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I’m Just Not That Into You

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on January 22, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

janninaThere’s my poor Death Knight. She used to be human, well, she used to be REALLY human then she became a Death Knight. Now she’s a Worgen, talk about a hard life. I do not know why we can’t bond. I’m just not that into her, I don’t know why. I HATE, HATE, HATE, melee DPS but my absolute favorite character is Catwynn a Druid kitty so I endure it for her sake. My favorite is ranged DPS but I can’t get a Mage past level 60 even if you did literally pay me.

I find it interesting that the characters I like, don’t seem to be based on how much I like the play-style. What in the hell is going on here? In an effort to try to salvage my relationship with my Death Knight I race changed her to Worgen. What? Yes, that’s really why I did it, why? No, I did NOT just do it to get the Gilnean Raven that was just a wonderful bonus. I’m really trying to like her and thought this might help.

Time will tell if this works, she has been my miner for ages. I don’t even have the vaguest idea how to DK, a couple of expansions ago I made a spamable macro for a rotation that was acceptable back then and I’ve never changed it because she doesn’t seem to die overmuch. She runs around in clothes that are an expansion old. I really feel guilty about this kind of abuse but just not enough to do anything until now.

I’m really interested in this, is it the voice? I do know I can’t level a female Blood Elf because of the voice. She was always yelling at me about something, I couldn’t take it. How do these characters take on a personality while I’m not looking. I’m not consciously making one for them, but they have them. Is it just me?

I have a million Warlocks but three I actually level. Cimmeria, an Alliance Warlock who I enjoy playing but she has no personality that I’ve been able to detect. I’m still hoping. Ironsally, my Ironman competitor who has LOTS of personality. Cimmeria and Ironsally are also identical twins but not the least similar otherwise. Weird. Sasche’s my Frosaken Warlock who has a personality that could only be described as taciturn, but it does exist.

In order of their birth a few of my characters:


The first, a Night Elf Hunter … yeah … it’s kind of a rule isn’t it. She was happy to step down as the main. She found communicating exhausting and really is happier communing with her pets and skirting the fringes of populated areas, picking flowers as she goes.


A fiery Draenei Shaman who is definitely pissed off about something. She took over for Zor in BC. She’s the most likely to be rude to you, she seems to be seething with something. Anger? Disappointment? Because she was set aside when she stopped carrying a big two-handed weapon? Yeah, I don’t think she ever got over that, poor girl, she wants to be the main.


Human Mage level 53 bank alt. She’s a little embarrassed at her failed attempt at surviving out in the world, but secretly she’s thankful that now all she has to do is stand at the AH dressed in a lovely tux. The world is not a safe place for a Mage played by me.


Newly Worgen Death Knight, will this help develop a personality? I’m hopeful I’ll find out who Jannina really is but it’s early days.


Human Warlock, I really think the lack of personality I detect may indeed BE part of her personality. She IS a Warlock, she knows this bothers me, I think she’s hiding it purposefully just to get under my skin … typical.


Sheesh, it’s early … enough with the deep thoughts on my characters.

I feel kind of bad. I think those guys in The Stockade thought we were there to help them with the rowdy prisoners. Because of the CRZ no more than 3 time zones thingy Navi and I had to resort to hiding in there to compare skins on our pets. WHAT! Well come on, you knew I had to go there at some point. Pet skins are very important. We compared our Tundra Penguins and found that mine has evil little red eyes and hers has lovely blue ones. We could only conclude that mine came a little too close to Arthas at some point, poor penguin. Dangerous place that Northrend.

So now, what to do. Snakes come in various colors, should I collect one of each? Bunnies? Rats? Decisions, decisions … where’s my Safari Hat?