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I’ve Killed Stupid Kor’ik and Can’t Finish The Klaxxi Quest Line

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on April 4, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

crimepunI’m not only in a WoW funk it seems I’m in a blog funk too. So I just thought if I decide to pull the plug I should go out giving some useful information for a change. Not sure how useful this will be but it’s all I got. Sorry.

Sasche was stuck, she had two quests to turn in to Kor’ik who she’d already killed. She didn’t want to abandon Crime and Punishment and Better with Age because she thought that then she REALLY would never be able to finish the Klaxxi quests.

She kept visiting Amberglow Hollow thinking maybe this time she’d figure out how or who to turn them in to. The reason this was so important to her was the reward of an iLevel 489 ring at the completion of Shadow of the Empire and she really wanted that ring.

She finally gave up all hope and wanted more bag space so she abandoned them. Sniff. She was sad at the loss of the ring, she dejectedly went one last time to Amberglow Hallow and that little shit jerk Zer’ik had the quests now. HOW MANY TIMES had she been in there and tried to talk to him and he SAID NOTHING! NOTHING!

Little jerk. So long story short, if you can’t move forward with the Klaxxi quest line because you’ve killed Kor’ik just abandon the two quests and that jerk Zer’ik will give them to you again. Finish Dread Wastes and free iLevel 489 ring! Yay!

Who knew! Well, actually Zer’ik knew but did he say anything? No, stupid little jerk. Give him a kick from me while you’re there.