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Finally! My WoW Life Complete!

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on February 19, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

flyingtableDid I obtain an unattainable weapon? Reach a lofty iLevel? Big Love Rocket drop? Reach It’s Over Nine Thousand! yet? HAHAHA! Oh hell no, but I now have a Flippable Table! I worked long and hard currying favor, exchanging Mushan Ribs, doing dailies and now IT’S FINALLY MINE!!

Aki’s stupid Dragon dodged THREE attacks while beating the crap out of my pet?


Courageous Yon dares to give me another ball of lint as a reward. SLAM that table into his little cave!

It really works for everything. Love Rocket didn’t drop? FLYING TABLE OF RAGE! Someone got to the rare you’d been camping right before you! Beware! FLYING TABLE OF FURY!

So satisfying. Really.

What? Yes, it’s Tuesday and not just a maintenance day a REALLY LONG maintenance day. So I felt like talking although I have nothing to say. I do have a doctor’s visit lined up for the later half of the maintenance so I’m sitting here trying to be all zen and calm thinking about how satisfying it is to flip my table.

Every time I go to the doctor’s and they take my blood pressure lately they say it’s too high. I have TOLD THEM it’s HIGH because I’m at the doctor’s office for heaven’s sake. It seems only doctors don’t get this. She says that’s not true. Harumph. You are too scary, I’m going someplace where they might find out I only have six weeks to live and TELL me and on top of that they make me wait in a waiting room for OVER an hour with country music blaring the whole time. WHAT ISN’T STRESSFUL THERE!

And just for those country music enthusiasts, I like OLD country music but what they were playing was pop to me, I guess expecting heavy metal or something at the doctor’s is out. So yeah, I really don’t think I have high blood pressure. I just think the whole experience is too stressful. It was high at the dentist when they were about to extract FOUR TEETH! Well, duh.

Sorry, got off topic there. What else? Let me see. Got this search term, lazy tome. HOW DARE YOU! I am not. It just looks that way. It’s the danger of playing with a loner. As a loner when infrequently in a group, I don’t expect to be healed … ever. I’m not used to it. Unless I do something extremely stupid which is always possible, I will take care of myself.

The other day in a scenario I felt bad. This works both ways. I’m not paying ANY attention to what you’re doing, I’m not looking at chat. I’m just dpsing that bad boy down and trying not to step in anything. I happened to look at chat after it was over and saw, “ON ME!” “TWO ON ME!” from the healer. Wow, sorry. My bad. Didn’t occur to me to look out for them because I’m always alone. So it’s not laziness it’s lonerness and makes me very dangerous to hang around. Because you’re thinking I’m paying attention to you and I’m not. So see, not lazy tome, loner tome.

Oh well. Bout time to head to the doctor’s. I just wish I could flip my table a few times before I go. I think it would help with the blood pressure, instead I’ll just have to take earplugs and hope the absence of country music works.