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A Diablo Noob’s First Take

Posted in Diablo 3 with tags , on May 16, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Direrage. Yeah, I got all dramatical and in the moment when I came up with her name. But yes, hi, that’s me! I enjoyed a few hours yesterday being a badass and beating the crap out of anything that moved. It was lovely, I must say. I had initially thought a Witch Doctor would be my first character, but on reading a series of posts on D3 aimed at new players at Blog of the Treant, I changed to melee.

You will notice that moving and attacking use the same button, which can sometimes result in a squishy ranged character running over to the big scary monster and shooting it at point blank range.  Generally, that doesn’t end so well.

That would so be me, I just know it. I know I wouldn’t remember to shift+click in the heat of battle. So, Direrage the Barbarian was born. Clicking to move was strange at first, I think not being able to change the camera angle was the hardest thing to get used to for me.

She (I’ll blame her) has some coordination issues. She really kind of looked like an exotic dancer as she mowed through the evil dead rising from graves. She kept missing the skeletons, and accidentally picking up gold like her fans were throwing tips at her. Luckily it didn’t seem to interfere; she is indeed a killing machine.

I feel like a Warrior wearing spirit gear. I wear whatever I find pretty much based on how cool I think it is, and so far, not suffered any ill effects, she just keeps mowing everything down. I’m quite fond of her.

I do have one little issue. I wish she’d show a little more emotion. In the middle of a big freaking battle I heard her say something in a calm voice … like she was commenting on the weather. Oh, lovely day isn’t it? Luckily the Templar was along and we both managed to survive. I looked to see what she had said to me. Can’t remember her exact words but it was along the lines of, I’m seriously hurt.

Come on, don’t you think having her yell, WTF! WTF STUPID! I’M ALMOST DEAD HERE, A LITTLE HELP WOULD BE NICE, would have been better? Well I do.

Oh, and I’m stumped. Went back to town with full bags intending to sell it all and I was offered the opportunity to train the blacksmith. I don’t know what to do. It would take half my money. Is it worth it? And then, I should salvage all that stuff rather than sell it. What to do, what to do.

I am somewhat surprised. I have a history of getting excited about a game, logging in the first time and going … meh, and never playing again. So I hadn’t expected to enjoy D3 that much, but what little I saw I really liked. That girl can take on whole ROOMS of bad guys. LAMENTATIONS OF THE WOMEN WILL ENSUE!