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Bullies and The Escapist

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on October 31, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

bullyThe deck was done and it was a thing of beauty. The incessant shrieking of our fearful little girl dog quieted. My husband was pleased, I was pleased, all was good in the land … for less than 24 hours … but hey … you take what you can get, right?

Non-fearful dog and I were coming back from our morning walk and we were followed into our driveway by a county vehicle. Oh … another deck inspection I guess. I got a rl screen shot of the inspector. Perhaps he was having a bad day.

He’s quite a large gentleman, he steps out of his county vehicle and throws his cigarette on the lawn. I guess to establish who was in charge here. I have a theory that some people placed in authority really shouldn’t have it.

My husband’s cousin, who was a few years older than my husband, used to stand in the hallway and demand payment to pass by his room when my husband visited. Payment or beat down … your choice. He later went on to become a policeman … hmm.

Anyway, inspector said yeah … I’ll bet you paid a bundle for this … ??? … um, no the price was reasonable. Well you may think so but I KNOW they charge about three times what they pay for materials. OMG! They’re making a profit! Those devils! No, I didn’t SAY that, I was deceitful and feigned respect.

He went on to grab a stair support post and try to yank it out of the ground all the while saying this isn’t going to last, look at this … okay … it’s fine now but in a few years … and this is a trip hazard … and there should be … yeah … my time in the sun was over. This inspector was a bully, maybe he didn’t like the way my dog looked at him. Maybe he had it in for deck builders, maybe someone built him a bad one, who knows. If only RNG had returned the first inspector who was really nice and liked dogs. Evil inspector handed me my F and with a smirk, wished me a good day. Rat bastard.

I was upset … I’m a worrier. Actually I’m a world class worrier … not good.

escapistThere are all kinds of WoW players, it’s been pretty well established that the whole hardcore/casual thing doesn’t really work. There are competitors, completists, collectors and varying combinations of all WoW types. I’m an escapist. I do dailies and quests as an excuse to hang around in the beautiful content Blizzard created. I like living there. I used to live in books when I was young now I live here.

I leave the real world and worry about mobs, rep, dailies and after a while I calm down. Yes, I’ve said it … WoW is my Xanax. Right or wrong after an hour in-game I usually calm down and regain some perspective. That and hyperboleing to death any event that upsets me on the blog. Oh and making up new words … cause I can … I’m the boss here.

So yeah now I’m all fine with it. Stupidhead inspector can bite me. This too shall pass. I don’t have time to worry about it, I have saronite to mine.

The Key to the Trash Bin of le Chien

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leChienThat’s my dog doing one of his two favorite things. Resting on his couch, which used to be ours by the way, or eating. I was going to take a picture just for this post but I was too chicken to run to the store yesterday for batteries. There was a tornado watch. I WAS SURE if I left the house I’d come back to find it gone. Anyway, had I taken one it would probably have looked just like this one.

Everyday after lunch I go to the basement where I have an exercise contraption, it’s not a treadmill but kind of a skier. I do half an hour while reading. I can’t seem to break the 30 minute mark, but never mind that. I realized that this 30 minutes was my dog’s run through the Palace of Lei Shen.

He impatiently waits for me to finish my lunch, sometimes urging me to hurry by poking me with his nose or snapping his mouth open and closed at me like a crocodile which is his version of cheeky talk. When we get down there he waits for me to climb on board and then he’s off!

He spends the entire time trying to break into The Trash Bin of le Chien. The bag of dog food is kept in a trash bin to protect it from him. I’m always amazed by his optimistic outlook as he’s been doing this for years and not broken in yet but his enthusiasm never wanes.

As soon as the skiing sound stops, so does he and it just hit me the other day, he’s doing the Palace of Lei Shen! Just like me! He’s doing a timed run for treasure which to him is food! It’s like he’s playing his own version of WoW!

I’ve never managed to get through to the other door either! And my enthusiasm hasn’t waned! I still get so excited when I find a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen!

I think my dog’s a gamer, just that he’s cleverer than I am because he made his game up himself while I bought mine.

This behavior HAD to be rewarded, I opened up the Trash Bin of le Chien and gave him his prize. FUD … well that’s how he spells it, geez.

Screaming Like a Little Girl

Posted in Silly with tags , on September 13, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

screamSo yesterday I was all happy. Yay! I’m out of my mope! Things are looking up! I’m going to read all the blogs and comment! Yeah … I should have known I was tempting fate. I had sent work off for review. I probably had MOST OF THE DAY to read and then go to the Timeless Isle! YAY!

