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Strange Compulsions and Dance Butt

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , , on May 15, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

dancebuttI am so busted. Yep … it’s been revealed. I’m apparently the world’s foremost authority on dance butt. Those powerful, omniscient, search engines have determined I’m the go-to guy when you need your dance butt information. Really, I’m flattered but … um … what is dance butt? Anybody? Come on, someone has to know. You either? Yes, yes, the whole Raquel Welch thing is from a past indiscretion but I’ve learned my lesson, won’t happen again.

So anyway, I was overcome by this strange compulsion, I just couldn’t fight it anymore. I got it in my head that I shouldn’t have any level 1 battle pets. How unloved and neglected they must feel, I should get ALL the pets to at least level 5. OMG! Did that take forever, I didn’t know I had that many. Whew. I seem to be back to normal sort of, but I feel it won’t be long before I think they should all be at least level 10.

So I thought I’d get back to PvP pet battles. I had tried them when they came out, with low level teams. It’s interesting how things change. Pandaren Monk was all the rage back then. I tried them again after I had some level 25s. Lil’ Ragnaros seemed to dominate during this period and I must have missed the Fluxfire Feline stage. This time EVERY team I met had an Electrified Razortooth. I hadn’t even used mine yet.

I tried to come up with a suitable team but as always got distracted by things like an all rabbit team because I like to watch them jump around, not the best strategy if I ever want to get Experienced Pet Brawler.  So I figured I needed the help of someone who THINKS about pet battles and does not base their teams on cuteness or Ion Canons just because. I remembered a Ratshag post about a team Hydra used with great success. All but one of my wins were thanks to that team. Still have a ways to go though as I can’t seem to give up on my bunny team which is slowing things down.

So with all this pet battling I have accumulated gazillions of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. I frequently get 5 or 6 for a battle. I really wish you could spend them on something battle pet related. I don’t know, maybe be able to buy a Flawless Battle-Stones for an exorbitant price.

Oh wait! I thought this was so interesting, a class on MMOs! I’m wondering if I should take it except then it would take time away from actually playing one, hard decision.

crabsteamedAnd I did something incredibly stupid, I just wasn’t thinking.  I deleted my Goblin healer as it was evident she wasn’t going anywhere. NO! NO! I love Goblins, just not the starting area, why didn’t I just respec her! Noooooo …

beardedkidSo ever since, this big comedian Nomi gives me spirit food every day. EVERY day. And what’s up with that kid anyway. What am I supposed to be? What are YOU supposed to be, that’s what I want to know. I thought you were a girl but you keep telling me you’re going to grow a beard. Who’s weird now Nomi? Anyway, the dailies had a few minutes before they reset so I took Nomi along to gather some leather. Hoping (yeah right) an unfortunate accident wouldn’t occur, like Nomi being crushed by falling Mushan or anything. No luck, Nomi made it and then gave me MORE spirit food. I’m not kidding kid, you’re days are numbered. Just giving you fair warning, this behavior must stop. Nobody buys this crap and I don’t need it.

It might be the stupidest reason ever for rolling another Priest Goblin … because I have all this spirit food … naw … makes sense to me!

Okay, this one’s for you Redbeard!