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Awww … So Cute … WTF!

Posted in General Gaming with tags , , , , on May 3, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

cindercatFirst, I’m not comparing WoW and SWTOR. They are apples to oranges to me. This is not that. Games I play are all special snowflakes that I enjoy, not critique. I’ll leave that to others but this … just …

Okay I really like companion pets a lot. Look at that cute little Cinder Kitten. Is that not the cutest thing ever? Squeeeee! And it was kinda hard picking the absolute cutest pet … cause there are lots and lots.

Which brings me to SWTOR. Oh wait, here’s just one small complaint. I’d play SWTOR more often but I have an authenticator and some days I’m just not up to the task. My WoW authenticator displays six digits, I can handle that. Six digits are few enough that I can keep from being distracted half way through typing them in. SWTOR has eight, they defeat me almost half the time. The SWTOR authenticator boss and I are about 60/40.

Anyway, so I login and I have these tokens they keep giving me to buy stuff, I think I get more each month and they burn a hole in my pocket. I have to spend them, just have to. So I think, oh yay! They have companion pets! I’ll buy a bundle with a chance at a pet! Exciting!

Oh wow! I won! I won! I got a companion pet, yippee ki-yay! A Golden Lizardbat, sounds fun, maybe it’s like …

swtorpet1WTF! FESS! FESS! What’s wrong with you, take out that freaking thing before it attacks! Crap! Help! Kill it! Kill it!

But Herald, it is your new companion pet is it not?

WHAT? That’s my … no seriously, it can’t be. Fess, is this a joke? You didn’t seem the jokey kind to me but seriously, really?

Okay, I’ll just take another look. I’m sure on closer inspection it will turn out to …

closeupOMG! JUST OMG! This is so wrong! FESS! SHOOT TO KILL! Something’s gone horribly wrong here, RUN!

Okay, I shouldn’t get all worked up. Maybe I just got the one butt-ugly pet in the whole game. I’m just unlucky, but still I don’t think I’m going to chance it again. Perhaps I’ll find something else to collect. But the thought of being locked up on my ship with that thing … shudder.


Yeah, here’s my rl companion pet taking a break on our walk. Isn’t he cute? Just like my Cinder Kitten. I guess two out of three’s not bad.