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The Culprit?

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on August 30, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

cimvaleI know! I know! Especially after the Cynwise post, I know you’re all thinking, “Well stupidhead, you shot yourself in your own WoW foot doing that. No wonder you feel apathetic.” They just couldn’t help it. When they heard the dailies were going away they just HAD to do them. EVERY FREAKING DAY. Even the chance of a Skyshard doesn’t justify this irresponsible behavior.

I don’t know, it’s kinda like the whole Twinkies debacle. I never, ever ate Twinkies or Ho Hos or Sno Balls. Maybe I had some in my school lunch when I was seven but now I eat twigs and berries and all that healthy crap. No Twinkies. When I heard they were going away I raced from store to store to find that LAST BOX. I was compelled.
valequestYES! Even Cat who is older and wiser and should know better. Of course she’s kinda lazy so she only did ones that she could complete without actually landing like Laosy Scouting and Acts of Cruelty where you just have to flap your wings in his face to distract him and then the stupid Mogu just drops his victim. And really, Lao Softfoot should be left in that cage for his own safety, if you let him out Cat, he’ll just go and get caught again. Don’t encourage him.

So yeah. Stupid, stupid move on my part. This morning when I logged in I found I’d made another mistake. Cat was moving around like a gerbil on meth, bashing into things. Out of control. WTF?

mycharrTotally her fault. For three or four days I’ve only been playing GW2. I apparently grew used to the movement speed of GW2. At first it seemed I was moving under water or through molasses. I’m a mouse turner and in GW2 it seems excruciatingly slow compared to WoW. I must have adjusted and Cat paid the price. I’ll have to remember to at least login and run around once a day to avoid bashing her into the walls in the shrine. She was embarrassed but I pointed out that only the Blingtron sitting there saw her.

Yup. Probable culprit of my recent WoW ennui … Golden Lotus Dailies. Embarrassing really, all this whining and here it was right in front of my face. I should have learned this lesson from the return of the Twinkies. Did I run out to get them when they made their comeback? Oh, hell no I didn’t. I don’t want them. Sort of like Golden Lotus Dailies before they were going away … /facepalm

Deja Vu All Over Again

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ashOh hai … yes it’s me … why? Anyway after some thought I decided if I was going to go awol maybe my last post sitting around for who knows how long shouldn’t be about poop. Oh yeah … Tome of the Ancient, I remember her, she wrote about poop. Yeah … no.

I’ve been starting posts and then getting the feeling it seems kinda familiar. So I check and damn … I already wrote about that. I think this is 500th postitis. I’m so close but it’s cheating if I already said it. So I THINK this is new stuff.

Redbeard was talking about the dress code in GW2. It is so true, I checked and my Necromancer is wearing a little short skirt that just does not scream evil, soul-draining NECROMANCER. I thought I’d take a visit as I hadn’t played for close to a year. I’d forgotten how to play her and then got stuck in Divinity’s Reach and couldn’t find my way out so decided to start anew. I had a plan to defeat the dress code and it worked.

I made a female Charr and I see they don’t bother putting Charr in short frilly dresses. There, she looks like a proper Necromancer. I’m having fun, I seem to spend most of my time here crawling around and jumping trying to reach the vistas, I don’t seem to make much forward progress but that’s fine.

Hi Ashmara Steeltail! I’ll try not to abandon you for a year but I wouldn’t count on it, I have a bad track record. Just letting you know.

Whew, good. I know I never said any of that before.

On pondering what has put me in a WoW snit I remembered about the last thing I did was get killed about four times in a row by Proboskus. I had thought my time in the Brawler’s Ring would be limited because of my lowly iLevel 496 gear. I was wrong. It’s ME! I can not for the life of me stay out of the freaking drops of rain. YES! Defeated by RAIN DROPS. So demoralizing. It probably was the last straw. Well, until the patch anyway.

There that’s new too.

Okay, I thought I’d take a look at search terms, they’re new and fresh! Not. Not even enough for a “Ask the Ancient” post. There were only two that were mildly interesting. First was hairy panties hoes. I’m not even going there.