Nope. I published my post and the phone rang. Phone-ringing early morning is not a good sign. My Mother. Not a good sign. She said she had a doctor appointment and felt too bad to drive, I must drive her. A round trip to my Mother is three hours since she refuses to live close to any of her designated drivers. Okay, what can you do.

I have an irrational fear. Just one … I’m not greedy. Snakes. I really, really hate them. I really, really fear them. I see one and the hair on the back of my head stands up. I get chills. I scream.

So I go to the basement to bring the dogs in from their morning jaunt in the yard. At the bottom of the stairs. IN MY HOUSE! THERE IS A SNAKE.



Yeah, it went on for a while, the thing’s hearing is probably permanently impaired now but I don’t care, I hate it!

I had to leave to go drive my Mother but for some reason I was convinced snake would get the dogs while I was away. My husband thinks I’m pretty funny. I attribute all sorts of mystical powers to snakes. They could climb the stairs. They could squeeze under the door at the top of the stairs. They could GET THE DOGS!

I must resolve this before I leave. This means I must approach crafty snake. OMG! I get a trash can lid and manage to put in on top of snake. In my mind I have sufficiently protected the dogs. I can get the hell out of the house of doom with a clear conscious.

Four and a half hours later I return. Dogs are okay. We wait for husband to come home. We don’t go down to the basement. I don’t even open the door to the basement lest SNAKE is lurking on the top step … having escaped confinement.

There is a big thunderstorm going on in the background, kind of setting the mood. Husband’s late. FINALLY he arrives. I tell him my snake story which he seems to find amusing.

He’s more afraid of you than you are of him.

BULLSHIT! That’s not even possible.

Snakes are good, they eat rats.

I DON’T CARE, I’M NOT AFRAID OF RATS … JUST SNAKES … please just get him out of here!

So, long story short … I guess that’s not possible. Long story ending. The snake was gone, kind of proving my point that they have super powers. It’s still in the basement. I gave my husband a flashlight to search but snake is too crafty … it’s hidden. IT LIVES … IN MY BASEMENT.

I’m writing this two stories away from the snake but I keep turning around to check my back.

I really did have a WoW related post in mind … but I can’t concentrate on anything but SNAKE.

Anyway, the moral of the story is if something good happens and you’re all happy about it DON’T post it on a WoW blog. Apparently the fates closely monitor WoW blogs for happiness and you may end up with a SNAKE in your basement. Or a RAT or a SPIDER or … I don’t know a WEIMARANER … just insert your own irrational fear. I’m not kidding … be careful.

Signing off … two staircases away from the basement.

A Weekend IRL

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halfhilltruckI have no WoW stuff to talk about cause I had to spend the weekend irl. My husband has been looking at trucks for about a year now. I finally decided to assist, as my Google skills are somewhat better than his. He was trying to find a nice used truck and I found them to be awfully high-priced. I decided to look at some new ones and they were the same price, what’s that about anyway. So I told him I’d find a new one. He was MOST pleased.

I don’t want to sound sexist but what is it with guys and vehicles. I find one that looks promising but it has all kinds of junk we don’t need but he’s enthusing over this baby saying it has everything he wants. Really? You need bluetooth capability to answer your phone on the steering wheel? Um … you don’t have a cell phone … just saying. It has a camera to see behind you? This is something you’ve driven millions of miles without but now it’s a must have? Okay and it has some futuristic radio that I’m pretty sure you can contact alien ships in outer space with. It has an electrical outlet in the bed … I don’t know … I’m not even coming up with anything there.


But the one I really liked was the very fancy towing package. I had thought the only necessity was 4×4 so he wouldn’t have to borrow mine in the winter to make the trek to the house of hell every day. But APPARENTLY we have been in dire need of a towing package all this time. Who knew? Is this an omen? Is there a boat in our future I don’t know about? I’m having a hard time figuring out why a towing package created such glee.

So we went to have a look in person. He really loved it. Then ensued the grueling slog through the negotiations. And the even worse bombardment of addons like magic window treatments and insurance to cover loss of your keys when I should be farming in Halfhill.

