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The Best-laid Plans of Mice …

Posted in General Gaming with tags , , , , on June 4, 2015 by tomeoftheancient


and … well … me. Yup, I’m right here with me and even I never know what I’m going to do. I start a Wildstar subscription and end up here. I’m back in a Cantina in Coruscant. Yeah I’m not sure either how a Wildstar subscription did that. I like Wildstar but I guess I needed a beer.

Someday, SOMEDAY, I’m going to get a character to level cap but in the meantime I keep having to start over as I have no idea how to play the class I let sit there for a year. So far I’ve been surprised at the amount of people running around in the low levels with me.

So then another thing happened …

ffbriahI know! WTF! How does subscribing to Wildstar, and liking it, do this? I’m out of control! And I mean that seriously, I REALLY have no idea what I’m doing in FFXIV. I couldn’t even figure out how to hide the UI.

I’ve been spending my time trying to find a mailbox. I finally gave up and resorted to Google. OH! That clears everything up! Find a Moogle. I probably didn’t need to start over here as I’m sure the character I made when I first tried FFXIV is probably still here just running around looking for a mailbox. I’ll have to check. But at least I have cool boots.

I want to be a Thaumaturge but I might have to rethink that and find a class with a starting city I can navigate. That and a description of mechanics for the Thaumaturge I read.

“… think of the Balance talent spec for Druids. The mechanics are very similar.”

Uh oh.


In Draenor Cat is amassing as much wealth as possible. A few months ago she saw a Magic Rooster Egg on the AH, but couldn’t afford it. I think she dreams of riding a giant chicken. As for the Horde side Sasche has become something of a homebody and refuses to leave Frostfire Ridge.

It will be interesting to see who wins out here but one of them has to and right now I have no clue … but then I didn’t know a Wildstar subscription resulted in playing SWTOR and FFXIV. Obviously I have a lot to learn.


My Obligatory CRZ Winter Veil Morning Shot and then …

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on December 26, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

crzwinterveilYeah … so I manage to sneak away from food preparation to go to Ironforge and open presents. Not happening. The really nice thing about CRZ is that I now feel better about my server. I mean we’re absolute angels in comparison to what some people must have to put up with on a daily basis.

So … I was given FFXIV for Christmas because I did so much complaining around here when it came out. I whined about how I didn’t buy it before they stopped selling it. I’ll try that. One less person clogging up Ironforge.

ffwtfI spent an enormous amount of time trying to make what I considered a believable character. I know, I know, it’s a fantasy world but I was unable to even come CLOSE to not cute and perky. I am not cute and perky so I put dirt and scars and stuff on her face … still cute … and perky.

And I have a bow on my butt. How am I to hold up my head as I tell people, yes … yes … I am a hardened adventurer and I will take your quest and dispatch whatever evildoers I come across. Don’t you imagine they’ll be laughing their asses off? And what the hell is with the garter belt contraption I seem to be wearing … just … WTF!

chipsI mean would you hire these guys to clear out a Dragon infestation? No, probably not. Where’s their armor? Unless those really ARE abs of steel.

Same problem I have. I’m a fire flinging Thaumaturge and I’m wearing bows on my butt and look like I just stepped out of some chorus line at an establishment of dubious repute … geeeeezzzzz.

I ran around in that getup for a while but I seem to find Ul’Dah impossible to navigate and I can’t find the damn Lady Bugs I have to kill. Enough.

I’m going to go back now and drink in the ambiance of Ironforge. Ah … so good to be home. Warts and all.