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Real Server Maintenance … I Know! Beta!

Posted in General Gaming with tags on May 12, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

justnoSo, what to  do … what to do. I’m not used to a real server maintenance, it’s been a while. I know! I have some beta keys!

So yeah … thank you Blizzard I really do appreciate the Heroes of the Storm invites for my “friends” to make a team. It’s just … hahahahahahahahaha … I can just see it. Me trying to convince real life friends to play. Oh sure, you can do it. It’s just like … um … Candy Crush … oh you don’t? Okay Solitaire? Mahjong?

I looked into Starcraft which I knew nothing about to see if that beta might be more me, but as far as I could tell it involved resource gathering. I just want to run around willy-nilly killing stuff and possibly looking good while doing so.

So it looks like I’ll go with the Echo of Soul beta. Yup, I’ll try that!

Uh oh. Yikes. I have a problem playing an eleven year old girl dressed like a dominatrix. Let’s see.

hughThis is weird, if I want to be a Warrior or Assassin I have to be a guy? The casters are all girls? Maybe I’m missing something. Never mind, lets get rolling. Here’s me! My name is Hugh. When I first saw him in the character screen he reminded me of a young Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant with a really, really long-ass sword.

First test for me is can I find the keybinds easily because if I can’t I’m probably not going to make much headway. Yes! Keybinds taken care of now we can move out.

Pluses, Hugh has a pet already! Hugh has a mount already! Those are two big pluses especially as it resolves his sword problem when he mounts up and the pet goes around looting for him. Very nice.

Downside, doesn’t seem to recognize the keys I have bound to my mouse buttons but there may be a way and I just haven’t found it yet.

Hugh is level eight now. I’m not sure what kind of a beta this is as absolutely nothing’s been wrong, no glitches, no problems. It’s really weird. He’s got about another hour left to impress me.

hughwtfThe ONLY problem Hugh has is that we’ve not been able to figure out how to sheath that big-ass sword. WTF Hugh! Look, even the game is saying WTF are you doing dragging your weapon around like that with a big !

I didn’t feel too bad as every other Warrior I saw was also dragging around a big-ass sword. I’m not thrilled about it but it beats the hell out of being an eleven year old dominatrix.

Onward Hugh! Your future depends on it!