FINALLY, it was over. He’s really happy with it. I’m still confused about what it is we need to tow. So I decided to head out and see if it could start paying its keep. I finally got contracted to move a big mushan out of a field. It seems the adventurers that used to get rid of the big beast have moved on. He comes back pretty regularly so I’m thinking I’ve got a good gig here.

So there it is. My weekend irl. We purchased four wheels of fury. Yep, I am the Lawgiver. Real life, always an adventure.

Letting Tyrande Down

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on July 11, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

I’ve been in one of my “Oh STFU, no one wants to read your ridiculous nonsense” moods. Yes, I get all emo and dramatic and decide to NEVER TYPE A WORD again. Sigh … having to live with me is trying, I don’t know how anyone does it. One man and two dogs manage it and as for me, I really have no choice. I decided what I needed was a change of scenery.

Thanks to Redbeard at Parallel Context, I had a destination in mind. Yes, that’s me there with a bowl on my head. I’ll have to see if I can turn off helm if I continue to play. I really can’t take myself seriously wearing a bowl on my head. It’s kinda like “Where’s Waldo.” Where’s TotA?

Anyway, it was really bothering me that Tyrande was stuck in mid-air like that. It felt disrespectful. Every time I looked, there she was suspended in air, never landing, geez. I couldn’t stop writing with her like that.

WARNING: Cymre Alert!!!

So after cheerfully killing things in a new land I made one of my faces. He really isn’t meant to be scary, he’s scared. He’s just wearing that mask to make you think he’s scary. This is what one of our dogs do. Life is too scary so they put on a snarly face to scare life first, which makes perfect sense to me really.

A wonderful thing did happen though. I have three level 85 Warlocks and a bevy of low level Warlocks who have NEVER, NOT ONCE been asked to summon someone. Yes, really. Not even once. You can imagine how they felt. Imagine Sasche’s joy when Khizz of Blog of the Treant asked her to do a summons at a Amateur Azerothian laid back raid! Of course since she’d never USED it she didn’t know what the icon even looked like so she had trouble finding it, but finally, SHE SUMMONED! The other Warlocks are green with envy.

So anyway, only two things can help when I’m in a snit. Get angry or laugh. I only get really angry once a decade or so and it’s usually something WAY PAST angry. More like insane. Like that time I was driving alone at about midnight and got so angry I forced a car to the side of the road and got out to yell a lot of profanity at the occupant.

My husband was furious when he heard. It could have been a carload of AXE MURDERERS OR SOMETHING, I think he said. As it turned out I didn’t get to yell obscenities at them because they had a child in the car. Wow, instant anger deflation. So instead I just lectured them about the dangers of aggressive driving with a child in the car. Very happy ending to what could have been a AXE MURDERER DISASTER.

Where was I? Yes, humor. So I get up this morning and start reading my blogs and seeing how much catching up I have to do because those Aussies I follow are always ahead of me. I go to The Daily Frostwolf and start scrolling down to see how much I have to catch up on. A lot. As I’m scrolling I figure I’ll have to come back after I get my contacts in and then I see this picture.

I don’t know why this just cracked me up. I think it’s the arms waving up and down … and those evil red eyes … and then I imagine her forcing a car off the road and lecturing the occupants on safe driving practices.

Usually my husband makes me laugh and stop being emo but today it was Effing Navi. Once I can see I’ll have to go back and catch up. Yes, I write these posts without my contacts in. It’s probably evident.

So whew, who knew it would be a Tauren who’d help me save the leader of the Sisterhood of Elune from being ever suspended in air.

Off to walk that dog, look out peoples, here he comes.

P.S. I know Tyrande will still be up there but if she’s not at the top of the page she can feel free to take bio breaks and stuff.

Waiting for a RL Server Restart

Posted in Silly with tags , , on May 28, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

My playing time has been severely curtailed. Actually doing ANYTHING on the computer. First it was birthday celebrations, but the real culprit is something else. I did login yesterday long enough to do the really important things like find nests for my Raven Lord to try out. WHAT! That is important! It was Cymre’s idea and a good one, next I’ve got to see if there are any suitable nests in Nagrand maybe, worth looking into.

So anyway my problem is that the upstairs heat pump decided to die. It’s a holiday weekend, and a hot one, so getting a repair person right away was not an option. So I’m a big wuss and can only take the heat up here in short bits and then I have to run downstairs to recover. I’m also afraid the computer will burn up in this heat. Repair man can’t come until tomorrow.

