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New Look and Nerd Redemption

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on May 25, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Through some serendipitous celestial event, some fortuitous alignment of the stars, everything just came together this morning. Yes, I will no longer be representing myself to the world (of WoW) as a generic kitty. Thanks to coming second in Kamalia’s Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt 3.0 I now have a beautiful new avatar created by the lovely and talented Vidyala of Manalicious and From Draenor With Love. Cat is just thrilled and she’s been running around Stormwind showing it to everyone.

Then I visited Navimie and found her 25 May is Geek Pride Day post and a chance to redeem myself. She said Cyrme had found a second nerd test! This is it! A second chance to make up for that 71 score because of the stupid math and on Geek Pride Day too!

Oh the pressure! Thankfully the fact that I used to watch shows with talking cars finally paid off. I just knew that’d come in handy one day! So I am proudly a Cool Nerd Queen on the day I get a new avatar AND just in time to honor Geek Pride Day, although I really thought I’d do better on dorkiness but you can’t have everything.

In game I’ve decided to stop fooling around and get serious about my bucket list. I finally got my poor Shaman, who has been sitting at 84 1/2, to 85. She was somewhat annoyed that I haven’t updated her clothes since level 80. She thinks Ironsally had a negative influence on me and she could be right. I do seem to have developed a rather cavalier attitude toward gear, I should really at least make her something to wear now that she’s 85.

And now, Hunter, get ready. We WILL have the Vial of the Sands before Mists arrives, we MUST find the recipe, MUST!

So yeah, that’s what I’ll be doing, serious digging. But first I must change into my new avatar so I can see how I look! Exciting! And I even remembered to get pine nuts so I can make Kamalia’s Cornmeal & Pine Nut-Crusted Fresh-Caught Fish for dinner! Yay for Geek Pride Day!