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August Celestial Stalkers … or Not?

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on December 21, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

jadeowlThis morning while … yeah, pet battling I noticed that I had mail. This is just going too far. What is wrong with those Champions who hang out at The Temple of the Red Crane. I mean those are dailies, I HAVE to defeat them. Why do they go all wingnutty on me and send those threatening letters. Really, the August Celestials should do something about this, it’s harassment.

So I picked up my mail expecting more thinly veiled threats and cryptic messages and OMG! It’s not a threat! It’s a Jade Owl! It’s a Winter Veil present from Cymre! I love it!

I was somewhat disappointed when I checked realID and it informed me  that she hadn’t been on for 43 years. I wanted to thank her but just like that she appeared! Yay! I told her I had to do a screen shot and I gave some thought to the appropriate location. What would be a suitable backdrop for a finely crafted Jade Owl?

I’ve got it! Who would most want to see her student’s skill displayed? Cat set off to visit Mai the Jade Shaper and show her what a master of jewelcrafting Cymre had become. Mai gazed at the beautiful Owl and pronounced it perfect!

Cat thought so too and went to show it off to the farmers at Halfhill while she did her planting.

Thank so much again Cym, she’s getting to know the rest of pets and settling in. I will now have a Cymre pet!