While playing irl I did do one thing that sort of reminded me of how I play WoW. I had to go to the store to pick up birthday napkins. It was really hot and I caught a whiff of a smell that reminded me of the boardwalk at the beach. Kind of a french fries with vinegar smell. It felt kind of holidayish and made me think of ferris wheels and carnival rides.

Next stop, gas. My husband saw a notice that said you’d get 20 cents a gallon off, if you bought a car wash with a fill-up. My car was dirty and I love the car wash. It’s a little building that you drive into and it always reminds me of a ride at a carnival. So yesterday we drove the car into the little building, got festive multi-colored foam sprayed down on us and then giant jets of water that made a noise like we were about to be sucked into a jet engine. Then the big mechanical thing is behind you and stops. It lingers a minute before it ominously starts back towards you, building drama I guess, and then it comes at you with the blowers.

The whole thing was really fun and if you can’t make it to the boardwalk or a carnival, I’d definitely recommend it as a kind of alternative amusement ride. It reminded me of alternative leveling, just you know irl.

So tomorrow I’ll get kind of a server restart when the heat pump man comes, whew, it’s even on the right day of the week!

Screen Shot from RL

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Faced with the loss of my computer I decided to do something useful. My plans were to trim the overgrown Mountain Laurel in the yard. I hadn’t expected to encounter adventure here irl but find it I did. Wow, I kinda sound like Yoda, find it I did. Anyway, when tromping through the side yard I sensed movement. Yikes! What? Snakes? I’m scared of snakes. Again, something’s moving.

YES! There it is! A what? A … bunny. Yeah, he looks all cute and innocent but he’s a devil. I didn’t know that you can’t capture a bunny but I soon found that out.

Our next door neighbor’s daughter recently turned seventeen. She wanted a bunny for her birthday. Her mother went to the local shelter and they had two bedraggled bunnies so she took both. One then gave birth and she had four bunnies. So, four bunnies next door. The neighbors aren’t at home and at least one has escaped.

I checked and this one, thankfully, was the only one who’d escaped. Now I’d held these bunnies so I thought it would “know” me. Maybe it did and he’s just a sadistic bastar bunny, but he’d let me get right up to him and then spring away, just out of reach. Then he would lie down. ON HIS SIDE. MOCKING ME.

Like he was saying, “Here, I’ll give you a handicap, I’ll roll over on my side and YOU STILL WON’T CATCH ME! NAH NAH NA NA NAH!”

Since the coming of the bunnies the fox traffic in our yards has increased tremendously. I had to get that bunny, no eaten bunnies on my watch. CURSE YOU BUNNY! I’m trying to help.

This went on for about an hour. I finally managed to build a sort of chute with tarps and herded it into the tunnel back to safety. Whew.

After that I kinda just said screw it about trimming the shrubbery. So anyway, my point is who knew adventure was waiting right here in the real world!

So, what else did I do on my vacation irl. Oh yeah, this is cool. I was fumbling around on my husband’s computer, I fumble around cause all his computer wants to do is music and video. It’s an audiophile computer, real snobby. Sennheiser headphones. Doesn’t want to look at cool stuff, sheesh. But I forced the issue and found out My Nerd Score is 71. I’m a mid-rank nerd. Good to know.

So that’s what I did on my mini-vacation irl. Had thrilling bunny adventure, found out my rank as a nerd. Didn’t trim bushes. Frankly, I’m exhausted. I’m going to login and do something soothing and peaceful like archeology or fishing. Got to come down off this high from my real life adventuring, really, who knew.

True Story Bro

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Ah, manual labor. This detail from a Charles Sprague Pearce painting makes it seem almost idyllic. Honest sweat, working as a sweaty team with your sweaty comrades in … um … hoes? Yes, I think that’s it. Anyway, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to keep quiet about this. But it’s not an angry rant so I guess it’s okay.

I realized that on Friday this week, end of business hours I’m going to have a lot of company from now on so if I had something to say, I’d better spit it out. I’m going to have a lot of highly stressed, woe; I’m a fail provider company … what is that all about anyway? Is it genetic, can’t you guys help it? I’m sitting here writing away instead of drumming up some paying work so how is it that it’s not my fault? I’m just as fail a provider, really, so stop that.

