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My Kingdom for a … Dorg?

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on July 13, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

catstuckThere are days that are just … I don’t know … buggy. I have not been stuck since BC and that was kinda fun as a real live GM role played the whole getting me out thing. Wow, things sure have changed. Anyway, Cat got stuck.

cimstuckAfter Cat finished up her dailies, off went the Warlock … who got stuck … sigh. Maybe it’s a sign that I should be doing laundry. Nah, we’ll be okay.

cattrapCAT! NO! The trap! Lookout! Jeez, that’s the eleventy billionth time Cat, those are TRAPS, try to stay out of them.

Cat had only Dorg the Bloody left to finish Jungle Stalker, he’s quite elusive. She thought maybe over the weekend there’d be enough people around to kill all his homies and get him to appear. YES! Lots of people doing lots of killing, this will be the day!

dorgCome out you big chicken! DORG! I’m in your hollow, killing your people! Bak! Bak! Bak! What’s the matter? Are you afraid of a little kitty?

OH! There it is! He’s going to spawn now. YES! Cat’s waited so long … where the hell is he? Anyone? Anyone see him? Anywhere? Yep, I should have done laundry. No one saw a sign of Dorg.

Aw Cat, I’m sorry. Why don’t you go work on your Saberstalker rep then. You’re kind of behind on that. Cat always means to join a group for Saberstalker hunting but never quite does. She has an unusual method. I’m not sure if it’s on the up and up either.

She just checks to see if Krell the Serene is up repeatedly through the day. Something only drops the first kill but she continues to receive 600 rep for each kill after the first. Kinda lazy if you ask me, but hey, whatever works for you Cat.

Early this morning she took Zeth’gol for the apexis daily. She went up there and I left her to do garrisons with the alts. When I logged back in she was surrounded by people. I couldn’t decide if they were early risers on the east coast realm or people still up on the west coast realm.

Might as well get the daily out of the way then. WHAT! Dorg is arising? For real this time? No way! Yes way!

Cat’s very pleased and I learned a lesson … kinda. Any day you login and get immediately stuck twice is a laundry day. What? Will I do it? Nope, I doubt it, I never listen to my own advice.