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Death of a Character

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on October 28, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

Yes, our characters all die, some more than others but in Azeroth death has no lasting effect other than a huge repair bill on occasion. But there’s the other death, the eternal sleep of DELETE. I’ve deleted lots of characters in the past. I don’t get all weepy when deleting a level 8 or 10, I don’t give it much thought. Yesterday I deleted a level 77 priest and I was surprised at how bad I felt. She was born because I wanted an enchanter, that was her sole job. She leveled up in clothes she tailored, nothing fancy, and at 77 she had only died 7 times. She was a tough shadow priest but I never warmed up to her, I just never had much fun playing her, I guess I’m not a priestly sort. R.I.P. little priest.

The reason she finally had to go was that I wanted to once again try a pally. Paladins are a class that I’ve tried before and they always get deleted around level 8 or 10, same with warriors but I thought I’d have another go at it and I wanted her on Fenris, so somebody had to be … terminated.

So my priest’s twin sister was born, a paladin, holiness seems to run in their family. She really is a clone of my priest as far as looks go and I wanted another dwarf which got me wondering about my race preference and what caused it. I was surprised when I realized it was based as much on sound as looks.

Your character does a lot of talking to you, especially when you do something wrong. Try to equip the wrong weapon, you’ll be told about it. Macros are great for getting a lot of chatter from your character if you don’t suppress errors.

I like my dranei’s accent a lot, my humans are just kind of vanilla, not bad not great. I love my night elves voices, very calm and polite. I jump every time my male worgen speaks, I can’t seem to get into being a male. Goblins I’m fine with but I remember when blood elves and dranei first became available I rolled one of each. I still have my dranei shaman but the blood elf didn’t last past level 6 and I’ve never made another … well, another female blood elf. She was always yelling at me, in fairness to her I guess I was doing a lot wrong but still she was kind of mean about it.

So here’s my new paladin with the lovely voice. I notice that in every screen shot I took of her she’s in the vicinity of a flask, mug, or bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage, hmmm, dwarf first I guess and holy second. I have high hopes for her, I thing we’re very similar. If you notice she closed her eyes right when I took the picture, just like me. I have a mountain of photos with me looking drunk with closed or half open eyes that I keep meaning to destroy.

I need to read up on paladins, I send her heirlooms with strength and stamina. Don’t know if that’s appropriate. She’s going to level ret so would that be correct, or have I just made her look like a little noob dwarf, I hope not, I don’t want to embarrass her.

And why did she have to be on Fenris, I know, what’s that about. I have never leveled another character to 85 on another server except for Ironsally. I have many characters scattered all over the place but to make it to 85 it seems they must live on Fenris. I wonder what my server loyalty is all about. I don’t know if it’s because it was my first server or because we’re about the same WoW age. According to Fenris went online November 6th, 2006 and I installed WoW and logged into Fenris for the first time November, 18th, 2006.

She’s reached level 8 now and I’m going to log in and repeatedly try to equip a shield just to hear her tell me, “I need both hands for me weapon.”