My husband has been exhibiting signs of extreme stress and anxiety for the past few months, it’s one of the reasons I thought he should quit. His job was going to kill him. The problem now is it’s almost as if he has PTSD, he has a lot of the symptoms. He absolutely does not want to do what he’s always done ever again. So he’s bought into the whole honest work, manual labor cool aide thingy. He wants to just not have to think, no impossible deadlines, enjoy nature, etc. He’s got a whole “tote that barge, lift that bale” scenario going.

I’m down with the whole no stress, no deadlines thing but I’m starting to think this manual labor gig might not be all it’s cracked up to be. But you have to do what you have to do. If he has to work through this thing, I’m there. So I was tasked with furiously searching for jobs that required some serious outdoorsy labor. I found some that said “must be able to lift 50 lb. overhead.” Okay that sounds reasonable, but I found another that required lifting 125 lbs. overhead and he tells me to print it. This from someone who injured his knee months ago, I’m pretty sure something is torn in there but he couldn’t take off work to go to the doctor. He really looks like Chester limping out of the alley there.

And he wants to limp in there and interview for a job that requires him to lift 125 lbs. over his head and wave it around and do who knows what with it. I don’t think he’s in his right mind right now, but I’m playing along because I certainly can sympathize with the whole “not in your right mind” thing because I’m sort of squirrelly pretty much most of the time and he puts up with me.

So this 125 lb. job can be applied to online through a government job site. Oh, great, I’ll just apply for him. I start the process, I’m not 100% on board with this idea but I want to be helpful you know. I think I’m making good progress and then, bam, I hit a road block. Take an assessment? What the hell is that? What kind of assessment, psychological? Are manual laborers prone to psychosis or something? This doesn’t seem to bode well for the manual labor career track. Well, I just want to get this thing done so I can tell him about the great progress I’ve made for him on his manual labor job hunt when he gets home, so onward. I’m taking his assessment.

Yeah, you human resource types, I’m taking his exam for him. Come on, seriously, you didn’t think that would happen? So anyway, I get all these questions like:

A truck going to New Jersey in November at 8:37 AM needs pallets of hula girl dolls loaded that have a docket number 8745, but not a pallet number of 123 through 576, except between 10 AM and 12 AM when pallet numbers 345 through 476 are excluded. However if the pallet has a docket number of …

Whoops, I’m beginning to think I’ve screwed the pooch, stepped in the dog business here. I’m afraid I may be hurting more than helping him. But, no matter, I continued on, maybe I hadn’t done as badly as I thought. Next up a series of pictures like this. At this point I admit I got a little paranoid. These pipes bear a striking resemblance to this. Is Navi having a prank on me or what.

If valve F and valve X and valve B are closed, which pipes will the water flow through. I’m beginning to think manual labor is not without stress. Are you kidding me, how the hell would I know, crap, stop closing the valves.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I forge on. Oh cool, these look less stressful. A whole series of them.

Would your supervisor describe you as more productive than your co-workers?

Much more than most other people

More than most other people

About as much as other people

Not quite as much as most other people

Okay, wait a minute. Why do I have to compare myself to my co-workers? I don’t like this. Can’t he just ask me about me, why do I have to rat out my co-workers. So since I found this series of questions disturbing I checked the “About as much as other people” for all of them. Maybe it’s some clever psychological ploy to see if you’re willing to throw your fellow workers under the bus.

Yeah, I think I might have blown this 125 lb. job for my husband. I feel kind of bad but I didn’t really want him to take it anyway. That knee would surely give out under the weight and then there’d go his dreams of manual labor, down the drain. There’s always the 50 lb. job, yeah, so all is not lost.

So I’d better tie this thing up with a WoW slant somehow. Since … you know, that’s what I say this blog’s about and all. Um. Okay, I’ve got something. Students, pay attention. Do not spend ALL your free time playing WoW. Study too; if you want to pursue a thrilling career in manual labor you need to study, I’m not kidding, the entrance exam is a bitch. True story bro.

Update: After posting this yesterday I got a phone call from my husband. His boss’s boss spoke to him and assured him they were going to put in place a method for dealing with the impossible deadlines, wouldn’t he reconsider. I don’t know that he believes anything will change, but I think he felt it would be impolite not to give it another try. Yeah, he’s like that, very old school.

I’m not a good nag at all, but I don’t really think it’s possible to work there without being under the influence of some kind of mood altering substance, at least if you have a personality type that worries excessively over deadlines. Putting on my nag hat. And yes, I was relieved. Turns out it no longer matters that I screwed up the assessment for the 125 lb. job.