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The Immoderate F2Per … Me

Posted in General Gaming with tags , , on June 19, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

legshairyYes … well, I didn’t have an appropriate screen shot so I thought I’d find something that might be useful to readers. Do you find you’re getting hit on excessively? Can’t grocery shop without unwanted advances? No worries! An enterprising Chinese company has come up with hairy leg panty hose to help! I know I’ll be ordering … on second thought I doubt it will help in my case. I get hit on by neighborhood dogs as they all know I carry dog biscuits. LOOK! LOOK! It’s the dog candy lady! Oh goody, she now has fur on her legs, even better! Yeah … maybe not.

Anyway, I was at MMO Melting Pot reading Is Free To Play worth the money? I read the posts and thought … hmm … interesting … maybe I’ll look into my spending habits.

So Neverwinter is easy to analyze, I’ve been playing a week and a half now. I use PayPal for any purchases, I’ll see what I spent. I’m sure I was …WTF! WTF!

I’m sure PayPal is being jokey … it’s a prank. Those comedians at PayPal, ha ha … ha.

According to PayPal, (who I’m sure is pulling my leg) I have spent 100 gold dollars in that week and a half. That’s just not possible.

Well, sure I had to have a companion right away, can’t wait until level 16 and get one for free, I might not play that long. That makes sense, doesn’t it? And these Nightmare Lockbox thingies keep dropping and I can’t NOT KNOW what’s in them so of course I have to buy keys. And how long will it take to make enough gold to buy a mount … forever …

Yeah … crap … I’m a whale.

I have never done this before, honest. Has Cryptic found some secret formula to lure the unsuspecting into profligate spending? I have an alternate theory.

YES! The case of my madness corresponds exactly! It’s not my fault!

The incredibly LOUD constant buzzing of the cicada invasion drove me to it. Beside the noise, the driveway every morning looked like Battlefield: Barrens with dying bodies strewn everywhere. Add to this the dogs habit of eating so many of these same cidadas that they constantly regurgitated horrible balls of carcasses.

Big whew … boy, I feel better knowing that is was temporary insanity caused by bugs. I hate to tell you Cryptic, but the cicadas are about done now. You can take my name off that whale list now … it might even be safe to login.