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The Isle of It was Dead When I Got There

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on October 15, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

ky-leYesterday was one of those days. As Cim approached the Timeless Isle she saw this incredible piece of real estate. She got off her mount to inquire as to whether it might be for sale but Ky-Le took her inquiry the wrong way I guess and she ended up flagged … and forgot about it. Of course when she reached the Isle someone killed her while she was killing a turtle. Later on while doing AoE on a rare someone ran up and killed her. Someday she should really learn how to PvP.

voidlordSo yeah … she called for a taxi and the bird took the Voidlord instead … sigh. She finally gets up to the lake to camp Garnia, whew. I found she has a talent for logging in right after someone else kills Garnia.

Cim needs four more rares for the achievement and most reside up around the sanctuary. So after missing Garnia again she went to take a look and found Flintlord Gairan was standing there. She called out and called out and nope, nobody coming. Probably should have looked him up first. If I had I would have read, “don’t pull him from maximum range or he’ll charge you and probably one-shot you.”

No probably about it. Okay, this isn’t fun anymore. What else can I do?

Because MoP has had so much to do, I’m about to lose my membership in the Azerothian Altoholics Society. And I’ve been jealous of all those handsome Blood Elves people have so that’s it! Roll a Blood Elf male!

purloinThere he is! Salty Purloin the Rogue. I really should train fishing on him or he’ll look like a big poser. He was invited to a posh party and there he is dancing … wait a minute … what’s he staring at? OMG! Of all the nerve! If I were you Purloin I’d stop checking out that girl before her boyfriend sees you.

Hmm … we’ll see how this goes. This guy looks to be trouble to me.