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It’s over 400 or I Don’t Know How to Quit You

Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , , on November 6, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Yes, it’s really bad. How bad you say? Well I just made a battle pet category, I usually just lump everything under General WoW but pet battles now get their OWN CATEGORY, so yeah it’s bad. I had thought that getting That’s a Lot of Pet Food completed would put this obsession to rest BUT NO, I think it’s even worse now.

And getting to 400 wasn’t without incident. I’m not a good camper, my idea of camping is to go to the area where the rare beastie is reportedly hanging out and if it’s not there I’m not staying, so Miniferal you can just go to hell as far as I’m concerned. I did fly around Southern Barrens for a while looking for baby giraffes but no luck. The problem was once I neared 400 I started getting … I don’t know … CRAZY. That’s the only explanation that makes sense. I wanted my 400 NOW! I didn’t want to wait for there to be sandstorms occurring  simultaneously with thunderstorms at a full moon to capture my beasts anymore, enough. So yeah … I broke under the stress and spent 40,000 gold. Unfortunately the ones I didn’t have were very costly. What? Okay … alright … I bought some from Blizzard too. At least I managed to stay away from eBay, that’s something, right?

So there. 400. Mission completed. Back to normal. NO. NO. NO. Not even close. I now have the compulsion to level all the things to 25 and attempt to upgrade any pet that’s not rare on the way. I do this to the exclusion of all else. Oh wait, not completely true. There was that little Dark Soil problem. I must have all the BFFs, must. So that resulted in me standing out in a field by Halfhill battling and then in the intervening 8 minutes flying all over looking for dirt. That was fine but now I’m having bad withdrawal because they are all my best friends now and I can’t pick up dirt. This morning I stood on a cliff telling general, DARK SOIL! There’s dark soil here, someone please pick it up!

Yeah, I’m not really myself right now. I don’t read, I don’t write. I BATTLE. I really have to thank Blizzard today. In the US it’s election day and I really need to vote and thankfully they are taking down the servers. Not like I wouldn’t vote because of pet battle, no, it just makes it less painful to know the servers are resting while I’m away. And it’s very important to vote, because I think that’s how we’ll get rid of all those political ads on TV and no matter who you support we can all agree that those suckers need to GO!

Anyway, I don’t know when pet battle fever will subside. I fear it may be a long time. All those baby level ones need to grow up, they may be just what I need for my team. Never know until you try, got to test out all the combinations there are. So much to do. Yes, yes, I’m stopping to eat. I have all the leftover Halloween candy right here. See? I’m doing fine, no worries. Not REALLY an obsession, is it? Is it?