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Granter of Wishes or PONIES!!!

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , , on December 30, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

mcmountSeriously, Matty is the Granter of Wishes or maybe Queen of the Ponies. She got together five Old Ladies although technically I think a few of them were neither old nor … er … ladies. Helke, Fairy Godmother of Pets or Hot Draenei Priest … I don’t know … you pick, came along and Taikuutta the Magic Mage and Kalli! Yay! I always hoped we’d have an OLRG run at a time that Kallixta could join us.

It was great, there were bad pulls and deaths to trash and those of us (not me) that know something about healing were aware that one healer was not really, well, healing. I’m oblivious to that kind of stuff. The only thing that ever harshes my mellow is nastiness. I was impressed when one of the tanks apologized for a bad pull, so for me, it was a great 40 man Molten Core!

I had such a good time that I’m contemplating sending Cat next time even though I HATE going melee. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad now that stringent positional requirements for Ferals are gone. Now she could just bite them on the shoulder or something instead of having to hunt for a butt to bite. Hopefully we’ll have another go!

And while we’re talking about Cat the Druid, she’s so kind. Always thinking of others first. She’s been saving up her leather to make the incredibly bad and under-geared Elemental Shaman some clothes. Aw … she’s such a sweet kitty, never thinking of herself. What a …

poniesCATWYNN! What have you done! That leather was for the Shaman! She dies every five minutes! What on earth were you thinking!

What! What did you say! Hey, get back here! Don’t you ride off on that Direwolf, get back here missy!

Nope, she’s gone. I can still hear her though … PONIESSSSSSSSSS …

Welp, I guess you can’t expect a Druid to be good ALL the time.