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Lamentations of the Woman While She Waits for the Bikers

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on August 13, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

You know, I’m sure some men lamentate over this stuff too. I hope it’s not a misuse of a blog to ask for advice. Breaking the blogging code of ethics or something, I don’t know. But anyway, is that not a beautiful dress?

So lately I’ve kind of given up on the whole getting to 50 exalted before Mists and have turned mercenary and I’m trying to accumulate as much money as possible. So I thought after lunch I’d go back to Molten Core not so much for the rep, more because I seem to make a minimum of around 500 gold every time. I was disappointed I didn’t see anyone around, I was hoping some cloth or plate wearers wanted to go too so I wouldn’t have to vendor all those nice things. No luck, and almost everything that dropped was cloth or plate. And some ugly leather shoulders. But look at the Elegant Dress! I know it’s not leather but I could stand around town looking elegant in it!

I also see it appears to list rather high, hmmm, what to do. Should I put that dress on, or sell it for the greater good of my ten, soon to be eleven characters on that server. AAAAHHHHH! I don’t know.

I think I’ve been driven into a state where I can’t even make up my mind about a dress. I keep checking my email obsessively looking for word of the scoring on the first round of the Mogolympics. It was EXTREMELY competitive and after being patient, I now seem to have lost it in a desire TO KNOW. INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!!! I’m really being ridiculous considering I already got to see them all but I’m bouncing in my ergonomic chair with anticipation, I’m probably going to bounce any erg left in it right out.

So anyway since I’m in this state of extreme agitation I can’t decide. Door number one, door number two. Sell it, keep it. Sell it. Keep it. Any advice would be appreciated, or feel free to just tell me to calm down and get a grip. Okay, I gotta go. It looks like I have to clean some Wrath era potions and stuff out of my pack and um … I’m just going to check my emails one more time.