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A Little Night Music

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on August 24, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

roguemusicA looong time ago … okay, maybe about four years ago I discussed my character’s musical tastes in a post. I was looking for the post as I wanted to see if I still agreed with it. The Feral Druid song still reminds me of feral rotation but not having to bite things on the butt anymore has improved things A LOT.

Anyway I’ve had some new blood join our crew since then and I was kind of wondering what was on their playlist. Does Hach the Rogue have a teeny weeny Gnomish iPod that she listens to while stalking her kills?

Hey Hachette! What are you listening to? Aw, come on, I won’t tell anyone. You can tell me. I’ll bet it’s something like The Highwayman, right?

No, it’s not.

Well then, what IS on there? Something like Bad Company?

Oh alright, jeez. Here … listen.

Wow … did not see that one coming, well she is a Rogue I guess. How do you even sneak up on things, can’t they hear you coming? You’re that fast huh? Okay, it’s starting to grow on me too.

I wonder what the Death Knight listens to, I’m probably way off on that too. A little background. The DK’s had it kind of hard. First she’s a nice human minding her own business and then bam. A Death Knight. I couldn’t bond with her so I changed her to Worgen thinking that might help. It didn’t so I changed her gender.

Yeah, she’s he’s been through a lot of changes. Not to mention that his handler still hasn’t a clue how runes work.

dksongThere he is, I’ll ask. Maybe I should get the obvious out of the way first. Is it Changes? Naw, I guess it was too obvious. Okay … um … I know! Howling for You! That’s it right? Gotta be!


Okay, I give up. What song?

Born Under a Bad Sign.

Oh … wow … right. I can see that … yeah, sorry.

I should do this more often … get to know you guys better.

Suffer well.

Yeah … thanks … um … you too.

Ashes to Ashes.

Just walk away …

Alright! Alright, I’m going!