR if I want that.

Yay! A perk of an empty server! And apparently there must be quite a few! Finally my weird hours pay off! No one’s here! I felt kind of bad as someone came in, probably with the same idea and took one look at me and left.

clockemIt was a lot of fun, Cim’s mission was to obtain a Clock’em for Cat. All went well until Ixx where I had a little trouble telling his front from his back which is rather crucial but Cim sorted that out and got Cat her pet.

So now everyone’s happy. Cat’s got another pet to level, Cim something to look forward to. Farmer DK is happily digging in the dirt and no one else is unhappy. Big happy family. I do however think Cim should try to break iLevel 490 before continuing. She got a little close to some enrage timers. Maybe she’ll WANT to accumulate valor so she can continue.

So if you wanted to try it but didn’t want to learn in front of an audience, now’s the time! In ilevel 480s after a watch of Icy Veins videos it’s a lot of fun. See Cim, it finally paid off being sixth!