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The Draenei Effect and Mistaken Identity

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on February 18, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

lokeffectI only have one Draenei and since I became disenchanted with Enhancement she hasn’t seen much action until recently. She stumbled to 90 for professions and then just sat. Now that she’s trying out Elemental she’s out and about again.

What I’m wondering … is this a thing? Is there really some sort of Draenei Effect going on here? She’s on the Timeless Isle and she can’t take three steps before someone’s trying to “help” her. Seriously, she was underwater trying to kill a crab and down swims a male Draenei to assist her, what is going on here?

I thought it might be the pathetic way she yelps when things are hitting her while she tries to cast but I don’t know … could that Draenei hear her from the shore?

She’s not dressed provocatively; she’s wearing Timeless Isle superstore gear. No one else gets all this help, just curious if you Draenei out there notice this or does old Lok have some kind of super power. I don’t know, maybe it’s her pigtails.
notadudeAnd while we’re talking about “help,” I get a lot of requests for it. I get the “slam a window open in someone’s face while they’re fighting something” mostly. Do you not realize that’s like sitting down to dinner and having a telemarketer interrupt you? It’s not likely to get you any help. At least from me. I like to get kissed before … well … it’s just not good manners.

So anyway, on the Timeless Isle I also get whispers for help. Fine, if you TALK to me I will more than likely help. On two occasions that I can remember it quickly became apparent that I was assumed to be male. Why? Because almost immediately I was made aware that they were female.

And then I was told, “Oooohhhhh … you’re so good at this … oh, can I have that? Oh, you really know how to plaaaayyy …

Yes … I’m bad. I don’t ever fess up. I’m ROTFLMAO while this person runs merrily around screaming for help as they run willy-nilly about aggroing everything in sight. They occasionally stroke my ego again and ask for anything that drops and a few times have asked me to buy them things.

I may be too sheltered but I’ve never encountered a female that acts like that … ever. It’s just too over the top. THEY CAN’T POSSIBLY BE FEMALE. Oh yeah … I’m thinking male … trying to take advantage of some other male … that’s actually a female. Only in an MMO.

I’m somewhat of a disappointment to them as I’ll help or tell them how to do/get something but no, no showering with gifts even if they ARE a sexy Draenei.

You know, you people out there looking for help? It may not be a guy, it may be something else that responds to pathetic cries for help … a MOMMY.

Yep … that dude … HAHAHAHAHA … it’s a mommy.

Okay … hours to go before maintenance is finished … dust bunny cleanup? Work? Groceries? No, I’ll do something REALLY important. I’ll teach my dog to do jazz hands!