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Flawless Battle-Stones, Livid Warlock and Starting Fresh

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on December 11, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

cimYeah really. How bad is that. That’s Ironsally’s twin sister, she’s got talents but that’s about all she’s got. She certainly has no sense of style … what … oh, she says I HAVE NO SENSE OF STYLE. She’s really mad, I don’t know why it’s so fun to do this to a Warlock, I mean I love Warlocks but something twisted in me always gets a thrill out of making her wear outlandish outfits. But come on, you’re leveling, it happens. BUT AN UMBRELLA! By all that’s unholy would you for pete’s sake get me a staff or something! RIGHT NOW! She didn’t really say for pete’s sake but I’m trying to edit for PG13.

Okay, enough with the harassment of Warlocks, I really should stop as it’s dangerous.

The other day I put some of the hundreds of stupid glyphs my Scribe made leveling up on the AH. Just for something to do because they are pretty much worthless on my server, I have NEVER been able to make any money on these things yet I’m hanging on to them because it just seems wrong to vendor all her hard work.

I can’t remember which glyph it was but it was posted at 20 gold with a buyout of 25 gold. When I next checked there was a bid on it. HOLY FLIPPING ELUNE! I was stunned, there are people to who the difference of 5 gold is an issue? It’s been so long that I had forgotten. So I canceled the auction and sent them one for free and got to feel all holiday-spirited, so now I think I’ll list those worthless things at really low prices because there are people starting fresh, yay, a use for those bag wasters! It brought back the memories of my Hunter at about level 24 with 4s. Really. She spent all her money buying her pets food to make them really, really, like her.

Yep. Wait for it … here it comes! Pet Battles. I’ve read about people complaining about the dearth of Flawless Battle-Stones. I felt kind of guilty because I’ve received so many I even upgraded some pets just because I liked their looks rather than stats. I wish I could say I was paying attention and could see a pattern as to why so many dropped.

Of course I pet battle a lot, but the only other thing I can think of that may have something to do with it are the teams I use. My leveling teams have a coach, Emperor Crab. A level 25 crab takes two rookies starting at level 6 or 7 who can withstand one round to the Heartland. The pets around there are pretty safe. You can usually count on a Marsh Fiddler in a group who is safe for a low level. I just make sure the lowbies don’t go against a pet with a poison attack or a turtle with grasp.

Admittedly it’s pretty boring slogging through three pets with my tanky crab but it’s my unscientific conclusion as to why so many Flawless Battle-Stones have dropped. I have many crabs, so many teams with low levels so I can go through them and before you know it the eight minute cooldown is done. Don’t have to waste bandages.

So there you go. My totally unscientific theory on my high drop rate, it’s probably complete bunk but hey, you never know!