Next was hairy panty china. OH! I did not know that. Maybe I’d like a set. So I did a quick check at Amazon to see if they had them. What luck! They carry them!

pantyhosechinaThey’re lovely! I must order mine, I wonder if they come with mugs or cups. So excited.

Oh … and I’ve also become nostalgic for the olden days of blogs. I’ve been reading old posts from a year or so ago. It apparently wasn’t enough to miss the old Darkshore, now I’m doing the same thing, just with the blogs I read. I know! Geez, snap out of it.

Welp … that’s it then. I am almost positive I’ve never said any of this stuff before. I’m good to go. And oh … Ash isn’t that ugly. She’s wearing a scary mask to frighten you. Not sure if it’s scarier than the short frilly party dress but you work with what you’ve got.

Er … A Small Miscalculation

Posted in GW2 with tags on September 21, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Yeah, this again. Look how she’s matured. No more showing her garters, she’s just a lean, mean, killing them slowly while sometimes successfully staying alive machine. I do not have a handle on her skills but don’t really seem to care because I’m having fun. I thought it would be something enjoyable to do while waiting for the expansion. I may have miscalculated here.

I may have to start staying up nights so I can be in three worlds, and sometimes, I’m really phoning it in in the real one. I had no expectations as I wasn’t familiar with Guild Wars. Time will tell, as I have a track record of taking a three or four month break on a new game and then losing interest, but so far GW2 has done so much right, at least for me.

Dynamic events rather than quests, remind me of what I liked about Rift. You’re wandering around out in the wilderness all alone, minding your business, chopping down trees. A call goes out! A location is under attack! You rush off to help, you’re outnumbered, doesn’t look good! By the end you’ve got twenty people helping you take down the big bad whatever. So far these impromptu groups have been fun, polite and stress free.

Grouping with strangers in WoW is not stress free for me. I’m always scrunched up waiting for the insults and accusations to fly, so much so that I avoid most groups of strangers other than quick holiday bosses. For whatever reason this doesn’t seem to happen at these dynamic events. I’m not high enough level for the first instance so I don’t know if this will carryover in dungeons.

There seems to be more of a spirit of cooperation rather than competition. If you help someone out you both complete. The big chest at the end of a boss kill, everyone loots. I don’t know if the quality of the loot is determined by contribution but I love the idea. Same with nodes. If you see a silver node and someone arrives before you and mines it, no problem. It’s still there for you, it doesn’t disappear until YOU mine it. This is so wonderful it’s indescribable!

I haven’t seen much of the world, but what I have is beautiful. I got visually drunk in the The Grove, the Sylvari Capital City. I just sat here irl awed. There appears to be a very vast world to explore and when I go to the areas I’ve outleveled, with level scaling I won’t be running through bonking level 5s on the head. I’ll be scaled down too!

There’s a lot here to like. I’ve downed the Kool-Aid, ate the brownies … whatever … I really like it. I may have to come up with a schedule. Even days there … odd days here … mornings in Azeroth, or no maybe … oh boy, this could get complicated.

Tyrian Vacation

Posted in Not WoW with tags on September 15, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Pssst! Over here. Yeah … it’s me. I’m a strapping young Norn Necromancer who’s … wearing a garter on one leg? Yeah, I’m not sure what that’s about either, kind of came with the outfit. Personally I don’t really think a Necromancer would use a fashion accessory like that, but that’s just me.  I think she’s more the necklace of dead kittens type.

So anyway while I wait for next Tuesday I’m going to investigate Tyria. Seems a lovely place for a vacation. As usual I didn’t want to wait to actually learn anything about GW2 before playing, so there were some head-scratching moments early on today. I mean I got that you could use those portal thingys to move from place to place but I kept standing on them wondering if I had to say a magic word or what. OH! Use the map! Okay, got that.

Became concerned when I changed my weapon and then realized all my spells seemed to be gone. At this point I did break to look that one up. Working as intended. That means I’d been spamming a stun at them, no wonder they wouldn’t go down.

Anyway, just wanted to send a postcard from my vacation! Having a great time! Wish you were here! I’ll be back.