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Starting Fresh … Wait … How?

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on September 12, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Having decided not to whine about xrealm servers because of some really nice features, I thought I’d start a character and see if there would be any impact. This is what I found. Hello … hello, human aggressors? Anyone home? THEY’RE ALL DEAD, JIM Zilaah! Okay, Okay, don’t get your knickers in a twist, you already had your allotted rant, just do another quest and come back when there’s a sign of life.

Hello? Burning Blade? I’m here to join your cult, coven, whatever. Where’s the welcome wagon … hallooooo … okay, now I’m getting flashbacks to my first character. I started playing WoW on a Hunter on a server that was a week old. I don’t remember what level she finally got her first pet but she was pretty old. There were so many people around who kindly “saved” her from the animal who was beating her up while she tried to tame it.

Pretty much everywhere I went I arrived to find nothing but carnage before me. Is there some psychotic level 85 rampaging through the starter zones? It’s not the time of day, its afternoon. Okay fine, I’ll go collect Crocolisk Teeth, crocolisk’s are bountiful I’ll have no problem … nope. Yay! They left me some quilboar, there’s one done.

In all fairness I have no idea if the scarcity of quest mobs was due to xrealm servers. My very unscientific study results could have been caused by an overzealous killing machine who lives on my server. The strange thing about it was I never saw them. It was like they were following me from in front of me, no mean feat.

Zilaah soon became frustrated and returned to town. She sat in Razor Hill doing some thinking. It was clear she might have to amend her chosen career path if this situation continued. Last I talked to her she was thinking of setting up shop and leveling by taking in washing and darning socks, poor thing.

And as for me, I’m moping too. I just found out my husband is going to take a few days off. The few days BEFORE his birthday. I think he does this to get out of any possible office celebration. That’s fine and I’m happy for him, there’s only one thing. His birthday? September 27. He will be home on September 25th. He will want to do stuff, stuff that I probably can’t participate in from in front of the computer … OH NO OH NO OH NO noooooooo …