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A Cautionary Tale of Battle Pets

Posted in Battle Pets with tags , , , on January 7, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

fieldsYes, it’s come to this. Cat’s fields lay fallow. She told me it’s a glitch, it’s Blizzard’s fault … some kind of bug, yeah … right. You know I try to give her her space and not interfere but now she’s gone too far. I think she’s hit bottom. Maybe she’ll snap out of it now.

She has been doing nothing but battle tamers and level her pets. She occasionally goes looking for rares to replace poors and commons but that’s it. And I see evidence of the strain. She practically froths at the mouth in fury when she receives another Well-Loved Toy instead of a Battle-Stone. And oh my … the language!

dendenYes, Den Den took pity on her and gave her a job washing beer mugs. She couldn’t scrap up enough money to pay her bar tab because all she does is level pets. I’m not even hopeful she’ll keep that job long as she’s always late … just one more level … just one more tamer.

Her latest mission is to start leveling the level one greens that can’t be obtained in the wild. Just the special ones, it turns out she thinks they’re all special. I find her optimism that she’ll ever accumulate that many Battle-Stones to upgrade them all a little extreme but I didn’t say anything. Who am I to rain on her parade. But Cat, do something else for a change … something … ANYTHING … but no she doesn’t even hear me. She’s lost in her leveling frenzy.

So if you see someone hunched over the sink in ratty old clothes in the back of the Inn at Halfhill, it’s probably Cat. Learn from her mistake. Be cautious with battle pets, don’t take them lightly, they are DANGEROUS. Don’t let it happen to you.