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Posted in General WoW with tags , , on April 23, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

joantremblaySasche’s pretty obsessive about repairing her gear. 99%? Time to repair. So first stop at the Shrine of Two Moons is usually Joan Tremblay. Now don’t get me wrong Joan’s a lovely woman but …

Joan, EVERY time I come here what’s with the, “Do not seek death.” Are you so wrapped up in your own misery you haven’t noticed something? I’m UNDEAD, it’s TOO LATE, thanks for the warning and all but that ship has sailed. I mean I’m standing right in front of you with straps holding my face together, you think it’s a fashion accent?

You really need to stop moaning about your condition and come to terms with it. It’s a done deal, let’s move past it. Alrighty? I hear they killed that sucker Arthas REPEATEDLY. They killed him, picked his pockets, hell they even took his horse. We’re Forsaken now and yes, it’s damned unfair Sylvanas comes out of the whole thing looking like a Vegas Showgirl and we … well life’s just not fair sometimes and you have to try to look on the bright side. Stop being so mopey … stop brooding.

We never have to worry about dieting again! See! There IS a bright side. We can Cannibalize … um yeah forget that … gross, bad example.

The next time I drop by could you just try something different? The weather, how about that? “Lovely day here in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms isn’t it?” That would be a good place to start, what do you say? Give it a try. Joan? Joan?